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  1. What happens if I’m sacked?

    If you are sacked from your current club, you will immediately receive job offers from clubs of an equal or lesser standing.
  2. What affects your Approval Rating?

    Board Approval - Your career history, current seasons results as well as finances. Fans Approval - This season’s results. Media Approval - Your interaction with the media.
  3. What are Approval Ratings?

    This is how your Board, Fans and Media view your performance as manager.
  4. You can send your club’s scouts out to scour players from across the world. This could be for players who will have an immediate impact or to discover the next generation of superstars. If you don’t have time to wait for your scout to return with their report because you are in the last week of the transfer window for example, you can use the ‘Finish Now’ option to receive the report immediately.
  5. If your player has suffered a season ending injury or even a slight knock to miss the next game, then you can send them off to a specialist to be instantly healed and be ready to play.
  6. If you are having a bad run of games or your players are feeling tired/not at their best, then you can give your player a pre-match boost using either ‘Boost Morale’ or ‘Boost Fitness’ to have them playing at their best for you. Both options will raise either the morale or fitness of the player.
  7. You can immediately sign your favourite player for your club, anytime, inside or outside the transfer windows by using this option. The cost of this will be a calculation based on the player’s current attributes, age and potential. The existing wage of the player will be added to your club’s wage bill. There are some limitations on who can be purchased using this option. You cannot buy a player: Aged 21 and under Currently on loan If you have reached your squad cap of 150 players If you have already confirmed a transfer outside of the transfer window If a deal has been agreed between other clubs If they are respawned
  8. Any SM credits that you purchase will be usable for any club you choose to manage. However any other upgrades you make for a particular club cannot be transferred to a new team that you wish to manage.
  9. No you are not able to gift SM Credits to a friend or family member.
  10. How do I purchase SM Credits?

    This can be done by visiting the Shop and selecting SM Credit where you will be able to view the different options available to you.
  11. What can SM Credits be used for?

    SM Credits can be used for a host of things such as purchasing additional save game slots, scouting players, cash injections, as well as the optional ‘Speed Up’ available to you
  12. I didn’t get my order?

    The majority of the time, orders are delivered immediately. On occasions, they may take a short while to arrive due to it still being processed, so there is no need to buy again! However, if you still haven’t received your purchase after 24 hours, then please contact either iTunes support or Google Play help as Apple and Google process all payments.
  13. All in-game Shop purchases are processed by iTunes and Google Play. Please visit a detailed article on accepted payment methods on iTunes and Google Play as available payment methods vary by country.
  14. A higher level Youth Academy will result in higher rated coaches being available to your club. Higher rated coaches will produce more youth academy players at a higher standard.
  15. You can do this by clicking on ‘Club’ then ‘Youth’.
  16. As you unlock and upgrade your stadium’s facilities, you will receive various benefits that will either help to increase revenue, aid a player’s recovery from injury or give you a slight advantage whilst playing at home.
  17. You can do this by clicking on ‘Facilities’ then ’Stadium’.
  18. You can do this by going to ‘Facilities’, selecting ‘Scouting’ and then Assign Scout. From here you can assign any available scout to an assignment by selecting Assign Scout. You will then be able to select various criteria on the type of player you want your scout to find.
  19. A higher level Scouting Network will result in additional scouts being available to your club as well as them being able to expand their scouting and produce better reports.
  20. You can do this by clicking on ‘Facilities’ then ‘Scouting’.
  21. By setting training drills for your players, this will improve your player’s attributes in certain areas.
  22. You can do this by going to ‘Facilities’ and selecting ‘Training’. From here you can select the training drills you wish for your players. The Training Drills that you assign lasts for 7 days.
  23. A higher level training ground will result in higher rated coaches available to your club. Higher rated coaches improve your player’s rating and attributes quicker.
  24. You can do this by clicking on ‘Facilities’ then ‘Training’.