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  1. Theo(SM Support)


    Hello, welcome to the community!
  2. Theo(SM Support)

    loan spells

    Thanks for reporting this. This usually happens if the player that you loan out is not good enough to get any game time on their new club. If the loaned player has a rating of 40, but the club's players are all 60+, the club will naturally choose those players first. This is a problem because it means your player doesn't get any game time. This is one of the things that we are going to try and improve in SM2019 Theo
  3. Theo(SM Support)


    Hi, thanks for the suggestion! This is one of the most frequently requests features for the game. We will look into adding this for Soccer Manager 2019 Theo
  4. Theo(SM Support)

    why show gameplay

    Thanks for the feedback! The match engine is a very complex system so sometimes there will be small things that don't look right. As with the rest of the game, we will try our best to improve this in future updates and in the next edition of the game (SM2019) and offer the best experience possible to our users! Theo
  5. Theo(SM Support)

    International Cup BETA now active!

    Another new update will be released later today for the International BETA! This new update will include some more bug fixes and improved features, including some new types of Inbox message. We've also fixed a bug where the end-of-tournament screen doesn't appear properly, and some bugs with the shop. Work is still on-going, particularly on the PC version. We are still on track for release at the end of this month. We're very excited to release the International mode to the public! Watch this space for more updates...
  6. Theo(SM Support)

    Can you have more than 1 Save?

    Hi, If you are playing on Mobile, you can connect your game to Facebook to get 2 more save slots. This isn't possible on PC unfortunately. Theo
  7. Theo(SM Support)

    International Mode Discussion!

    It is a seperate game mode with seperate save files. It is in the SM18 app so you don't have to download a new app, you just have to update SM18 when it goes live. Unfortunately Romania isn't one of the available countries - sorry about that! ☹️
  8. Theo(SM Support)

    International Cup BETA now active!

    New BETA update: There's a new update being released for our BETA test participants today which fixes a small number of issues that were present in the original BETA release yesterday. This includes the menu breaking sometimes when loading an International save, the game not saving when using credits to call-up a player, a small UI bug in the in-game shop, and a few other minor issues. The first bits of feedback have started to come in from our BETA users - we appreciate your feedback and we look forward to hearing more in the days leading up to the public release!
  9. Theo(SM Support)

    Game crashes

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. This is probably due to performance issues. If you are using an old device or operating system, you are more likely to experience performance issues. Try closing all background apps before playing, and maybe delete some un-needed files too. We also suggest that you select less than 4 countries at the start of the game (this can make it run quicker because there is less data to manage). We try to improve performance with each new update, please keep your game updated for the best experience. Thanks! Theo
  10. The International Cup BETA is now active. A small number of users are beta testing it and its due to be released fully at the end of the month. Please watch this space for more updates! Click here to go to the DISCUSSION THREAD and share your ideas with other users!
  11. The all-new Soccer Manager 2018 INTERNATIONAL CUP game mode is nearly ready for public release! The Beta is now active. A small number of users are Beta-testing it, and the SM team are working hard to put the finishing touches in and create the most enjoyable experience possible. The mode is scheduled for public release at the end of this month. This thread is for you, our users, to share your feedback and ideas and what you hope to find in the new game mode. You can also ask any questions here and we will try our best to answer them. So tell us - are you excited for the new game mode? What country will you take control of first? Theo
  12. Theo(SM Support)


    Hi, thanks for reporting this. This usually happens if the save becomes corrupted in some way. The save file can become corrupted if the game crashes, or if it fails to save because there isn't enough space. There is a way of checking if this has happened, and backing up your save file to avoid it again - we will PM you the details. Theo
  13. Theo(SM Support)


    Thanks for the response. A few weeks ago, we put in a fix for the glitch where time doesn't stop after an injury/substitution. This should now be fixed so you should not have seen it. This makes us think that you might be playing on an old version of the game? The current version on Android is version 1.4.4. If you are not on this version, we highly recommend that you update your game and this should fix the issues that you have described, Theo
  14. Theo(SM Support)

    help with data packages

    Hi, To choose a Data Pack, all you have to do is open the SETTINGS menu on the main menu and select the DATA PACK button. We recommend that you choose a 5 star rated pack for the best results. If you have already made a save without a data pack selected, you might have to restart the save for the change to happen. Hope this helps! Theo
  15. Theo(SM Support)

    Can migrate data?

    Hi, No, sorry, there is no official way to do this. All saves are stored locally on each device. Theo