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    guys, please , i just had my opinion about the club transfer and no one answer but now i will give you another idea. im im 2026 and the other teams dont do transfers, they have exactly the same team like 2018 , please , make it more realistic! in the game, exist teams without goalkeeper , etc
  2. All Years in Woking ,The PL Champion

    Thanks man. Now im in 2026 and , seriously, its so easy , i want to choose another team but i dont like the idea of lose all years and career
  3. The Club Transfer

    Hey staff. While i was playing the game, i did remember of a thing that keep the game in another level. In the transfer windows , we can see and buy another players for our team but the game can add something. We should transfer us to another team in the world. In the beggining , we can select 4 leagues but the proposes are stupid. I think that can be a coach transfer. For example, in the : search -> search club , we can write a name of team that we were interesting to manage, and we will candidated for the job and , dependent of the teams and we were good managers or not, seeing last seasons, trophies, complete goals of above teams (like a C.V.) we can manage this team. What do you think ? Is it a good idea? Is it possible? Thanks
  4. Tatics

    Hey guys. I'm a portuguese man and im training Woking. In the last season i was champion of the premier league , yeah , im in PL now. But now , in the 3rd year on PL , with same tatics that i was champion, the game is very difficult , i cant win 2 games consecutives. The tatic is 4-3-3 A , agressive normal, passe short , ritm normal, attacking , attack mixted and all above of pression. Some help ? I tried a lot but i cant , 4-2-3-1 result in almost games, but not it all