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    While the new Update has brought in some excellent new features I feel they have missed an opportunity to bring young players on in all leagues. Super Cups are all very well but as always will be contested by the top teams with the top rated players. Would`nt it be good if there was a Youth League or at the least a Youth Cup/League Cup? What`s the `point of having seven or eight young players in your squad rated for example average 78 when they are very unlikely to get game time if your team has an average of say 85? Only on exceptional occasions when you have many injuries,suspensions etc are you likely to use them. A youth league would encourage managers to sign youth players and use them and the youth players playing would give them the opportunity to increase their rating if they were playing regularly. Just my thoughts. Jamtart98
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    You could always make up your own.
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    Very nice, and he is even worth £77m at the young age of 22 wow
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    Can you guys make it so we can train only the players we want for each session?
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    Regarding the Premier League (PR), it is by far the most difficult league to play into. You might win 0-2 away vs Man City and then loose 1-3 home vs Stoke for example.... In Premier League, there are 7-8 world class teams and even the "smaller" ones have players of high value and attributes. While on other leagues there are 3-4 maximum good teams (1-2 of them would be world class) I am playing Chesterfield in 2023 (3rd year in PL now) and i always try different tactics in order to have some stability in the results. I tried all the most popular tactics but nothing was stable. This year i said that i would give a shot at the classic 4-4-2 and 4-4-1-1 and finally i have some stability at the performance of my team! (3rd place now). I m guessing that the 4-4-1-1 formation gives you the control in all the parts of the field and give you chances to score that this particular game favors. And those are: 1) Crosses from wingers to FW and AMC and headers or one-timer shots to goal 2) One-two pass combination from FW and AMC leading to many one vs one situations (there is a bug here, i posted on BUGS form) 3) Control over the sides of the pitch. With a ML and a DL (same for the right side) you block the majority of the opponents winger attacks. I honestly think that this is the factor that leads to stability in the results. Cheers!
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    guys, please , i just had my opinion about the club transfer and no one answer but now i will give you another idea. im im 2026 and the other teams dont do transfers, they have exactly the same team like 2018 , please , make it more realistic! in the game, exist teams without goalkeeper , etc
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    Be able to end a players loan deal, I have a player on loan who is out with a lengthy injury, but can cancel his loan deal.