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  2. How would I like to rate the game? The game is unrealistic and unplayable in 80% of cases. Without exception, the opponent will not give us a chance on the field. In every match, we play against a big or a small team, does not matter, it always ends in a defeat. Even a smaller team for example like e.g. Burton Albion or Norwich can hold at least 70% of the ball through the match against e.g. Everton, Arsenal, Liverpool or an other big club. Even though my team is 3x better and have more chemistry. I have already tested these in other leagues and with teams, the same result is at the end. It's always defeat, no matter what was it against. We dont usually get lead in the match but if it happens by a dream, the opponents equalize and take the lead for a few minutes. If i use tactics, or not, it happens all time. You can't win, even against a second or third class team. And then I didn’t even write about the other great works. Almost every second match, a player receives a red card, despite the fact that no aggressive tactics or defender settings have been loaded. I like the game for the remaining 20%, its full good at ideas, and I see creativity in it, but due to this many "mistakes", i can't play the game for more than 15 minutes. I hope they start to do something with these problems.
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  5. So I post this as feedback to shed light on issues I find in this game. First can I start by saying I enjoy this game. No training, no stadium building. Just be a manager and not too much in-depth but you can just focus on games and signings. So the issues are:- - Goalkeepers are absolutely rubbish unless it's the CPU v CPU. - RATINGS don't really make much of a difference, similar to my criticism of GK. - CAPTAINS, why can't they stay with two or three players and not position. - Moral needs to be reset when signing for a new club. SET-PIECES along with Captain would be good if it stayed with selected players. That's it for now but I hope the creaters read this. I love what you've done and like it to be pushed to make it even better. CP
  6. in the swiss league, as a champion with grasshoppers, you cannot take part in european games. it always takes the 2nd place. fix this bug finally. wait since update 1.1.1
  7. Same problem, can't find an answer anywhere
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  9. Dear Soccer Manager game! Vietnam is now the football king of Southeast Asia, but why does the game have no Vietnamese flag in the region? In the next update, we would like to see the Vietnam National Flag in your game. Sincerely thank. IIn the next update, we would like to see the Vietnam National Flag in your game. Sincerely thank. n the next update, we would like to see the Vietnam National Flag in your game. Sincerely thank. buthy does the game have e flag in the region? t why does the game have no Vietnamese flag in the region?but why does the game have no Vietnamese flag in the region?
  10. Dear Soccer Manager, Saya adalah fans anda dari Indonesia sejak 2018, karena sebelumnya saya fans game sebelah yang sudah berhenti produksi di 2017. Sejak 2018 SM sudah banyak sekali perkembangan yang membuat game ini jadi semakin lebih baik, dan menurut saya SM adalah game manager mobile terbaik disamping game berbayar sebelah. Kali ini saya ingin menyampaikan aspirasi dari saya maupun penggemar lainnya tentang SM yang sekarang yaitu SM22. Secara keseluruhan versi ini sudah sangat baik, namun tetap saja masih banyak juga yang harus diperbaiki maupun ditambahkan. Setelah bermain satu musim di versi ini, ada beberapa yang bisa saya simpulkan untuk bisa ditambahkan, diperbaiki, maupun dikembangkan di update selanjutnya, tanpa harus menunggu seri berikutnya. Baik saya mulai dari tampilan, kesan pertama tentu saja grafis lebih baik dari versi sebelumnya, banyak perkembangannya, terutama gameplay ketika bertanding. Ada beberapa hal yang perlu diperbaiki, seperti mengingat ini bukan game pvp sehingga seharusnya sensasi bermain harus bisa lebih smooth lagi, apalagi saya juga bermain game moba 5v5 dan dengan tingkat grafis tertinggi pun sensasi bermain masih bisa smooth, seharusnya SM22 juga bisa lebih smooth lagi karena bukan game pvp, tidak masalah jika ukuran game diperbesar untuk meningkatkan sensasi bermain. Kemudian untuk pemain-pemain yang tidak mendapatkan real face ataupun pemain dari akademi daripada menggunakan avatar 3d lebih baik menggunakan avatar 2d dengan palet warna kulit dan gaya/warna rambut saja, itu akan membuat kesan lebih bagus. Lanjut ke fitur pertandingan, dari taktik sudah cukup lengkap mungkin seharusnya di opsi mentality harus ada counter attack ya mengingat itu hal yang mendasar dalam sepakbola, kemudian akan lebih baik apabila ditambahkan opsi advanced gaya bermain seperti tikitaka, gegenpress, attacking fullback, dll. Kemudian ada hal yang saya pikir harus diperbaiki, yaitu : 1. Pemberian rating per match seharusnya lebih logis lagi mengingat anda menggunakannya sebagai patokan pemilihan pemain peraih reward bulanan/musiman. 2. Penentuan POTM/S;TOTM/S; dll harusnya lebih diperbaiki lagi dengan tidak hanya melihat dari rating pemain, melainkan diperhitungkan juga kontribusi tim, jumlah pertandingan dimainkan, serta gol dan assist. Karena sering terjadi pemain yang jarang bermain meraih POTM/S hanya karena rating tinggi. 3. Mungkin AI tim lawan bisa lebih memilih starter pemain tidak hanya berdasarkan jumlah atribut/ability melainkan juga dengan kontribusi rating dan gol/assist. 4. Untuk perkembangan pemain, seharusnya semakin muda usia pemain semakin mudah menaikkan rating atributnya. Dan juga kenaikkan seharusnya tidak hanya berdasarkan per latihan, tapi juga setiap beberapa match harus ada kenaikan rating atribut dari pemain. Kemudian kenaikkan juga harus didasarkan pada performa musim sebelumnya, sehingga memungkinkan adanya kenaikan drastis rating atribut dari pemain. Selain itu banyak yang kecewa karena dihapusnya menu statistik pemain dimusim-musim sebelumnya, dan tentu saja hal itu harus diadakan lagi fiturnya. Sekian dari saya, saya harap hal diatas bisa dimasukan sebagai perbaikan diupdate selanjutnya. Mengingat hal tersebut bukan semata-mata keinginan atau aspirasi saya melainkan perwakilan dari para fans SM22. Thanks for the attentions ☺️
  11. Hi I'm a big fan of your games since 2018 I would like to inform you about the need to add hero Indian super league into the game (sm22) there are a lot of Indian players for your game, by the adding the league the Indian fanbase will be really grateful. We really need the league to be added in the game and make your indian fanbase bigger. Huge fan of your work btw ❤️❤️
  12. NDea

