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  1. In-game buttons not working

    Gameroom could be your problem. I use steam and I haven't had an issue since. I believe my save file still existed as it was also stored in the steam cloud (i think). When using games like this, steam is potentially your best option as facebook wont hold your data as well as steam as facebook isn't a gaming website!
  2. In-game buttons not working

    Hmm, well all I can say is your save file may be gone for good now. But at least you can play the game?! :3
  3. In-game buttons not working

    I thought it was my SM2017 save file. However, that wasn't the case. It was my previous save file as I played since October 14th 2017. This means that my previous SM2018 save was on 14/10/17. Just got my dates the wrong way around
  4. In-game buttons not working

    I've managed to solve this for myself and I hope this works for all of you! You will need to go to your save files! To do this go to your files This PC > C: > Users > YOUR_USERNAME > AppData > LocalLow > SoccerManager Ltd > SM2018 There should be ONE save file if there are two or more DO NOT continue If there is ONE save file it should be called SM2018_save_0 DELETE IT Go to your recycling bin and clear it from your computer Open up SM2018 It will say New Game (hopefully) and you're able to play. Your previous save should be there when you are in the game itself and click SETTINGS>Load/Save game. I'm not too sure on that but my SM2017 save is there. I believe that's the save. OR it's what year the save file is on, which would be correct as I didn't play much of SM2018 when I could I Hope this helps you all!!!!!!!!
  5. In-game buttons not working

    That's good to hear that the problem may have been found. Hopefully, it can be squeezed in before the next update until then I'll be playing with my save files and seeing if I can find a temporary solution
  6. In-game buttons not working

    I've also found out that I can open soccer manager and soccer manager 2018 on steam at the same time. Steam doesn't let you open two games at once. So I don't think my steam is recognising the game.
  7. In-game buttons not working

    I'm having this issue as well. I've downloaded the game from steam and from the facebook gameroom app. If it's any help, I believe it's an issue client side as I have the same issue on both applications. *The steam community suggested that it potentially could be a firewall problem but it's not that either. So there is a fix out the window*