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  2. Loans issues.

    Firstly , how do I terminate the loan of a player who my club had loaned on a season long loan before I arrived ? Someone said ' just click on the player's name and choose 'terminate loan'' ... but when i do this there is no such option. Can anyone help ? Next - how can I apply to sign a player permanently that I currently have on a season long loan ? Finally , is it really true that young players I loan out to other clubs never improve while they are loaned out ? If so , what is the purpose of having such a possibility ?
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  4. INTERNATIONAL MODE coming soon!

    We're very excited to announce the much-awaited INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT feature for Soccer Manager 2018, coming soon! More details to come soon - follow our social media channels to hear more!
  5. How to cancel a player's transfer.

    i the nogociation period hadent arived yet then just give him a really low salary in the negociation and the deal falls through
  6. cancel transfers

    i need to be able to cancel transfer i bought messi from barca as a joke but they actually accepted it and the negotiations went through but messi is old in the save and i dont want to waste 160 mil on him so i wish i could cancel transfers and why are none of my players ever on the team of the month
  7. Last week
  8. Quando eu vou comprar um jogador de valor de 3 mil. Você pode baixar os vídeos na lista de downloads do seu próprio nome? Outro problema é que as máquinas grandes não são usadas por favor, corrija isso. O problema é tão difícil quando se inicia o jogo assim pode escolher 4 países.
  9. Quando eu vou comprar um jogador de valor de 3 mil. Você pode baixar os vídeos na lista de download do seu próprio nome? Outro problema é que as máquinas grandes não são usadas por favor, corrija isso. O problema é tão difícil quando se inicia o jogo assim pode escolher 4 países.
  10. Quando eu vou comprar um jogador o valor dele 3,000 Aí as equipes pede uns 10,000. É quando eu vou adiciono o jogadores na lista de transferência o jogador pode ser bom o valor dele é 50,000 as equipes pagar 45,000 assim não dar nem. Outro problema é que as equipes grande né as equipes pequenas não comprar ninguém por favor corrija isso. É o problema vc pode corrigir quando vou iniciar o jogo só pode escolher só 4 países assim não dar um jogo bom só pode escolher 4 países.
  11. players can sell themselves

    You should be able to put players on the transfer list using the buttons on the left-side of the player profiles. Also, you should sometimes receive offers to sell your players to other clubs.
  12. I lost my career.

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We're very sorry but if you play on a different device, your save file will not carry over. This is because the save files for SM18 are stored locally (they are tied to the device you are playing on, not your account). Sorry about that! Theo
  13. Problem with gameplay

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. Sorry that you have experienced this issue! We have had a few reports of this bug but we have no seen it on our end yet, so we think it is a problem with individual PCs. Please fully update your graphics drivers and ensure your PC meets the minimum requirements to play. We will try and get this fixed in a future update. Thanks!
  14. BUGS

    Hey, thanks for reporting this. We've never seen this bug before. Can you give us some more information please? What platform are you playing on (Android, iOS, Steam or Facebook)? Did you minimise the game and have it running in the background? Thanks!
  15. players can sell themselves

    you can thou

    I would love for there to be more than one squad that i can pick from like i can make a squad filled with reserve pplayers which i switch between when im playing a game that is not that important or to give the young players some experience
  17. Pagar multa rescisória dos jogadores, Receber convite de seleções, ter libertadores, ter Mundial de clubes, quando for pré-selecionar o torneio de futebol igual a manager 17 já sem manager de futebol 18 so pode ver a classificação das ligas só 4 que vc escolher, pode escolher o jogador que vc quer treinar igual no FIFA de consola, ter patrocinador, ter mais ligas no jogo, melhorar quando para vender os jogadores e quando comprar, trocares Todos os jogadores com a mesma moeda, comprar, poder ver o total dos jogadores do mundo igual no futebol manager 17, ter os nomes dos clubes nos torneios demitidos, ter o histórico dos campeões na Liga dos Campeões da UEFA e Copas nacionais.
  18. Customer support

    Hi, sorry to hear that! Yes, you can email us at games@soccermanager.com. Please include your TRANSACTION ID so that we can verify the purchase (you can find this in the email confirmation) and we will try and get it sorted as soon as possible. Thanks Theo
  19. Diego Maradona at Barcelona

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. It's probably because of the Data Pack that you have selected. Data Packs are community-generated packs that contain player names, club names etc. Because they are community-generated, there can be some mistakes or inaccuracies in the information depending on the pack that you choose. We recommend that you choose a pack with a 5 star rating for the best information. Theo
  20. Leyton Orient

    This my road from National divison to the top of Premier league I will show you in pictures each season I played,tactics and players I used National Divison 1.place,didn't participate in FA,lost in 1.round to Ipswich Town 2-0 in League Cup Football League Two 1.place, lost in 3 round to Leicester City 2-1 in League Cup, lost in 2.round to Tottenham 5-0 in FA Cup Football League One 1.place,lost in semifinal of League Cup to Newcastle United 2-1,lost to MAN City 7-0 in 3.round of FA CUP Football League Championship 1.place, won the League Cup against Crystal Palace 1-0 in extra time,lost in quarter finals of FA Cup to Liverpool 3-1 PREMIER LEAGUE 1.place,won the League Cup against Sunderland 4-0,won the FA Cup against Arsenal 2-1
  21. BUGS

    It happened twice to me don't know for others... If the game goes to penalties,penalties simply don't stop if you don't force close the game...first time waited for 15 minutes and the score was like 80-80 in the penalties.. LoL
  22. difficulty is non-existent

    Hahaah... Just happened to me the same thing... Had a 3 round game FA Cup against MAN CITY while managing Leyton and lost 7-0
  23. Diego Maradona at Barcelona

    Hi. Have Someone noticed Diego Maradona playing for Barcelona? I think it replaced Messi. It's really strange and it's not a joke.
  24. Customer support

    Hi I purchased some credits today, have the Google receipt, but they have not come onto the game even though I have resigned in etc. Is there anyway of contacting customer support in order to get resolved. Thanks in advance Ian
  25. Why do you have the top 3 Clubs automatically get promoted to the Premier League from the Championship instead of having the Playoffs from 3rd to 6th like the Championship does in real life??
  26. Would not it be a nice idea that you as a manger of a team / club can also sell your players yourself instead of only buying players from other clubs. So my idea is that as a manager of a club or of a team you can also sell your players, because I miss this game. I do not know if it can be made true, but I hope so.
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