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    This is my the best and last season as Sassulo Tactics which i used: 4 - 3 - 1 - 2 4 - 2 - 4 4 - 3 - 3 B 3 - 4 - 3 Team instructions: Tackling Style: Normal Passing Style: Short / Direct Tempo: Fast Mentality: Normal / Attacking Attacking Style: Mixed / Down Both Flanks Pressing: Own Half / All Over
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    can you guys add four diffrent training sections for attack mid defence and goalkeping because its hard to only pick 4 training every week when you fully unlocked the trees
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    A warm hello to you Anna, Apologies for the late reply. I’m not sure if anyone has replied to your question yet? Apologies again if someone has. I believe you can get some SM Credits when you open the Free Pack tab at the bottom left of the Overview screen. I am 100% sure you receive them as I currently have 224 and that’s without me spending a single penny. Every four hours you can open the Free Pack and this gives you extra funds, Points etc. There prob isn’t another way to add SM Credits other than by purchasing them. Hopefully the more you play, the more you can add via Free Pack. By not adding free SM Credits to the game, it would be harsh on everyone that plays the game by making people pay for them. I hope this helps answer your question? And I hope your enjoying the game? For a free game I think it’s addictive, not sure if you agree Anna? If only they would include other teams buying other players and making subs. Any other questions then feel free to ask me. Enjoy. Take good care, enjoy your weekend, Mark.
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    we should be able to place players in a bid because payers in this game are so not cheap sorry if im posting too much but i just found this site and i have a lot of 'ideas'
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    1. the teams earn too much money, at the end of the first season with the inter I had 80 million to spend 2. job offers should arrive at the end of the season, or sooner but the actual change of the team should take place in June / July, otherwise a team will be abandoned in the middle of the championship 3. the noble players should avoid small teams, at least at the beginning. with Atalanta I managed to take many samples including mbappè, it is not realistic 4. the injuries are always a lot. every season I play at least 3 players out for 5-6 months 5. in the popularity tab, the print item is always at zero, I do not understand why 6. the offers from the players on the transfer list always come only from very small teams (icardi and perisic I have sold them both to frosinone) it is not realistic 7. workouts every week are annoying, you should be able to set up automatically and not having to see them every time
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    Hello, the game could have sponsorship choice at the end of all seasons, example: Nike, Adidas, under harmour, etc. and players would choose one of the options one with more others less dependent on their performance in the championship.
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    The multiplayer game uses very nice, realistic and updated quotes. Even the old single game had them and it was beautiful. I do not understand why for this new version you have introduced these new quotations, if I were you I would restore the classic ones, and insert the notifications when the players go up in level (as was the old single player). (Google translate)
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    I think based on your performance you should have more than just one club who wants you. For example once I was doing a career with Roma I’m dominating the serie a (season 1) I think depending on what you do as a manager, you should be able to go to a smaller or larger club, but with more options. Also I think that the manager should have a contract. So we can sign for a club for how long we’d like.
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    pease add.. 1.national teams competitions 2.trophy ceremonies like fm2018
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    Listas de ideias para atualização SM18 1 - Multa rescisória 2 - Empréstimo com a opção de compra 3 - opção fazer contrato 4 - propostas para seleção 5 - troca de jogadores 6 - melhorar os campeonatos SulAmérica 7 - arrumar os bugs de ganhar libertadores e outros campeonatos na semifinal 8 - contratar jogadores por pré contrato 9 - ter mais interações com a diretoria , estádio , e ter sócios torcedores 10 - colocar mundial 11 - melhorar a categoria de base 12 - poder acompanhar as categorias de base , contratar jogadores para a base de outros clubes 13 - time que ganhar a copa do Brasil ou qualquer outra copa seja da Europa ou da América , que se classifique para os campeonatos continentais , seja eles a libertadores e Champions league 14 - ter mais interações com a equipe B 15 - ter opções de patrocínio 16 - poder ter mais jogadores na equipes A
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    Thanks for reporting this, we saw your post yesterday and passed the information onto the development team who quickly put a fix in Theo
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    Ok I tried it again within the past 30 minutes and it worked. Problem solved I guess.
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    Simulate Matches / National Team To begin congratulate the creators. Good game and easy to use. Simulate matches: It would be convenient to have the option to simulate the matches, as you can do in career mode of EA Sports Fifa. It would make things even easier. National Team: It would be brilliant to have a national coach mode, but very important, for a greater realism should be integrated as in real life. If they make you an offer of national coach, you have to leave your club and focus on the national team. It would be nice to have a system where you can know Statistics of the players of the country State of form cheer up Talks with players Another thing I would like to see added to the game in general is the option to change the numbers in both the club and the national team. Thanks
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    That! There are data packs but to edit xml in android is very difficult, and a tool to create teams, competitions, stadiums, players, would help a lot and make the game more intuitive and even better for us to create more leagues and leave the database even bigger!
