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    Don't call me a muppet for pointing something out, also do NOT complain when you don't know the rules of the EFL Championship structure. Structure of the league[edit] The league comprises 24 teams. Over the course of a season, which runs annually from August to the following May, each team plays twice against the others in the league, once at 'home' and once 'away', resulting in each team competing in 46 games in total. Three points are awarded for a win, one for a draw and zero for a loss. The teams are ranked in the league table by points gained, then goal difference, then goals scored and then their head-to-head record for that season. In the event that two or more teams finish the season equal in all these respects, teams are separated by alphabetical order, unless a promotion, relegation or play-off place (see below) is at stake, when the teams are separated by a play-off game, though this improbable situation has never arisen in all the years the rule has existed.[16] At the end of the season, the top two teams and the winner of the Championship play-offs are promoted to the Premier League and the bottom three teams are relegated to Football League One. The Football League Championship play-offs is a knock-out competition for the teams finishing the season in third to sixth place with the winner being promoted to the Premier League. In the play-offs, the third-placed team plays against the sixth-placed team and the fourth-placed team plays against the fifth-placed team in two-legged semi-finals (home and away). The winners of each semi-final then compete in a single match at Wembley stadium with the prize being promotion to the Premier League and the Championship play-off trophy.

    Finishing 3rd in the Championship doesn't mean promotion. 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th are the play off places, you would need to win the play off final to be promoted.
  3. Undefeated Champions with low rep team

    Not youth player will make it. Just like real life, you get flops etc.
  4. Totm & Totm

    The TOTM & TOTM only shows the EPL and not any other leagues. Is this intentional or a bug. It is very disappointing.
  5. Sponsorships!

    You could always make up your own.
  6. Transfer System Problems

    I double checked and it wasn't 6mil it was 10mil. Now deciding to give it another since the new features are coming soon. Arbroath now bid 6mil for Andros Townsend.
  7. Transfer System Problems

    This not really a bug, but rather a problem that needs sorting out. I listed Benteke for sale and Ayr United made bid of £6mil. I found this strange as Ayr United are not even worth £6mil as a whole, and that Benteke would never go to Ayr United. Since that has happened I have stopped playing it for now. Please sort out the transfer system out, as I would like to continue playing the game, Thanks. Craig
  8. Undefeated Champions with low rep team

    Very nice, and he is even worth £77m at the young age of 22 wow