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  2. An editor off game

    Hi, What do you mean by an editor out of the game? Do you mean a feature that allows you to create your own clubs/competitions? Theo
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  4. An editor off game

    Please guys, make an editor out of the game so we can create stadiums, clubs, players, competitions, etc. The game is incredible and it would look even better
  5. No Promotion or Relegation???

    Hi, thanks for reporting these problems! Can you please tell us what platform you are playing on? Thanks
  6. lost money

    Hi, Soccer Manager 2017 is no longer supported so cannot be played on any platform. We're really sorry but there is no way to transfer anything over between Soccer Manager 2017 and 2018, Theo
  7. Managing în other countries

    Hi, sorry but you can only receive job offers from clubs in the countries that you selected at the start of the game. So if you only selected one country, you can only receive job offers from clubs in that country. Theo
  8. Can you bring back sm15 i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy miss it very badly.
  9. Last week
  10. Problems with transfers

    Hello everybody, Since I started playing the 2018 version, I have a problem with transfers, because all players, no exception, are refusing my offers. Even I offer double the salary than they intend ,they always refuse with that message like '' The player has felt injured with the offer, blablabla'' .... Even if you are in AC Milan and wants a player from Fiorentina,for example. With the clubs I hadn't problems, but with the players is always happening and I can't do any transfer because of this problem. Any suggestions?
  11. transfer

  12. transfer

    Hi, you need to offer more money - you're offering only 40 thousand for a player worth nearly 40 million. Hope this helps! Theo

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We have had a few reports of issue like this but we have not seen it ourselves yet. Nevertheless, we have added a fix which should be released in the next update later this week, so hopefully it won't happen again. Theo
  14. transfer

    Why can't I place a bid on a player?
  15. Nnn

  16. Selling player's

    Why does no1 put a bid in for any of my players unless I put them on the transfer list? Am on my second season.
  17. lost money

    Hello I was playing the 2017 soccer manager game,Although I'm sure it was longer ago than that I spent money on the game and although i still have 2017 on my facebook game list it won't let me join as it no longer supports it So i tryed to load it on FB gamesroom and i still get the message no longer supports it please try gamesroom (which is what i am on) Is there any chance i can transfer my money tokens etc to 2018 game? Which by the way I'm really enjoying I love all the little extras you have added to the game. I really don't want to spend more money that i really need to so i can get players into the team and since already had a boad load of cash in my 2017 version under this email addy Thank you
  18. Best players

    Best Player: Neymar / Cristiano Ronaldo / Messi / Hazard / Best Young: Mbappè / Werner / Upamecano / Lafont / Donnarumma / G. Jesus Don't buy: Dembelè / Coman / Brandt / Rashford / Asensio / Christensen / Barbosa / Weigl My advice: Muriel / Papu Gomez / Perisic / Kessie / De Vrij / Manolas / Ilicic / Gagliardini
  19. No Promotion or Relegation???

    Exactly the same has just happened to me. Finished 3rd behind Sunderland and Wolverhampton Wanderers and next season we are all still in the Championship!! What a con!
  20. Just finished 3rd in the Championship with Coventry which I assume means promotion to Premier League.New season has started and I am still in the Championship! Any ideas anyone?
  21. Best players

    What's the best players to buy? And the best young players that grow quick?
  22. tips and improvements

    updating 1. teams earn too much money, the problem has not been solved. with the WBA at the end of the season I had 75 million to spend, I took Bale and Nainggolan. it is not realistic 2. The offers of the teams also arrive at the season ended now (they also come in half) the problem is that it always goes up, once I get to Real the only other team that I can train is Barca, I can not level off , for example after three seasons at Real I would like to be able to go to a smaller team. 3. The statistics of a player during the season in my opinion are wrong, some I read 3-4 appearances when I'm sure I have made them play a lot, others have 2-3 goals and instead I'm sure they have made at least 10-12 4. The team of the month is always wrong, it inserts random players and in unfair roles. 5. It would be nice to have the chance to enter the shirt numbers and see them in the 2D game to recognize the players 6. it would be nice if the renewals of the contract were inserted, any clauses etc. 7. the loans would be better, there are some market sessions where I do not get any requests despite having many young people on the loan list
  23. Attendance

    Hi, I started with a team with average attendance of around 4500 and a stadium with 5000 seats, now after 4 seasons, I have 11000 seats and still an attendance of around 4500 and a fanbase of 4950. How can I increase the attendance?
  24. Managing în other countries

    Hi, when I started to play the game, I selected at start only 1 country, where I'm managing now, but what if I want to manage a team in other countries, can I select from somewhere countries where I can manage?? Or I will manage only in a country......
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  26. Academy Bug - Low value and aged players

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We've been investigating some bugs with the Youth Academy recently. The age bug seems to happen in the game, after several in-game years have passed. The maximum age for Youth players seems to increase with each year in the game. We will try and fix these issues in the next update. Theo
  27. Nobody (players) accepts terms

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We've had a few reports of problems like this. We will investigate this issue and try to figure it out. The game takes club ratings into account when deciding whether or not players will accept offers. For example, a top club's star player will probably not accept offers from low-level clubs. Theo
  28. Clubs offers

    Hi, thanks for reporting. I suspect that the reason for this is simple: you are the best club in the game. You only receive job offers from clubs of equal or higher rating that your own. Because you are Barcelona and have won everything for years, there probably isn't any clubs better than yours, so the game does not have any clubs to offer you. This is a somewhat counter-intuitive quirk of the job offer system. It's unlikely that the development team will change this now, but we will review this system and will probably change how it works in Soccer Manager 2019. Thanks! Theo
  29. Nobody (players) accepts terms

    Hello, I can't sign any player. Nobody accepts my terms. Club normally accepts the transfer offer. But not the players. He wants 2£ a week and i give him 50£ a week and he says that he is insulted by the offer. I dont understand. Thanks for any bit of help.
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