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    Hi, you need to offer more money - you're offering only 40 thousand for a player worth nearly 40 million. Hope this helps! Theo
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    updating 1. teams earn too much money, the problem has not been solved. with the WBA at the end of the season I had 75 million to spend, I took Bale and Nainggolan. it is not realistic 2. The offers of the teams also arrive at the season ended now (they also come in half) the problem is that it always goes up, once I get to Real the only other team that I can train is Barca, I can not level off , for example after three seasons at Real I would like to be able to go to a smaller team. 3. The statistics of a player during the season in my opinion are wrong, some I read 3-4 appearances when I'm sure I have made them play a lot, others have 2-3 goals and instead I'm sure they have made at least 10-12 4. The team of the month is always wrong, it inserts random players and in unfair roles. 5. It would be nice to have the chance to enter the shirt numbers and see them in the 2D game to recognize the players 6. it would be nice if the renewals of the contract were inserted, any clauses etc. 7. the loans would be better, there are some market sessions where I do not get any requests despite having many young people on the loan list
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    guys, please , i just had my opinion about the club transfer and no one answer but now i will give you another idea. im im 2026 and the other teams dont do transfers, they have exactly the same team like 2018 , please , make it more realistic! in the game, exist teams without goalkeeper , etc
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    You could always make up your own.
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    Thanks for the suggestion! This would definitely add more depth to the game, but sadly we would need permission and rights to use those brands in the game, which would be very expensive and unfortunately is not a possibility for us at this time. Theo
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    Hi there, First time player here. I picked up this game after finding the 2016 version on steam a day or two ago... instantly hooked! then i find this Version so there goes my Saturday! I can't believe this game is free to play! OK so it might not be the Rolls Royce football manager simulator that shall not be named but this game blends both the arcade and the simulation aspects of this particular 'game genre' so well! I really enjoy being able to take control of high level club functions as well as managing the team and this game executes those options well. And when i said free to play, I mean free to play! I've gone straight in with a low league team and worked the magic without the need for 'pay to win' credits! Another aspect of the game is that it has both a very polished and uncomplicated UI, but also a clearly detailed, well engineered and fine code base powering this! So with that, And having enjoyed my first few hours so much I felt compelled to part with some of my cheddar as a way of thanking the devs. It's the right thing to do! you guys deserve everyone's appreciation! The only issue i found was that i didn't want to cheap out and just get the smallest thing so i looked at the combos, the small is nice, but then i was getting concerned i would OP my save with this stuff. i appreciate you can buy each thing individually but who doesn't want a combo deal?!? I had a though about how you could maybe add a feature to allow us to pick between a few ratios of the items and set a price then see how much we get using those settings... for example... (if you select high or low in one it removes that option from the others. Normal is the exception, its always selectable) Credits dropdown/radio: high, normal, low Points dropdown/radio: high, normal, low Coins dropdown/radio: high, normal, low Value To Buy: $/£_________ You get: x Credits x Points x Coins Buy? Some other thoughts... Being able to hire, train and fire staff and entrust responsibilities. (director of football - could do contracts and sign players etc) Allow us to search for sponsorship deals, image rights, stadium naming rights, training ground naming rights Adjust (season) ticket prices, food and beverage prices, shirt replica cost/quality/prices, merch prices, rent stadium for events pricing. Allow us to upgrade/modify non-football infrastructure - merch, pr (profile, local events/offers, youth), groundsmen, mascots - cheerleaders, medical, stadium infrastructure, training ground infrastructure Control of arranging friendlies and off season tourneys More media interaction, and some team/player communication both in and out of game High risk corruption options.. (intimidate refs, fix a draw, get a red rescinded) get caught big fine, fired etc. Apologies for the essay. I really love this game! I was working to make one myself. you have all the key features i wanted in a game! Thanks for this.
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    Can you guys make it so we can train only the players we want for each session?
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    After playing the game for a while I have the following suggestions. 1. Coach that gives you a scout report on each player in your team. When you get youth promotion you know very little about the potential of the player so you have to sell them to scout them. This is the most useful addition to the game for me. 2. You cannot scout free agent players or see any stats, so how about you can invite the to trial at the club and get your coach to report after training. 3. When promoted or win trophies your fanbase should increase. If you win the Premier league in your country or the champions league you should see good sized increase in support. 4. Ability to pick either the current bundle of prizes on manager level up, or one larger qty of one thing instead. I personally would rather have club points than money and free money can be overpowered for lower league teams. 5. Remove reserves from the list of potential players from training. I have to get rid of poor players completely fast rather than risk them getting trained instead of first tteam players. 6. Allow position modifications. Too many players are FLR or AMLR which are pretty useless in the formations given. Spend say 50 coins to change positions. 7. Allow extra club points to be transferred between games. When you have purchased club points you have to use them all in one game. They should be transferable if not spent. 8. Have clubs respond with "worth more" transfer requests with suggested value. 9. Have players value increased by being top or near top scorer in the league as currently that makes little difference to the player value.
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    I agree with most of what Braeriach said would also like a stat that shows the average rating in the last five games, so we can tell which players are in the best form.
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    seria bueno tener la posibilidad de optar por un patrocinador eso ayudaria a darle mas realismo al juego
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    I ve seen that other teams are making transfers but very very few. 1-2 players most. It is true that most of teams have the same rosters as the starting season so yes this is something that could be fixed in the future.
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    i agree with: 3. When promoted or win trophies your fanbase should increase 5. Remove reserves from the list of potential players from training. I have to get rid of poor players completely fast rather than risk them getting trained instead of first tteam players. 6. Allow position modifications. Too many players are FLR or AMLR which are pretty useless in the formations given. Spend say 50 coins to change positions. Cheers!
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    Thank you for the feedback! We continually try and improve the experience in the game and this is something we have been planning to look at. Please keep your game updated as new updates are released for the best experience.
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    It happened twice to me don't know for others... If the game goes to penalties,penalties simply don't stop if you don't force close the game...first time waited for 15 minutes and the score was like 80-80 in the penalties.. LoL
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    Could have a tool to create a player, who would come from the juniors to the main cast