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  1. tips and improvements

    and c;ubs do actually make that much money
  2. Unrealistic

    i was wondering what other managing games i could try thanks
  3. so i am playing with manchester and tottenam were right on my tails to wwin so i bvought delli alli and kane for double their values 180 million in total i think maybe more but either ways beat tottenam 5 - 1 after oh also have neymar for 145 mil i think if youre wondering how i have so much money its called stadium upgrades and selling useless old players
  4. Create a player

  5. Sponsorships!

    then just make up your own examples overarmour nice addidos cheetah stuf like that
  6. can the schedule have other things like when a if a player gets injured for ten weeks on the schedule will be the day they are coming back
  7. can you guys add four diffrent training sections for attack mid defence and goalkeping because its hard to only pick 4 training every week when you fully unlocked the trees
  8. we should be able to place players in a bid because payers in this game are so not cheap sorry if im posting too much but i just found this site and i have a lot of 'ideas'
  9. and can we have the option to apply for a job to another team and why do i keep getting called inexperienced by the media and fans i took transmere rovers from national league to football championship one in two seasons moved to fulham i took them from football championship to premier league mid table yet im still getting called inexperienced and can we delay job requests till end of season or till we get new requests to pick the best one
  11. and another idea i wish i could see all the information of the team which is asking me to join their team maybe not everything in case i reject and know their tactics and crap but at least more than usual and im writing these as im playing the game
  12. another idea is that when there is a youth promotion i would love if i opened the notification in my inbox that the exclamation mark disappears from the facilities list
  13. i would also like to be able to see the league other clubs are at when i go on their page
  14. its a little annoying that i cant see the attribute change in my players whether increase or decrease especially in the case of youth star players
  15. but then everytime someone wants to buy a player they give me the lowest possible bid this needs to be fixed