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  2. Hello, I've been playing the game and I like how it's a lightweight alternative to Football Manager, even with a match engine, but I feel there's a few areas where it could improve: 1. The match engine itself needs a lot of tweaks. Player movement is still very weird, what with them randomly sliding to the side when dribbling, walking over the adboards when entering or exiting the pitch as if they were part of the floor, and so on. Because of this, the action is confusing sometimes. Also, offer a 2D radar to display outside important moments in the match. 2. We should be able to take control of national teams as well, parallel to the club career or during breaks from it. 3. More leagues and continental club competitions outside Europe and South America. Making Egypt playable and adding other African leagues would be a start. I hope you will take these into consideration.
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  4. alles

    Sm 21

    Hi can you add Slovenian league in soccer manager 2021 please
  5. Hi Theo, You never responded to this? Yes, the game will work fine without the Premier League club crests but it ruins the realism for a lot of us, and also the lack of official league logos now too! Can you at least give us a brief explanation as to why this issue arose and if there might be any solution to it in the future?
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  7. Bro if sm 2021 releases on steam, can I still be able to play sm 2020 steam?
  8. Can club point be shared, if yes please how
  9. He~Pha


    1.After Upgrading My Youth Team Facilities,All i Can get are player of 35-40 rating at age of 18-20, Since My Youth Team is Fully Upgraded i should be able to receive players of 75+ at age 18 because i see the youth team as an investment and additional professional player ti the Club. 2.Pls the Transfer Window is Fucking Boring I’m coaching Nott County and there are in premier league and won 30 trophies in 6 years but i still cant sign or loan players from Top clubs even their reserve team but they sign for lower team in lower division. Pls do something about that. 3.The player and team of the Month is Purly Incorrect pls do something about that too and pls add Manager Contract too, I should be paid for my Job and get more offer Temping offer, money should be involved 4. The Club financial Capability are total incorrect for instance when i coached Barcelona they had just 75mill and i left fir Madrid the immediate transfer window they bought pLayer of 342mill, How on earth is that possible 5. Pls their be continuity in the game, for instance i coached a team and build their stadium, upgraded all facilities and left the team with 800mill and left the team after 1just 10 match i was giving offer by the tram again and i accepted then i find out all my stadium and facilities and money are Gone.
  10. Alguém tem notícias das inscrições da beta 21
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  12. You may checkout 5aside.com
  13. Thanks for reporting this. We are not aware of any bugs in our app that would cause the data packs to not download. It may be due to poor internet connection, or distance from our servers. Please ensure you have a good internet connection, and try downloading different packs. Theo
  14. Thanks for reporting this. There is a design flaw with the squad cap: players who have you active bids on are counted towards the squad cap. You should try opening the short list in the transfer page. Then, open some player profiles and select "Withdraw Bid". That will remove them from the squad cap and solve the issue. Theo
  15. I have shorlisted many players, I will buy a few from them. But I can't. The answer is coming squad cap reached
  16. Why don't you put the logo of each club next to their nominations in the championship rankings? It would make it so much prettier :( and also why can we not win a match at the end of the 6 but deviations when in reality this can happen very well. Last choice I would like to have a photo of the Sardegna Arena my stadium, because it's ugly with a blank page not showing my stadium. Looking forward to your answers, cordially. SEB NAB (CAGLIARI) OR OR 539
  17. M3AMG

    Choose data pack

    Hi Data pack please wait the problem was before covid19 lol still no fix really unbelievable
  18. The highest number of clubs I can control is 4. But I found out from other people that play the game that they control up to 7 clubs. Please rectify this. Thank You
  19. Dacho1888

    Ajax RTG

    Hello guys i want to share my new video about Ajax Road to Glory in SM20,please support my work with like and subscribe
  20. Add a mode with the current soccer atmosphere (no ticket sales, reduced transfer budgets, and Swap Deals)
  21. https://youtu.be/LlW_nKu6ZbE
  22. There have been several new teams added in MLS, USL Championship, USL League One, and USL League Two. Who do we talk to to get the club list updated?
  23. My wonderkid team Martial scored 42 goals in 36 games
  24. Is there any way to get scoring with this formation? Or will I be grinding out 1-0 & 0-0 all the time. Any advice on how to build up from your suggestions. Thanks!
  25. Most of it would be impossible to do, just saying
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