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    Kevin Luckassen - free transfer (signed for 400k) at the start of the game. I honestly think he is one of the greatest players I have signed. I played in the lowest English League, too him with me when I got offered to some German club and then when I was offered the Stoke City, I took him with me again and when I was offered the Arsenal job...yet that is correct I took him with me again. He became my top goal scorer at all the jobs except the Arsenal job. I started a new game today (Arsenal job made me frustrated to a point of resetting). I started with Chester FC and guess who is signed first...yeah that's right...Kevin Luckassen. See attached. Let me know if you found anyone better for cheaper, please.
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    I'd like to see the Manager points reward system given some level of intelligence. For example I get the same reward for beating a bottom of the league Serbian team as I do for thumping arch rivals Partizan 7-0 in our domestic cup final. Similarly beating Barcelona in the Champions League, a huge achievement with my comparatively lowly rated players gets me the same reward. It would be nice to see some sliding scale of reward instead of the current static one.
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    Add ways in which you can improve your media reputation.
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    I have this too (Android) Had a defender called Sarp Played the game for a season or two. Returned to the game, his skill levels have increased randomly and he has a new name. Played for a while with the new name, came back to the game today and he is back to being called Sarp again. This has also happened to a few of my other players - random name changes and skill level changes not in line with expected increases from training etc, just completely random increases or decreases of a few points at a time. Always after ending a session and starting another one, never mid gameplay.
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    After playing the game for a while I have the following suggestions. 1. Coach that gives you a scout report on each player in your team. When you get youth promotion you know very little about the potential of the player so you have to sell them to scout them. This is the most useful addition to the game for me. 2. You cannot scout free agent players or see any stats, so how about you can invite the to trial at the club and get your coach to report after training. 3. When promoted or win trophies your fanbase should increase. If you win the Premier league in your country or the champions league you should see good sized increase in support. 4. Ability to pick either the current bundle of prizes on manager level up, or one larger qty of one thing instead. I personally would rather have club points than money and free money can be overpowered for lower league teams. 5. Remove reserves from the list of potential players from training. I have to get rid of poor players completely fast rather than risk them getting trained instead of first tteam players. 6. Allow position modifications. Too many players are FLR or AMLR which are pretty useless in the formations given. Spend say 50 coins to change positions. 7. Allow extra club points to be transferred between games. When you have purchased club points you have to use them all in one game. They should be transferable if not spent. 8. Have clubs respond with "worth more" transfer requests with suggested value. 9. Have players value increased by being top or near top scorer in the league as currently that makes little difference to the player value.
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    Player morale depends on a number of different factors including the team's performance, whether the player is placed on the transfer or loan list, if the player is playing too many or too few games, the player's fitness/injury status and so on. The best approach is to rest to try and rest up players who play often and see if this improves their morale. Hope this helps!
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    Thats amazing dude.Lets see your team
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    Hey team sm. I really enjoy playing this game but there is something i want to change! First, it is the older players values. They shouldn't be valued more than the younger players! For excample Buffon worths more than De Gea and he is 39. This is not realistic at all. And the other one is that if you can, bring the overall ratings back. Would be very helpful☺☺
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    Thank you for the feedback! We continually try and improve the experience in the game and this is something we have been planning to look at. Please keep your game updated as new updates are released for the best experience.
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    Me parece una genial idea