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  5. No Promotion or Relegation???

    Finished my second season with Plymouth Argyle in 2nd place in the English Championship. When the next season started I was still in the English Championship as were the Winners Sunderland. There were no teams promoted or relegated in any league???
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  7. tips and improvements

    É pq eu já estou bastante tempo com um mesmo clube . Umas 7 ou 8 temporadas.
  8. In-game buttons not working

    Gameroom could be your problem. I use steam and I haven't had an issue since. I believe my save file still existed as it was also stored in the steam cloud (i think). When using games like this, steam is potentially your best option as facebook wont hold your data as well as steam as facebook isn't a gaming website!
  9. In-game buttons not working

    We're really not sure what could have gone wrong here. I personally suggest that you completely uninstall and reinstall the game then leave the game files untouched, as its likely that there has been some kind of corruption in your game files. Theo
  10. In-game buttons not working

    And now my computer crashed and now it cannot see my saved game. I really despair of facebook gameroom incarnation of this. The save file is still there dated at the time my laptop crashed. But the unity are when I tried to launch SM again
  11. players value

    Me sucede lo mismo y no sólo él sino la mayoría de los jugadores (jóvenes)
  12. Totm & Totm

    The TOTM & TOTM only shows the EPL and not any other leagues. Is this intentional or a bug. It is very disappointing.
  13. Sponsorships!

    You could always make up your own.
  14. players value

    Why Yacine Adli have value 26.79M and Vinicius Junior 43.44M? I know game it was updated.
  15. Reputation

    Hello, can i compare my reputation or manager points or trophies win with other players of the game? Thanks
  16. Sponsorships!

    Thanks for the suggestion! This would definitely add more depth to the game, but sadly we would need permission and rights to use those brands in the game, which would be very expensive and unfortunately is not a possibility for us at this time. Theo
  17. Hi, i’m really enjoying this game but not as much as I could be. I think there is an impressive level of depth to the tactical side of the game, but this is let down badly by the speed of the highlights. In simple terms, my eyes simply can’t keep up with what is going on on the pitch and I can’t see if my tactics are working or what areas need changing during the course of the game. I understand that the game is designed to speed matches up, but I would prefer a slower pace and time to think about and change my tactics. Would it be too much to ask for an option to slow things down so that I can watch the entire game at the same speed as the key highlights, this would improve my enjoyment of the game much further. I already have it set to the slowest settings but it’s still too fast.
  18. In-game buttons not working

    We've changed how player values work on new games. Age now plays a much bigger role in the calculation of player values, so you will probably notice that the player worth £1,000 is in his late 30's or maybe even 40
  19. Synchronisation - Help!

    Hi, Unfortunately it is not possible to sync saves between different devices - this is because save files are stored locally on each device and they cannot carry over. Theo
  20. In-game buttons not working

    Yep I agree. So have started afresh with National League team instead of a championship team and find the chairman is signing players of increbible values like £1.5M and I look at their stats and compare them to the players in the squad value at only £1,000 and can't work it out.
  21. In-game buttons not working

    Hmm, well all I can say is your save file may be gone for good now. But at least you can play the game?! :3
  22. injured

    after the update, I have the 6 best players injured for 9 weeks.
  23. Synchronisation - Help!

    I have quite a lot of progress on SM2018 through the Facebook game room but downloaded the app on my iPad and cannot get it to sync... is there anyway to sync with the Facebook game room?
  24. In-game buttons not working

    Not too sure this works as yes it can now start SM2018 but it cannot find my game
  25. In-game buttons not working

    I thought it was my SM2017 save file. However, that wasn't the case. It was my previous save file as I played since October 14th 2017. This means that my previous SM2018 save was on 14/10/17. Just got my dates the wrong way around
  26. SM 2018

    Yes, it is likely that you won't be able to continue the same save in different releases of Soccer Manager (e.g SM18 saves won't be compatible with SM19), this is because the game engine and code change in ways that make it impossible for the saves to be compatible. Theo
  27. SM 18 on Soccer Manager.com

    Hi, Soccer Manager 2018 has had some major improvements over the previous versions, including being rebuilt in a new game engine. Unfortunately this meanst that it is not able to support playing it through a web browser. We recommend using Steam or Facebook Gameroom if you want to play on PC. Theo
  28. In-game buttons not working

    We're happy to hear that this has worked for you! However we do NOT recommend that users change or interfere with their save files in this way as it can result in problems or accidental save deletion - we urge anyone reading this that if they do this, they do it entirely at their own risk. You mentioned that your "SM2017 save is there" - what do you mean by this? Did you copy an SM17 save into your SM18 data folder?
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