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  1. 1. the teams earn too much money, at the end of the first season with the inter I had 80 million to spend 2. job offers should arrive at the end of the season, or sooner but the actual change of the team should take place in June / July, otherwise a team will be abandoned in the middle of the championship 3. the noble players should avoid small teams, at least at the beginning. with Atalanta I managed to take many samples including mbappè, it is not realistic 4. the injuries are always a lot. every season I play at least 3 players out for 5-6 months 5. in the popularity tab, the print item is always at zero, I do not understand why 6. the offers from the players on the transfer list always come only from very small teams (icardi and perisic I have sold them both to frosinone) it is not realistic 7. workouts every week are annoying, you should be able to set up automatically and not having to see them every time
  2. Job Offer

    job offers should arrive between one season and another ... not in the middle of a season
  3. Game for PC?

    hi. i play at SM single player with my browser when the game will updated? sorry for the english (translate)