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  1. An editor off game

    Hi, What do you mean by an editor out of the game? Do you mean a feature that allows you to create your own clubs/competitions? Theo
  2. No Promotion or Relegation???

    Hi, thanks for reporting these problems! Can you please tell us what platform you are playing on? Thanks
  3. lost money

    Hi, Soccer Manager 2017 is no longer supported so cannot be played on any platform. We're really sorry but there is no way to transfer anything over between Soccer Manager 2017 and 2018, Theo
  4. Managing în other countries

    Hi, sorry but you can only receive job offers from clubs in the countries that you selected at the start of the game. So if you only selected one country, you can only receive job offers from clubs in that country. Theo
  5. transfer

    Hi, you need to offer more money - you're offering only 40 thousand for a player worth nearly 40 million. Hope this helps! Theo

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We have had a few reports of issue like this but we have not seen it ourselves yet. Nevertheless, we have added a fix which should be released in the next update later this week, so hopefully it won't happen again. Theo
  7. Academy Bug - Low value and aged players

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We've been investigating some bugs with the Youth Academy recently. The age bug seems to happen in the game, after several in-game years have passed. The maximum age for Youth players seems to increase with each year in the game. We will try and fix these issues in the next update. Theo
  8. Nobody (players) accepts terms

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We've had a few reports of problems like this. We will investigate this issue and try to figure it out. The game takes club ratings into account when deciding whether or not players will accept offers. For example, a top club's star player will probably not accept offers from low-level clubs. Theo
  9. Clubs offers

    Hi, thanks for reporting. I suspect that the reason for this is simple: you are the best club in the game. You only receive job offers from clubs of equal or higher rating that your own. Because you are Barcelona and have won everything for years, there probably isn't any clubs better than yours, so the game does not have any clubs to offer you. This is a somewhat counter-intuitive quirk of the job offer system. It's unlikely that the development team will change this now, but we will review this system and will probably change how it works in Soccer Manager 2019. Thanks! Theo
  10. Problem with entering gameroom

    Hi, It looks like you could be selecting Soccer Manager 2017 instead of 2018, and this is taking you to 2017 which is now unsupported and unavailable to play. Please make sure that you are selecting Soccer Manager 2018 and let us know if the problem continues. Theo
  11. Injuries...MORE Injuries...!

    Hi, thanks for reporting this! We have had a few reports of issues like this recently. As far as I know, there hasn't been any increase to the number of injuries in any recent update - you have had an uncommon number so we think you've been very unlucky. I have raised the subject with our development team who have decided to put a cap on the number of players that can be injured at one time. Following the update that will be released soon, you will only be able to have 5 players injured at one time. Theo

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. The injury system is generally quite balanced but it sounds like you have just been very unlucky here - we're sorry for the inconvenience! Could you please load your game file then make a bug report using the in-game Support system? Then we will be able to look at your save and offer a solution. Thanks! Theo
  13. Youth League/Cup

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions! We appreciate all feedback and will consider it when making improvements to the game in future updates. The reason for Youth players is mostly to train them up so that they can become valuable first-team players as you reach later years in the game and your players begin to get old and retire. It's a good idea to play them sometimes to keep their stats increasing. It is also possible for star players with very high potentials to appear in your Youth promotions, so its definitely worth using and investing in your Youth academy. Theo
  14. In-game buttons not working

    We're really not sure what could have gone wrong here. I personally suggest that you completely uninstall and reinstall the game then leave the game files untouched, as its likely that there has been some kind of corruption in your game files. Theo
  15. Sponsorships!

    Thanks for the suggestion! This would definitely add more depth to the game, but sadly we would need permission and rights to use those brands in the game, which would be very expensive and unfortunately is not a possibility for us at this time. Theo