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  1. In-game buttons not working

    And now my computer crashed and now it cannot see my saved game. I really despair of facebook gameroom incarnation of this. The save file is still there dated at the time my laptop crashed. But the unity are when I tried to launch SM again
  2. In-game buttons not working

    Yep I agree. So have started afresh with National League team instead of a championship team and find the chairman is signing players of increbible values like £1.5M and I look at their stats and compare them to the players in the squad value at only £1,000 and can't work it out.
  3. In-game buttons not working

    Not too sure this works as yes it can now start SM2018 but it cannot find my game
  4. In-game buttons not working

    Hi Theo Any ideas when this may be fixed? Thanks
  5. Player Ratings Bug During Game

    You should be grateful you can get SM to work in Facebook Gameroom. Mine still opens at what I presume is a developers html mock up page.
  6. In-game buttons not working

    Thats my problem too. But there is no reply to the threads about it
  7. Update gremlins

    I've been digging around my laptop and can see it was when it downloaded a package called "17" the issue came up. From what I can see 15 was working very well. Can you please ditch 17 so it doesn't try to download it every time I start the game up in facebook gameroom?
  8. Transfers

  9. Update gremlins

    I don't know what has happened by when I try to start SM2018 on my laptop in Facebook Gameroom it now just loads this screen and goes no further. I was into my 2nd season and doing very well. I had had problems that the game caused my laptop to crash a few times so don't know if that is part of the problem but after every crash it restarted back to where it had last saved.
  10. Issue Summary: Keeps crashing uisng facebook games Issue Details: Playing on Facebook games it keeps crashing my laptop Countries selected at start: England Game Date(when issue was found): Device details; BRAND : Lenovo MODEL : X230 OS : Win7 VERSION : Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?):