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  2. Hi,how can you refine a search in custom game world? I’m trying to find leagues that have a player rating limit of e.g 86 etc. But it’s taking so long and just wondered if there was a quicker way? many thanks.
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  4. I have an idea how about not making a release date and just release the game when it is ready as a surprise because it's already a surprise even with a 'release date' 😂
  5. sjalesandkars


    Every league has the graphics except the Premier League. it only has default badges now? why is this?
  6. osman aina

    data pack

    hai im osman and from Malaysia. can you help me to creaTe data pack Orchestra teach me how to creaTe data pack. manytimes i do to creaTe data pack but still can't to creaTe data pack, I don't have application to open when I download data pack and I also don't know how to upload in Internet to I get the URL. Sory for my English, I not good in English speak and write.
  7. Hi, thanks for reporting this. In SM20, there is a limit to the number of players that you can have in your team. If you have hit your squad cap, try selling or releasing some reserve players. Also, offers that you have put out on players at other clubs can sometimes count towards your squad cap. So, open your Shortlist and open some players and select "Withdraw Bid" and this might help. Theo
  8. Hi, thanks for reporting this. The most likely reason for this is that you created this save file on a very old version of SM20, e.g a Beta version or a version downloaded from an untrusted online source. If so, unfortunately it cannot be fixed and you will have to start new game. Sorry for the inconvenience! Theo
  9. We want to make sure everyone is having the best managerial career and so have released a new update for all managers. Find out what’s updated in version 1.1.7 below! IMPROVEMENTS & OPTIMISATION Reduced number of yellow cards during matchday. Optimised performance of game across all devices on both Android and iOS to reduce likelihood of crashes and improve game speed. Optimised save game to reduce crashes. BUG FIXES Numerous bugs fixes that our community have reported. All of the above is applied to your game automatically with the latest update.
  10. poderiam otimazar o jogo para celulares mais fracos como o meu J4 core, o jogo é muito bom gostaria de poder jogar
  11. Issue Summary: My AC Milan gone (see image). The save file can be loaded but only show as in the picture. ・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚・ Issue Details: Around December 2019 in game, I load my save and shown as in the picture. I close my game, load it again, and the problem persist Countries selected at start: Italy Game Date(when issue was found): 07 December 2019 Device details; BRAND : Nokia MODEL : 6 OS : Android VERSION : 9, security update level 1 October 2019 Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): Most menu became unselectable.
  12. Last week
  13. Hello dear game developer. Have you given up on the games ?? Or have the update of January 17, 2020. We look forward to it and if you bravely abandoned this game called us or deleted because many players are bored in this game, there is nothing left for those who have practically finished this boredom game. Pending an answer, please accept, madam sir, my most sincere greetings
  14. Rayan

    Cant sign players

    What is a squad cap? What does it mean by “you have reached the squad cap put in place by the chairman” I have sold some players. Even released some but still can’t sign! I have reported it days ago but haven’t got a response yet.
  15. Hey, does anyone’s else game freeze in the middle of playing? I play on the pc and usually after 3-4 matches I play the game would freeze and I’ll have to relaunch it
  16. Build a strong squad but even then it might not work.
  17. Hey! So recently I tried to signing some players like Bale, Reus and Neymar and I had the money they asked for them but when the team accepted the players weren’t interested. Said something it wouldn’t be beneficial to their career. I tried signing them with Stuttgart and Man Utd. Is there a way around this or like what do I need to do?
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  19. Come on 414466 pls defeat me ID you can sombodey 

  20. It is not possible to get sacked in SM20. Being fired was possible in SM18, but the system was far from perfect, so it was removed in SM19 and has not made a return yet. Basically, if your approval got too low, you were fired and had to pick from a few jobs at worse clubs that the one that fired you. We might look into adding it back in for SM21, maybe. Theo
  21. Hi, its probably not compatible because it has quite low specs (1gb RAM, Quad Core 1.3ghz CPU), and would be unlikely to be able to run SM20 well. Theo
  22. CitY


    Why is my phone not compatible for this Game? Itel P33 V8.1.0
  23. What's even more shocking is Mats Hummels getting 10 goals and 17 assists in the Bundesliga.
  24. *TYPO* If u use a SMALL TEAM u can change tackling style Soft or Normal (Because your player's quality is low, like they don't know how to do good tackle)
  25. Hi my game world has slowly been on the decline. I am now the last surviving manager. Does anyone on here fancy a new challenge & joining my league. Maybe ending my win streak of 50+ matches?!
  26. Damn it, I love it just like Fifa Manager :3 I HOPE THEY ARE NOTICE THIS POST!
  27. I'll update this Tactic So far i think this one is the best tactic for all Team "ALL TEAM" Why? If u use a big team u can change tackling style Soft or Normal or Hard You can change Mentality to Attacking or V.Attacking (In the case your opponent has lower rate than you) and Don't forget to play with your tempo, just look at your opponent. One more, Change the Midfielders into "Play with Balls" But, If u use small team u should play with Tempo Normal or Fast You should play with Mentality Normal (In the case your opponent has higher rate than you) or Attacking (In the case your opponent has same rate with you) or V.Attacking (In the case your opponent has lower rate than you) If u use a big team u can change tackling style Soft or Normal (Because your player's quality is low, like they don't know how to do good tackle)
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