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  3. Management in china

    do not leave me to train in china. why?
  4. Crash

    After some time playing pc the game crashes. An error message appears. Can you solve? Thank you.
  5. Players on loan

    Yes me too
  6. Transfers

    Kluivert, De Ligt, Degerlund
  7. Players on loan

    When I send players on loan they don't improve it's useless sending players on loan cause their stats stop improving.
  8. Players on loan

    When I send players on loan they don't improve it's useless sending players on loan cause their stats stop improving.
  9. Players on loan

    When I send players on loan they don't improve, it's useless sending players on loan cause their stats stop improving.
  10. Transfers

    Please I have been trying to make transfers they keep snubbing me no matter the price. How do I sign players
  11. Last week
  12. SM 2018

    Hi I have been playing the previous versions of SM and I have never been able to bring my existing profile with me to your new updates do you know if this is going to be the case for every update? Thanks bryan
  13. can not play on CL

    Hello everyone, Im now on season 2023/2024. Since i won CL on season 2018/2019, i can not play on CL for next season anymore, but i have won a title on League. can you tell me why i cann‘t play on CL? Best regrads,
  14. ¿como cambio de club?

    mi mayor pregunta es como cambio de club en el juego de facebook gameroom sin que desaparezca el progreso de lo que llevo y he ganado?
  15. iPad crash

    Thanks for the reply, yeah it seems to crash after matches when I press the continue button a couple of times. I'll give it a try now with your advice cheers.
  16. iPad crash

    Hi, thanks for reporting this issue! We are continually trying to improve performance with each new update, but unfortunately some older devices or devices with out-dated operating systems are more likely to experience performance issues, and iOS devices in particular. Try closing all background apps before launching the game. Also try restarting the iPad before playing so that the device's working memory is cleared. Are there any points in the game where the crashes happen most often e.g during a match? Thanks
  17. Transfers

    I have attached two more players, AMC, also free players and likewise...they have moved with me from club to club. Please let me know if you have better players for same price range or cheaper.
  18. Transfers

    Kevin Luckassen - free transfer (signed for 400k) at the start of the game. I honestly think he is one of the greatest players I have signed. I played in the lowest English League, too him with me when I got offered to some German club and then when I was offered the Stoke City, I took him with me again and when I was offered the Arsenal job...yet that is correct I took him with me again. He became my top goal scorer at all the jobs except the Arsenal job. I started a new game today (Arsenal job made me frustrated to a point of resetting). I started with Chester FC and guess who is signed first...yeah that's right...Kevin Luckassen. See attached. Let me know if you found anyone better for cheaper, please.
  19. iPad crash

    ############# sorry I didn't read the first post Issue Summary: crash on iPad Issue Details: crashes every few mins Countries selected at start: England Game Date(when issue was found): right from the start Device details; iPad BRAND : ? MODEL : ? OS : ? VERSION : ? Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?):
  20. iPad crash

    I just downloaded this game today on iPad after playing for a short time I feel it has a lot of potential but!!!! I keeps crashing every five or six minutes on my iPad. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
  21. Missing

    No indication of the scorers in the middle of the match. You cannot see who scores you can see it at the end of the match. Bad graphics.
  22. Update gremlins

    O Meu também está assim, não sei porque, #PT-BR
  23. contratti

    salve signori ma come devo fare per sapere un info che riguarda il contratti dei giocatori che mi prendo da altre squadre ma che non posso perchè miesce scritto sempre p/s grazie x la disponibilità e buon pomeriggio
  24. Update gremlins

    I've been digging around my laptop and can see it was when it downloaded a package called "17" the issue came up. From what I can see 15 was working very well. Can you please ditch 17 so it doesn't try to download it every time I start the game up in facebook gameroom?
  25. contratti

    una info : come faccio a offrire un contratto a un giocatore dopo averlo preso se sta scritto sempre zero ? grazie e buona giornata
  26. Starting over

    I wrote in another thread about how I have mysteriously lost some veteran players. I am sick about it, and think about staring over. Now, I am in season 2028. If I start over in 2018, do I lose my manager history - the trophies, the stadium improvements, the training upgrades? If I simply go to another team in 2028, do I lose the trophies and improvements also? How is it best to restart the game play?
  27. Losing Veterans

    I wrote in another thread about the program update that changed players on my roster. Related, but maybe distinct, is a problem I have with losing a couple veteran players. I know that they were on the roster at the beginning of the season because they started some early games. Now I am in to the March/end of this season and they disappeared. I checked my messages, and there was nothing that announced these players had left the team. If they are under contract, how can they just leave the team, even if they were sitting in reserves? I am concerned that they were pushed off the team (without my consent or agreement) to make room for youth players. This spawning of youth players has become a huge problem. I am getting a lot of them, and when I try and delete them I get a message telling me that “the chairman” has blocked my move. I have looked for my two missing veterans on other teams, and I cannot find them anywhere. What has happened. How can I control my roster better when mysterious things are happening? How do I bring my veterans back?
  28. Transfers

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