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  2. Players progress screen, graphics in case of evolution or decay. And more moves from the transfer market in other clubs, in SM18 we can rarely see transfers from other clubs, and when it does, it's just players weak and players coming to my team. It would be great to have an option that allows you to download the files (Players' Photos and Club Badges) to be used when playing without the internet.
  3. Brettania

    gold coins

    After earning coins nothing is added
  4. Yesterday
  5. Doronk69

    Whats Your Career Plans?

    I thought about lowest league in England as well but I don't want to leave the team I want to build an empire:)
  6. craigibhoy

    Whats Your Career Plans?

    What's everyone's career plans for SM 19? Mine will be to start in the lowest league of England or Scotland and then hopefully move abroad.
  7. Last week
  8. Doronk69


    So if i only played on play store i can't be beta tester? Good to know for next year😥
  9. craigibhoy


    Hi Theo, I have the game from the Play Store which is a different email from the one I use for facebook, however I did get the Beta email but when filling in the form I used the email I use for the Play Store. Would I still get access or will be denied as its 2 different email addresses?
  10. Welcome to the SM19 discussion forum! If you have any questions about how to access the Closed Beta, please read this thread: https://community.soccermanager.com/topic/519-sm19-beta-access/ Unfortunately we cannot send out any more Beta invites now. This forum is for discussion about SM19. User who have been accepted to the Closed Beta can discuss their thoughts on the game. Other users can talk about what they hope/expect to see in SM19. SM19 will be released to the public soon! Theo
  11. Theo(SM Support)

    SM19 Beta Access

    SM19 Beta access emails were sent out on September 18th. The Beta goes live on September 25th. To be invited to the Beta, you needed to meet some specific requirements chosen by the publishing department. This includes: You must be an English-speaking user (as the Beta instructions are in English, and the game is not fully translated yet). You must be an active user, who has played recently and completed several seasons. You must have connected your game to Facebook and allowed access to your email address (we use the email address as our way of contacting users). You must be an Android or iOS user (no PC yet, sorry!) Emails have now been sent out - unfortunately we cannot send any more invites now. If you did not get invited, unfortunately it means that you did not meet the requirements - but don't worry! SM19 will be released to the public soon, so there is not long to wait! Meanwhile, why not join the discussion on the SM19 DISCUSSION forum? Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm for SM19 😄👍 Theo
  12. Theo(SM Support)


    We could only contact you if you had connected your game to Facebook and given permission to share your email address (because this supplied your email so that we could send Beta information if you met the requirements). Unfortunately its now too late to gain access to the Beta, sorry guys! The game will be released to the public next month, so there isn't too long to wait 😄 Theo
  13. xav-gon

    Shirt numbers

    Have sm ever thought something about player's shirt numbers?
  14. xav-gon


    Hello I finished 1 season within 2 days, I reached the maximum manager level recently and I speak English. Do I need to give my email address to you?
  15. Peter W


    Hi the game keeps crashing an closing down I've yeye do everything possible closed all apps restarted my fone It's still persists to crash wtf
  16. Jules


    Hello! I play like 2 or 3 hours per day to the game,i speak english and i did maybe 5 season in the game. All the access to the beta are give??? Or i have a chance??? Thanks for your answer!
  17. Theo(SM Support)


    To be invited to the Beta, you need to meet some specific requirements that the publishing team decided on, including: Must be an English-speaking user (as game is not 100% translated yet) Must have completed multiple seasons in SM18 Must have been active in SM18 recently If you are entitled to an invite to the Beta, you should have received an email this week. Check your spam folder if you can't find it! If you have not received one, unfortunately you have no met the criteria for the Beta program. I hope this helps! Theo
  18. xav-gon


    feature request: club stadiums with no or partly no roof can be expanded (like seats)
  19. xav-gon


    Request feature: Friendlies with other countries' team (example: Bayern Munich vs Lyon)
  20. How do I download or play in the international management in macbookpro or an ios device?
  21. craigibhoy


    Just received mine, check your spam folder as mine was placed in there. Also make sure it is the same email as the one you use for the playstore.
  22. Greekreaper777


    Hi, i play for a long Time and i would like to express my one and only disapoint. I play superleague team (aek) and their points are very low
  23. leo27


    Hi! I would like to recommend to add that the matches be playable, meaning that we can con trol players and keep the simulation for ones that doesn't want to play. This is going to call the atention for others to play because for mobile there is not any career mode where you can play like it. You should add more leagues from south america like from ecuador, peru, paraguay, etc, with it you can make more realistic the copa libertadores and copa sudamericana. Also you could add like "special training" area where could have 3 or 4 spots any player and help them growing a little bit fast or you or "upgrade" player stats spending gold coins or transfer budget. Even though, i can't play the matches this game is awesome, with the real name of the players, a lot a leagues that other games like fifa or pes doesn't, young players of each team, copa libertadores, champions league, etc. You must continue using as reference to fifa, pes or even deam league soccer that also have some interesting features that you can add. SM19 look a lot better, keep working!
  24. Kieron lennon

    Looking forward

    Looking forward to the new game me hopefully its a catch and easy to use and make it a fantastic game as of the last one
  25. Breogán_01

    Need help!!!

    En mi opinión será el mejor de todos los SM hasta ahora, por lo que veo en los sneak peek que subieron a Twitter.
  26. Theo(SM Support)

    No puedo pasar de día

    Gracias por informar esto Puedes cargar tu archivo guardado, luego ir al menú Configuración y hacer un informe de error (en "Ayuda"). Eso enviará su archivo guardado al equipo de soporte que puede cargarlo e investigar el problema. ¡Gracias!
  27. Doronk69

    loading error

    I've had the exact same problem yesterday. The file isn't completly corrupted. I closed and reopened the save twice in a row and it went back to normal.
  28. Doronk69

    Need help!!!

    There will be transfer improvents but I don't know if this issue will be addressed
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