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  1. Customer support

    Hi, sorry to hear that! Yes, you can email us at games@soccermanager.com. Please include your TRANSACTION ID so that we can verify the purchase (you can find this in the email confirmation) and we will try and get it sorted as soon as possible. Thanks Theo
  2. Diego Maradona at Barcelona

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. It's probably because of the Data Pack that you have selected. Data Packs are community-generated packs that contain player names, club names etc. Because they are community-generated, there can be some mistakes or inaccuracies in the information depending on the pack that you choose. We recommend that you choose a pack with a 5 star rating for the best information. Theo
  3. sm credits

    Hi, Mark is correct - the only other way to get credits is to open Free Packs. Free Packs have a chance of giving cash, credits or Club Points. Theo
  4. difficulty is non-existent

    Hi, As far as we know, there is nothing in the code of the game that would have the game suddenly get much harder in this way. Maybe the other clubs made some big signings in the January/February window which improved their squads. Or it could just be a total coincidence/bad luck. The Media definitely should not have called your the favourites in that match - we will look into that and see if we can get it fixed in a future update! Thanks Theo
  5. terminate loan

    Hi, Loans are meant to be season-long by design, which is why its not really possible to send loaned players back to their club. So we suggest you simply don't play those players in your Squad if you don't want them to play - maybe put them in your reserve team instead. Theo
  6. Nuevas estadísticas para el club

    Hola, gracias por la sugerencia! Eso es definitivamente una buena idea. Es posible que hacer un seguimiento de toda esa información para cada jugador pueda hacer que el juego se ejecute con bastante lentitud después de algunas temporadas, por lo que tendríamos que encontrar la forma de minimizarlo. Pronto comenzaremos a pensar en el diseño de SM19, por lo que le enviaremos su sugerencia y veremos si puede incluirse. Theo
  7. Nuevas estadísticas para el club

    Hi, thanks for the suggestion! That is definitely a good idea. It is possible that keeping track of all that information for each player can make the game run quite slowly after some seasons, so we should find a way to minimize it. Soon we will start thinking about the design of SM19, so we will send you your suggestion and we will see if it can be included. Theo
  8. can there be more options in training

    Thanks for the suggestion! Pretty soon, we will start thinking about the design for SM19, so we'll definitely look at user feedback and see what improvements can be made Theo
  9. Play for few mins n goes back to loading screen

    Hi, thanks for reporting this bug. Could you please make a bug report using the in-game support system (in HELP in SETTINGS). Please make sure you load your save before doing this. This should allow us to load your save ourselves and investigate the problem. Please also include your name in the bug report so we know it is you! Thanks!
  10. Available jobs/ applying to a club

    Thanks for the suggestions, we will pass your feedback onto the development team, who may change how the job offer system works in a future update, or in the next edition of the game (Soccer Manager 2019). Theo
  11. Champions League

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We're sorry to hear that you have experienced this bug. Could you please load the affected save file, then make a bug report using the in-game Support system (in the Help menu)? This should attach your save file and allow us to load it and investigate the problem. It's possible that theres been some kind of error in your league data in a previous season or seasons. Thanks! Theo
  12. Can't buy bundle - Facebook error message

    Thanks for reporting this, we saw your post yesterday and passed the information onto the development team who quickly put a fix in Theo
  13. Latest update removed game slots

    Hey, thanks for reporting this. We're really sorry to hear that you have experienced this issue. This is a very uncommon bug whereby the game file becomes corrupted. We're not 100% sure what causes it, but we believe it can happen if the names of the save files get changed, either by accident or through human error. Have you moved or edited your save files in the SM2018 file directory at all? Theo
  14. FK Partizan - Road to Champions League!

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes
  15. An editor off game

    That is a great idea and I'm sure many users would welcome such a feature. Unfortunately I think it would be too much work for our development team right now, who are constantly working on new features and bug fixes. But we will suggest it to the development team to consider in the future. Please feel free to leave any more feedback and ideas you have - we're particularly interested in user's ideas for Soccer Manager 2019 right now, Cheers! Theo
  16. An editor off game

    Hi, What do you mean by an editor out of the game? Do you mean a feature that allows you to create your own clubs/competitions? Theo
  17. No Promotion or Relegation???

    Hi, thanks for reporting these problems! Can you please tell us what platform you are playing on? Thanks
  18. lost money

    Hi, Soccer Manager 2017 is no longer supported so cannot be played on any platform. We're really sorry but there is no way to transfer anything over between Soccer Manager 2017 and 2018, Theo
  19. Managing în other countries

    Hi, sorry but you can only receive job offers from clubs in the countries that you selected at the start of the game. So if you only selected one country, you can only receive job offers from clubs in that country. Theo
  20. transfer

    Hi, you need to offer more money - you're offering only 40 thousand for a player worth nearly 40 million. Hope this helps! Theo

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We have had a few reports of issue like this but we have not seen it ourselves yet. Nevertheless, we have added a fix which should be released in the next update later this week, so hopefully it won't happen again. Theo
  22. Academy Bug - Low value and aged players

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We've been investigating some bugs with the Youth Academy recently. The age bug seems to happen in the game, after several in-game years have passed. The maximum age for Youth players seems to increase with each year in the game. We will try and fix these issues in the next update. Theo
  23. Nobody (players) accepts terms

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We've had a few reports of problems like this. We will investigate this issue and try to figure it out. The game takes club ratings into account when deciding whether or not players will accept offers. For example, a top club's star player will probably not accept offers from low-level clubs. Theo
  24. Clubs offers

    Hi, thanks for reporting. I suspect that the reason for this is simple: you are the best club in the game. You only receive job offers from clubs of equal or higher rating that your own. Because you are Barcelona and have won everything for years, there probably isn't any clubs better than yours, so the game does not have any clubs to offer you. This is a somewhat counter-intuitive quirk of the job offer system. It's unlikely that the development team will change this now, but we will review this system and will probably change how it works in Soccer Manager 2019. Thanks! Theo
  25. Problem with entering gameroom

    Hi, It looks like you could be selecting Soccer Manager 2017 instead of 2018, and this is taking you to 2017 which is now unsupported and unavailable to play. Please make sure that you are selecting Soccer Manager 2018 and let us know if the problem continues. Theo