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  4. Hi you can try change the roll in the team.
  5. Plz make sm21 compatible with LG k9 phone
  6. Chelsea beaten 5-0 l wonder what the atmosphere would have been like
  7. The following tactics in Order Normal Attacking Fast Disciplined Short Down both flanks Work the ball into the box byline crosses all over aggressive normal 3-5-2 two ball playing defenders one general defender deeplying playmaker box-to-box Midfielder advanced playmaker wingbacks on both sides target man on the right and finisher on the left captain : david luiz or Auba the results : A demolishen at wolves, chelsea and tottenham
  8. Please can I find out how to get extra save slots?
  9. When will it be compatible with Samsung Galaxy J5/chromebook?
  10. Hi, thanks for reporting this. Can you please send us the transaction ID of the purchase via the support system in-game (in HELP in Settings). We can then try to track the order and resolve any issues. Thanks!
  11. Hi, thanks for reporting this. It seems it is failing to save your profile details. Make sure you are always signing in with the same Google Play or Apple account, and use the options in "connectivity" in the settings menu to link your account properly, as you might be on a guest account. Also ensure you have a good internet connection so everything can save properly. Theo
  12. Ok, I understood that the device is no longer compatible, but what about the packages that I bought and I didn't use completely? How can I get my money back?
  13. perangkat saya android 10, ram 4 gb. saat masuk ke game ada pengumuman update tapi di playstore belum ada update, kenapa ya? apa belum launching?
  14. Hi, I'm new player in this game, when i close the game and opened again, there always show like a picture and create new manager, How i can fix it?
  15. Hello I should put Hungarian language in the game because I would be happy to help because it would be better to play thanks for the quick reply Krisztián
  16. When I open the app it loads to about 25% and then just says please check your connection and try again. I am definitely connected and have reset router multiple times to make sure. Have tried using my data (which is turned on in settings) to start up the game but it still has the same issue.
  17. Malheureusement, nous avons dû rendre incompatibles certains téléphones plus anciens et moins puissants pour des raisons de performances. Si vous ne parvenez pas à installer ou à mettre à jour, il est très probable que ce soit parce que l'assistance a été retirée de votre appareil en raison d'une mauvaise lecture de l'application. Vous avez besoin d'un appareil de 64 Go avec 2+ Go de RAM et une version Android récente. Si votre appareil ne l'a pas, nous ne pouvons que vous recommander de jouer sur un appareil plus récent ou sur un PC. Merci beaucoup!
  18. Thanks for reporting this. It can be easily fixed by pressing ALT + ENTER. It seems this has started happening for some users after the v1.2.0 update, we're not sure why, but we'll investigate and see if it can be resolved. Theo
  19. The game refuses to full screen at it is a goddamn eyesore. It full screened the 1st boot up time, so I tried to reinstall, didnt work.
  20. Earlier
  21. Hi, thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately we have no more changes or updates planned for SM20, as we are now focused on newer projects. We had to make some older and less powerful phones incompatible with SM21 for performance reasons. If you can't install or update, it is very likely that it’s because support was not offered to your device due to the app playing badly on it. You need a 64gb device, with 2+gb RAM and a recent Android/iOS version. If you cannot access SM21, we can only recommend playing on a newer device, or on PC. Many thanks! Theo
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