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  3. as the title says, the game just keeps not making any new saves for the steam version, and idk what to do. I deleted it and redownloaded and nothing worked
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  5. Hi May I know which formation 4-4-2 C you have mentioned. I’m not really clear about that
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  7. Hello guys. Good work by the soccer manager team. You guys are the best. Please hope the game play is exactly what we are seeing in the adverts. I have an observation, why can't the game be a continuous work. You can just take out the year, and have it as just soccer manager where you can easily continue with your team. For instance I have soccer manager 2021, and I have built my manager traits and the team am coaching to a standard level, and here comes another year and I have to download the new one and lose everything in the previous year version. You can make it a continuous work whereby what we have to do is only to update to new version every year and I will still be in charge of my team and my coaching traits will still be intact. Please look into this. Thanks.
  8. Currently, the translated Korean is a complete mess and new members cannot understand it properly. So I want to translate it properly. What should I do?
  9. Oui. Dans la fenêtre d'un autre club on peut cliquer en haut à droite, moyennant des pièces d'or.
  10. I agree we need this feature to improve soccer manager 2022 transfers
  11. You should be able to manage nation teams as well like football manager
  12. Why are there no Israeli teams in the game ?!
  13. I really like your game but I saw the promo of 2022 and I saw that there are no Israeli teams, it is very annoying as an Israeli ...
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  15. What should be added in transfers are swap deals, buy-back and sell-on clauses. Also manager should have an option in determine what will be the player's role in loan deals. Also, loan wages should be split.
  16. Salve sono un appassionato di questo gioco mi piace moltissimo mi piacerebbe se potete aggiungere campionati Italiani di serie C,D sarebbe più divertente aggiungere anche le nazionale per allenare grazie ❤️
  17. But where are swap deals????And,player's specific attributes developement feature like pos change should not be a tough one.Cuz club soccer director has the feature
  18. I've been playing SM since 2019 and I have always had the impression that it's nearly impossible to get offers for players who are not on the transfer lists. It would be much nicer to have a more realistic transfer market, more transfers and offers. I'm waiting too for the option of exchange players. In the SM22 there's a "bug" in wich when you sell a player in the transfer news you start to see in a few days that a lot of clubs start offering money for the player you've sold...
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