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  5. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Few ideas

    One thing I wanna see in the game is the ability to Rewrite careers. Go back in time to the days of thierry henry as a player or matt busby as a manager. From the first days, to the Barclays Premier League. Maybe Arsenal never had an Invincibles season? Maybe the original Hereford United are in the Premier League and never went out of business? Rewriting history is a fantastic feature with the modern day technologies in gaming
  6. Hi guys, I’m playing SM19 for a few days now, but i’m losing almost every game... Its very frustrating and annoying that I can’t find the right tactics. Who can help me with a good tactic and formation
  7. kjakka


    make sure it's 120k per week not just 120
  8. Azeez

    Game crashes

    I was playing this game now for the past 3 weeks,n suddenly d game went back to home n I was told to play a new game n I couldn't find my saved game slots...
  9. As far as I understand, the main point of loans is to let your younger players get some match experience while they are too weak for your first team. Unfortunately the vast majority of offers come from abroad. But there the players do not get any match experience, because the matches are not really played and thus not counted in the statistics. So now I spend July ans August declining loads of loan offers and hoping that some club from an active league will make an offer. Therefore it would be useful, if all those clubs without real league matches stopped making offers; or if the players got some "fake" match experience, if they are strong enough for the loaning club's first team.
  10. Aggro299

    Ok you beat me.

    Ok you beat me. I’ve tried everything. Changing formations,tactics,players, player roles. None of it seems to matter!!! Even when the other team has a player sent off! They still come back to draw or even win! It’s like the game randomly decides that your going drop points and nothing you can do will change that! At other times it seems to decide ok now your going to win 4-1 doesn’t matter who your playing! There has to be some kind of CONSISTENCY! I don’t expect one formation or set of tactics to dominate every game but there has to be some reasonable base line. Losing 3-2 to the last place team, drawing 4-4 to the 10th place team and beating the 2nd place team 4–1, all with the exact same starting lineup, feels like either complete randomness or predetermination. If my defense isn’t good enough give me some hint, if my strikers aren’t up to level then don’t let them Score 5 goals one game then put 2 out of 20 shots on target the next game against a worse team!!! I genuinely do like this game, it’s the only mobile game I’ve ever spent money on. I respect what the devs are trying to do, if I didn’t I wouldn’t bother coming here, I’d just write it off as a bad game and delete it. But it’s not a bad game, it just needs a little polish and we the players need a little more of an idea of where to start tactically if there are changes made after an update. Ok rant over.
  11. Syrozz080


  12. Syrozz080


    Please this contract issue is annoying me
  13. Syrozz080


    Am having the same problem too am managing Barcelona and imagine De light is snubbing contract of 120 per week
  14. Earlier
  15. Axel270401

    Problem with the new update

    Hi! i have a problem Someone can help me when I want to enter to play it appears to me that there is a new update and I enter and it brings me to here( playstore) only the options appear to paint and open but I can not play because this new update appears to me someone knows how to play or to someone the same thing happens? Please help me
  16. Alex(SM Support)

    SM19 version 1.0.9 now LIVE

    Hello Managers! SM19 version 1.0.9 is now live and available across all platforms. v1.0.9 contains bug fixes, the full list of resolved issues can be found here; http://blog.soccermanager.com/news/soccer-manager-2019-game-update-version-1-0-9#.XDcmElX7SUk Good luck and all the best for the New Year!
  17. Bigo

    Can't select more than 1 league

    Can't you make it an option or at least make it 2 it gets boring quickly
  18. Faisal Isnan

    JOb Vacancies

    i have play in 3 season at premier league, and i won all the league and cup, but why i never find job vacancies from other league?
  19. MTH_KILL3R

    Bug at Copa Libertadores!!