    New Phone

    I upgraded my phone and transfered all data from one to the other. My game save is still there but my manager level (traits and everything) have gone! If I login via gamecentre will I lose everything?
  13. I have a team in my game world [Pergolettese -campionato 198] that is always handled by some different players who can to buy any strongest player in the world. I checked out that the current player have spent like 200 M in four days. Obviosuly such a team wins every championship. I think it must be a bug over that team, or those players are hackers who can to handle the game like this. I ask to the game's developers to chech it out for this and take an action regard to. Thank you
  14. Anybody here from MORESIDEMEN Video? for the Arsenal Shirt Signed by Arteta.
  15. Liberar download para Samsung galaxy A10.
  16. Im finally set and execute following mysql query in my phpmyadmin..but show results on Bing is still missing? any idea to solve my this problem?
  17. igosja

    Virtual rugby

    https://virtual-rugby.com/ is one of the best free online manager for true rugby fans. Each of us has probably dreamt of being a coach or manager of a real rugby club. An exciting search for talented players, gradual building of infrastructure, choosing the best tactics for a game, regular matches and, of course, victories, titles and new achievements! This is what is in store for you in our world of virtual rugby. Dive into it and create your dream club!
  18. Can’t move him to backup player or reserve team and I can’t start next game.
  19. Hi guys. The game developers made is awesome, however I've found several issues: 1. As I understand there is no random on Champions League drawing. I'm working as a manager of Dynamo Kyiv (Ukraine). I win a Ukrainian League and always I play against Germany, English, Spain teams in the group. Sometimes it's hard to win it. I would like to play against other countries. For example: made somehow 4 group levels 8 teams each and chose the team randomly. However, it won't be an easy task, because teams from one league shoud be split. 2. I won one match 7-2 and it was saved in the records, however then I win 7-0 and.. the record wasn't updated until I have 8-0. Seems like there is not a biggest win saved, but a win with the most goals in the match for one team. Goal difference should be checked also. 3. I still don't understand how I can improve attendance on the stadium. I have the huge stadium by default - 70k seats. I have a couple of players with the level 92. I even tried to win everything: 3 Champions League in a row. The average attendence was increased from 11k to 13k. However on international matches I have something around 30k(also increased by 2k), but it's not a full stadium for a team which win 3 cups in a row.
  20. Si inicio mi carrera con un equipo de America, no me llegan ofertas ni ora transferencias de jugadores ni para dirigir un de algún equipo de otro continente. he iniciado mi carrera con un equipo colombiano esperando dirigir en Europa… parece que tendré que iniciar otra.
  21. Cool I love the game play fantastic keep it up guys Soccer manager 2021 download guyz love yeah
  22. Hi fellow manager what a incredible game play
  23. Quando Sai o Soccer Manager 2022 ??? alguem sabe???
  24. Cuando van a sacar una versión para celulares no compatibles con sm 22?
  25. I'm having problem to login with facebook. I have my account for more tha 3 years but I can't login from my phone anymore. When I try to login you shows up the message attached. I tried to remove the connection permission on facebook and try to login again but It failed.
  26. I have the same problem in both soccer manager21 and 22
  27. While playing Soccer Manager 2022, I bought a VIP Bronze. However, the gameplay was made to enthusia2021@gmail.com, and the VIP Broze payment was made to rosetecs2020@gmail.com. I am using two Google accounts. Payment date is November 6th, 2021.
  28. After update 1.08 there is still no champions league in the swiss league. Not europa league nothing. Nevertheless, the championship title.Not happened at all. It always automatically takes young boys and not my team. It is the same with the save game. Even without it, it is the same Repair this
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