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  3. NickSpeed

    Strikers not scoring

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I'll let you guys know the results at the end of the season

    Strikers not scoring

    I haven't really noticed this, i'm half way threw the second season as manager of Barcelona and my strikers score most of my teams goals. In the first season I used Suarez, Munir and Messi as my strikers rotating all of them, I gave munir and Suarez general forward role and Messi deep lying forward in a 4-3-3 B Fromation. All of them ended up having 15+ goals at the end of the season. I sold Suarez and bought Mbappe this season and his already banged in 36goals in all comps, Munir has 18 goals half way too Messi is at 7 but I mostly use him out on the Wing now. Try using the preferred roles and you can try making the tactics of attack to Attack threw the middle, and with that formation you are currently using (in the screenshot) attacking threw the middle should work good.
  5. Alba

    Unable to load match

    Issue Summary: Game freezes when try to start match Issue Details: When I try to proceed to next friendly match, game does not load and I am therefore unable to proceed with game Countries selected at start: Scotland only Game Date(when issue was found): when About 3 weeks into first season (third friendly match) Device details; BRAND : Samsung MODEL : A6 Tablet OS : Android 7.0 VERSION : Latest (downloaded about an hour ago) Any Additional Information that can we do to reproduce the issue?): I was enjoying this game so much after downloading that I purchased 2 packs already, now when I go to play my third friendly game it loads pitch screen with one player running on spot and commentary saying a goal has been scored. I have tried reloading game, restarting device and still the same issue, I have been unable to find any way to skip match or get quick result to proceed with season and therefore purchasing packs seems to be wasted (otherwise I would just delete game!) Please advise how to resolve.
  6. craigibhoy

    Strikers not scoring

    I have the opposite, I have Vincent Janssen whos scored about 11 goals so far.
  7. Wi$ked jay


    Wrote a bug report Like three times restarted the the game jake justice
  8. You might find training isn't working as they keep resetting. I've had one guy train his pace 3 times to over 90, but today I see it's back at 84. Young player too.
  9. lemming3k

    Strikers not scoring

    Tbh I've noticed the same. I only use preferred roles but all 8 strikers I've used were pretty ineffectual. Average ratings as low as 5. Midfielders score far more and get 9+ ratings every game.
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  11. Theo(SM Support)

    iPad crash

    This is by design. We decided to reduce the number of countries that you can select depending on your phone's RAM. Old or low-powered phones can now only select 1 country. Average phones can select 3. The best phones can select 4. This is intended to reduce crashing and improve performance.
  12. Theo(SM Support)

    cannot proceed season

    Thanks for reporting this. It sounds like your game could have been affected by a serious bug in the season/schedule code. We believe that this issue is fixed on the latest update. Please fully update your game. You may have to create a new save file to fix the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience! Theo
  13. Theo(SM Support)

    Can't select more than 1 league

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. This is by design. We decided to reduce the number of countries that you can select depending on your phone's RAM. Old or low-powered phones can now only select 1 country. Average phones can select 3. The best phones can select 4. This is intended to reduce crashing and improve performance. Theo
  14. Theo(SM Support)


    Hi, thanks for reporting this. Did you make a bug report when the pop-up appeared? If so, the support team can load your save and try to solve the bug. What is your manager name in the game, so we can try and find the bug? Theo
  15. Theo(SM Support)

    Strikers not scoring

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. It could be a problem with the formation that you're using. Try using a different formation. Also, try to set all of your players to their preferred role. Hope this helps! Theo
  16. NickSpeed

    Strikers not scoring

    Guys I need some help. My strikers never seem to score. I usually play my matches with 0-0 draw or a 0-1 loss with my team having 15 shots or more, 8 of which are on target while the other team has 1 shot and one goal. I have some good strikers but they seemingly aren't scoring. I've attached a picture of my squad and formation. I've set my attacking style and passing style to mixed, tempo to normal and play attacking. Switching my stacking style to through the middle doesn't help. Anybody got any ideas? Buying more players is out of question, I've got no money and the transfer window is almost closed.
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  18. theshed876

    several ideas

    Finally, people are seeing I wasn't wrong when I complained about values. It mostly affects the lesser players. Free agents are usually lesser players, not superstars.
  19. craigibhoy

    Offsides etc

    A few things I have noticed that are not in the the match engine which should be are Offsides, own goals & handballs. These happen in football quite a lot. @SM Dev (Bamber) Could you think about adding these in? Cheers
  20. craigibhoy

    several ideas

    I agree with some of these. Players value could be tweaked free agents need to be more realistic. More various highlight scenes would be nice.
  21. theshed876

    several ideas

    Haha, realistic values and stats. Good luck with that. I've been trying to make the point that average players are valued too highly and stats are just random
  22. Hyukjun

    several ideas

    hi everyone these are some ideas by me 1. clubs sell uniforms and earn money, and increase wages. 2. managers too have wages by sm point. important when you have several job offers. 3. skip game mode 4. AI clubs need to transfer players each other much more. 5. player swap, trading deal 6. 30 1st team players not 25 7. realistic player values and stats 8. non EU player number restriction in some europe leagues. 9. number decrease of the unrealistic Free Agent players who appear in some years 10. more various highlight scenes What do you think? comment below please
  23. somto

    Yellow cards

    Yh I notice that this just started in the new update
  24. I agree with the possession part, a championship side would have 80% possession over a club like man city and if you beat them with a score like 6-0 their players wins the man of the match. The transfers also is ridiculous, you rarely sell a player over their value but you buy players way over their value. And players with potential+a 4star training system doesn't quite grow in rating
  25. davidrodriiigues

    Pular partidas

    Seria muito legal se tivesse uma função de "pular partidas". Afinal tem eu não quero passar 3 minutos no jogo.
  26. Wi$ked jay


    My game started having some problems it is refusing to load the new league and i am in game time season 2023 and startin the game it give me errors messages to write a bug ticket there is no schedule and the other league are not workin only english league had to go chelsea but the European leagues aren't working showing the last season stats the other league are doing the same thing pls what can i do not want to lose this data
  27. Hi! SM19 v1.0.4 is OUT NOW. The update greatly increase app stability. See our blog for info: http://blog.soccermanager.com/single-player/soccer-manager-2019-game-update-version-1-0-4
  28. Alex(SM Support)

    Game closing everytime

    There is an update currently in review expected to largely resolve this issue on. It will be released as soon as possible and announcements will be made when it is available.
  29. Theo(SM Support)

    I can't find SM19 On my phone(Google Play)

    Hi, SM19 is not available in some areas of the world yet. It's currently unavailable in Asia and the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Russia, Sudan, Tunisia and Ukraine. So it probably won't show up if you are in any of these areas. We do plan to release it in these areas at a later date through our publishing partners. You can find out more info about the SM19 launch here: http://blog.soccermanager.com/news/soccer-manager-2019-now#.W-6b5OKnyM8 Theo
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