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  1. Theo(SM Support)

    Can't buy any players

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We recently fixed a bug like this in the latest update - please update your game and the problem may be fixed. Also, make sure that you are offering the right amount, e.g offer "£15,000" and not just "£15". Hope this helps! Theo
  2. Theo(SM Support)

    Job Offer

    Yes, thats correct. You can get fired if you are performing very badly. I think you need to be on less than 10% approval from the board. We're going to look at the possibility of improving the job offer system in SM2019. Theo
  3. Theo(SM Support)

    This can not go on like this

    Hi, thanks for the feedback. It looks like all of your players are playing out of position. When a player's name is in red or orange, it means they are not in the best position for their skills. When a player is in the right position, their names will appear white (like the goalkeeper). If you make sure your players are in the right position, they will definitely play better. Try using the Auto Pick button on the tactics screen in the menu, and this will put the players in the correct positions. Theo
  4. Theo(SM Support)

    No puedo fichar

    Creemos que este error ya está solucionado en la última actualización, que se implementará hoy. Debería poder firmar agentes libres ahora, y no debería recibir los mensajes "(jugador) no está interesado". ¡Gracias por su paciencia mientras solucionamos esto! Theo
  5. Theo(SM Support)

    Players not interested.

    We believe that this bug is now fixed in the latest update, which is being rolled out today. You should be able to sign free agents now, and you should not receive the "(player) is not interested" messages anymore. Thanks for you patience while we fixed this! Theo
  6. Theo(SM Support)

    Can't Sign Free Agents

    We believe that this bug is now fixed in the latest update, which is being rolled out today. You should be able to sign free agents now, and you should not receive the "(player) is not interested" messages anymore. Thanks for you patience while we fixed this! Theo
  7. Theo(SM Support)

    Improvement Ideas

    Hi, thanks for sharing your ideas! We appreciate all feedback and will definitely look into the possibility of adding these features into SM2019. Theo
  8. Theo(SM Support)

    Job Offer

    Yes, that is as designed. You usually only receive offers from clubs with a higher rating than yours. So its likely that the game is only offering Madrid because thats the only club that's better than Barcelona. We understand this is not a perfect system. We're hoping to look at improving this in SM19. Theo
  9. Theo(SM Support)

    Can't Sign Free Agents

    Hi guys, thanks for reporting this! Sorry for the delayed response. This is definitely not by design and is a bug. We've not seen this sort of thing before, so we're not totally sure what is causing it at the moment. We're going to pass this over to the development team and try to get this sorted as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience! Theo
  10. Theo(SM Support)

    Player's ability and talent (overall)

    Players can improve in two ways. They will improve as they get older, up until around the late 20's, when their stats will begin to drop off again. They will also improve with training. I personally recommend that you sell or loan out any players that you do not need from your reserves, so that they don't get improved via training when there is other more important players that can be improved instead.
  11. Theo(SM Support)

    Control lost before match.

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We've had a few reports of this. It sounds like a quite uncommon bug in the schedule code. Unfortunately we don't think it will be fixed in SM18. We'll try and get this sorted for SM19 when it releases later this year. Sorry for the inconvenience! Theo
  12. Theo(SM Support)

    Stamina Bars Bug

    Hi, thanks for reporting this, We've released an update now across all platforms, that should fix this problem. Sorry for any inconvenience! Theo
  13. Theo(SM Support)

    Problemas al cargar el campo.

    Hola, gracias por informar esto. Hemos tenido algunos informes de este problema en la versión para PC del juego, pero no lo hemos visto en ninguna de nuestras PC. Creemos que es un problema con las PC individuales, tal vez algo malo con los controladores de gráficos o la configuración en la PC. Desafortunadamente no tenemos forma de arreglarlo todavía. Investigaremos el problema e intentaremos solucionarlo en una actualización futura. Theo
  14. Theo(SM Support)

    coisas para adicionar a equipe de juventude

    Olá, obrigado pelo feedback e pelas ideias! A academia de jovens produz jovens jogadores que podem substituir os antigos jogadores aposentados. Esses jogadores vão melhorar ao longo do tempo. As estatísticas iniciais dependem de como você gasta os pontos do clube para melhorar as instalações dos jovens. Vamos pensar em como melhorar isso para o SM19. Usamos um site chamado Soccerwiki (https://soccerwiki.org/wiki.php) para criar os pacotes de dados que incluem todas as informações para jogadores, clubes e ligas. Você pode visitar esse site para ver todas essas informações! Para Scouts, novamente, depende de como você gasta os pontos azuis do clube. Você pode atualizar vários elementos diferentes da sua instalação de reconhecimento, para obter mais escoteiros e melhores informações. Obrigado novamente pelo seu feedback! Theo
  15. Theo(SM Support)

    Transfer wages???

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We have tested this out ourselves and have been able to make signings without any problems. Can you give us any more information that might help us to reproduce this bug? Are you definitely offering over what the player requests? Also, are you definitely entering the correct number e.g £15,000 and not just £15? Theo