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  2. 제가 sm2022을 사전 등록했는데언제 풀릴까요,~?^^
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  5. This is actually quite difficult as there are lots of declining players. But I have found just the right thing. Sell Phil Jones, Juan Mata, Sergio Romero, Lee Grant, Nemanja Matíc and (this is pretty radical) Anthony Martial. Also recall Lingard and sell him (He's declining so sell him as soon as possible). Recall Joel Pereira, Andreas Periera and James Garner for cover in the first team. Give them the lowest role possible. Now buy the one and only, Jadon Sancho. Also buy, as cover, Yari Vescharen and Adam Hlozek. Do the same things with the facilities like I told in my Lille forum. Now on to the tactics. Use a 4-3-3 Attack and don't change the instructions. Use two wingbacks(Telles instead of Shaw), two stoppers, two playmakers, one advanced playmaker(Bruno), two narrow wingers and one target man(Cavani). Cavani will be your cap., Bruno will be your pen. and free kick taker. Telles will be your corner taker. Follow these tactics to get lots of wins.
  6. First up, sell Pied, Maia, Fonte and the loaned out 28 year old cb. Send Karnezis out on loan. Recall Leo Jardim, and Show(Make Show a hot prospect, don't make him a backup player.) Now buy Brandon Williams, Oscar Mingueza and Edson Alvarez. These will be easy signings as they have only one year left on their contract. Alvarez will be a good replacement for Fonte as he has 85 captaincy. Mingueza and Williams will be good substitutes. Upgrade scouting network once to get two scouts and then ignore the upgrades. Keep upgrading training and club zone and if you don't have enough money for training keep upgrading club zone as it is your main income booster. Totally ignore youth academy for the first two seasons. Now for the tactics. Use a 4-3-3 Attack with two stoppers, two wingbacks, two narrow playmakers, advanced playmaker, narrow wingers and one target man. Make Yilmaz a rotation player and sell him the next season. Use David at ST and Yacizi at CAM. Yacizi will be pen. taker while Ikone will handle the corners and Bamba will handle the free kicks. Convert mentality into normal and defence into own half while the other default tactics are ok. Next season you can buy camavinga and sell andré.
  7. Hey Guys, I was wondering, what advertisements does VIP remove? I want to get VIP, but Read some negative reviews about VIP being false advertisement, as actually its not ad free. What about the free packs you get every 4 hours or so? The second training Session? Most importantly, would it remove the ads from increasing morale, increasing fitness and pre game rating boosts? Thanks. Ps. Im on phone, in case it Matters.
  8. I really loves this game but it says the devices is not compatible with my phone itel A56 I really want to play SM 2021 please help me make it compatible with many Devices to get more customers please take it into consideration and give me a feedback
  9. Why itel A56 is not compatible with SM 2021 for what and I really loves this game
  10. I am back after a Decade away Managed a few teams back in the Late 2000s (2007-09 ish not exactly sure) My question about Subs is when setting it up can you pick the player you want to sub in for in certain Situations? I thought you could but I can remember and I don't see how if you can Thanks in Advance JoeCool
  11. its 2021 i still cant install the app
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  13. Download Steam on your laptop/desktop and download Soccer Manager 21 from there.
  14. Have tried to download the soccer manager severally but it keeps showing "this version is not compatible for your device", please what can I do because I really want to download this game
  15. Yeah, I definitely think that would be a great feature, at least when our teams are losing, we can jump in and save it!! 😂😂. I'm thinking though that SM may not implement it because it says Soccer manager and managers don't play games, they give the tactics quite alright and set instructions but the game is up to the players. Anyways I would love to see that feature.
  16. Same impossible objective again, 2 seasons in a row, in new game! Does anyone actually respond to these?
  17. 리그를 다양하게 해줬으면 좋겠습니다
  18. What I'm talking about is that actually playing a match, not just simming it. Sure, the game size would increase but that would be a very minor issue. SM could start small and just add the playability and then slowly start improving the graphics. If this was in the game it would destroy the best soccer games list on Play Store. I mean this is pretty big and SM is already burdened to add national teams, so it should add playablity as an update in january and make it a major update. Devs, if you notice this, please consider these ideas.
  19. 그리고 해설자와 캐스터가 있으면 좋겠고 다양한 하부리그가 있었으면 좋겠습니다 ㅋㅋ
  20. 축구 경기를 할 때 해설위원과 캐스터가 있었으면 좋겠습니다 각 나라에 두명씩,~!!!
  21. 제가 해 보니까 팀이 되게끔 만들어 줘야 되는데 안되게 팀을 만들고 지금 바로 게임 끝나고 인터뷰 형식으로 하는 것은 해 줬으면 좋겠습니다~~!!!
  22. 축구 경기를 할 때 해설위원과 캐스터가 있었으면 좋겠습니다 각 나라에 두명씩,~!!! !
  23. some malaysian players are there, safawi rasid, luqman hakim and dion cools if anyone find more players either from malaysia, indonesia or singapore, please reply here. thanks
  24. My Android version is 8
  25. Please Update soccer manager 2021 for Android 9.0 user to be able to play
  26. Please I'm unable to install the game on my infinix Hot8... Any help about that ??
  27. Quando contratamos jovens sem contrato, ou da academia! Colocamos direto na lista de empréstimos pois não tem nível para jogar no time principal! É muito raro aparecer uma proposta de empréstimos para uns e para outros é muito fácil conseguir empréstimos.
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