    Hi everyone! I've played Soccer Manager 2019 with São Paulo(a team in Brazil) and i won the "Libertadores" but i didn't receive the cup, as i if hadn't won!! In others Championships when you won,(As every Player should know hahaha) you receive a message saying that you won the cup, but when you won the cup "libertadores" and "Taça da Liga" in Brazil or another Country in South America you don't receive this message too. Please Fix them!! Thanks for making a Create game!
  20. ktbear

    How do I improve possesion %

    Giving up further reinforced when we again play a bottom ranked team. Same team, same tactics etc. One guy actually plays at 70%. A further six play at 60%. Three, including my rediculously expensive star, play at 40%. The remaining three? 30%. Its almost like the bastards are trolling me. Oh, these guys aren't any good I won't bother even showing up. 2-1 loss. Oh, and even by our standards we have NEVER managed an 18% possesion stat before. I may as well fire the lot of them and bring on the B team, at least I would expect them to be rubbish!!
  21. ktbear

    How do I improve possesion %

    Thank you, I tried your tactics and possesion immediately improved to around 50%. However, I was wrong. Improved possesion didn't equal improved results, just the opposite in fact. I drew the first game 1-1 and lost the second game 3-0. The third game I resorted to my usual tactics, ended up with 21% possesion but beat the 4th ranked team 2-0. I give up.
  22. NickSpeed

    Strikers not scoring

    Things have gone well. In my last season at Real Madrid, I'd win almost all my matches with huge goal margins so that was nice. But somehow my save file got corrupted so I had to restart so I went over to Man UTD. So far things have gone well, I won the league and the Champions League in my first season
  23. O Cardiff f City deu 2 chutes e 2 gols, já eu... / Cardiff City gave 2 shots and 2 goals, I already ... 🤯😂
  24. davor

    No sacking feature

    You can get sacked in SM? 😂
  25. davor

    How do I improve possesion %

    Find my tactics in the boot room sub forum.. It should help a lot
  26. I could like this game but some things are a mystery. For example, no matter what I do my teams possesion percentages never go over 35%. This seems unrealistic to me. Ranked 13th we played the top ranked team, 33% possesion, we win 6-0. We eventually climb to 7th place and play the 23rd placed team, 27% possesion and we loose 3-2. My players seem incapable of performing at better than 60% (as in actually make it into the green) for more than one, or maybe two games in a row. By half time I'm constantly looking at replacing players because one, two, or in one case four of them are at 3 or 4. With managers points only being given out for wins (not draws?) it becomes bloody hard to improve anything. The fans hate me. Oh, and the goalposts keep moving. When I was 13th they wanted us to finish 6th. Now that Im 7th they want me to finish 3rd? Of course if we can't even beat the 23rd and 20th placed teams that expectation is a bit of a joke. However, IF I could increase my possesion stats we have the players to win games. Of course, said players are driving the club bankrupt with their salaries but I'll worry about that when it happens. Or just take a job with a better club. OR go and play a funner game. Well, the game is free and I guess you get what you pay for.
  27. Kennedymr13

    please add this to the game in 1.0.9

    Theo vcs can make individual prizes it would be more or less like this on June 1 would appear 3 messages in the email box 1 would be the coach of the season who would say the best coach of the season to know who was the best coach of the year would be like that if he won the champions 10 points, if he won the league 7 points, if he won the national cup 5 points if he won the europa league 5 points. Apart from the average use of each team that appears in the coaching tab type 50% to 60% 3 points, 61% to 70% 5 points, 71% to 80% 10 points, 81% to 90% 15 points, 91% to 100% 20 points. adding all the coach with more points wins the prize I think it would be cool to add this to the game outside so I do not think it would be too difficult to put it in the game the second message would tell the season team it would be good if it was a 4-3-3 A would be like the national team of the year that has at the end of the season plus this would have players from other leagues that would be simple the player who played at least 75% of the games and had the best average rating of your position is 75% is good to not have player who played 4 matches on this team I think simpy add this considering that you already added to 3 and last message would be the best player of last season would be the player who played at least 75% of the games and had the best average score with overal so at least 85 and he and his team had national and continental standout Please remember all the individual prizes are the players who play in the first division the dispute
  28. Kennedymr13

    please add this to the game in 1.0.9

    it would also be nice to add in the search menu how to filter players by contract time and also filter by overal. It would be a little difficult to add this more also in the central of searches to be able to filter by attributes for example I search the players faster then appears the 20 fastest players of the game
  29. Hello I wanted to ask you something to add in version 1.0.8 of Soccer Manager game I wanted you to put in the game the system of the other clubs making transfer offers for our players without having to put it on the transfer list This would greatly help my career because it makes no sense for me to buy a player who costs $100,000,000 and pay $140,000,000 while my player who costs $100,000,000 the other clu b is paying $92,000,000 I do not think it's fair So it would be great to add that system would help a lot in my future career
  30. DirtyDebs

    Actual Problems with Actual Improvements

    No problems on steam
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