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  1. Starting over

    Thanks Theo its fair we have the club points to spend again. thanks for the anwser
  2. Starting over

    I would like to know that too...pls moderators awsers us about that...i really whould like to know if we lose our history manager and the improvements on training academy stadium etc etc... Cumps
  3. Soccer

  4. Jugadores

    Pienso que colocando-los en el juego para que se motiven...
  5. what is this????

    On my opion the game is better now at that point cuz now we have something more to improve who makes the game more exiting! Just my point! Best Regards.
  6. can not play on CL

    if that its true i will stop playing the game right now and wait for they solve it cuz its a huge bug and that should be fixed imediatly! so sad...i like the game but that bugs are ridiculous...