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    Please @C_Brennan @Sean(SM Support) @Alex(SM Support) and @ anyone one else who works and/or supports the forums... We are still alone 😔 no contact since the forums were merged, no contact with in game support.. Its never been this quiet for this long 😭 please let us know you're all still alive and well, hopefully let us know you still care for the game or that you've given up on it (which i hope isn't the case) 🤞 ✌️
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    Why they still have football clash? Or forum? Don't answer here, in game support, nothing... Very sad, was a great game.
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    TBH: cool and that's great !!!
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    I started a new career going Edinburgh Cty. I will be uploaded new episodes everyday about 10pm UK Time. Check out the first episode below and subscribe to me. PS: In game our stadium is Meadowbank Stadium which is incorrect for now as they temporarily no longer play at that stadium as its getting done up. They are currently groundsharing Aisnlie Park with The Spartans FC.
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    Yo Go check out my Stockport County SM20 Beta RTG. The journey from the National League to the Premier League
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    you cant play anymore
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    Hi. Sm20 release is in autumn for android, maybe open beta will be released today, but i'm not sure. For Steam SM20 will be release in December. SM20 and SM19 are two differnt game then i think you can't keep credits.
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    I got an email from soccer manager saying I could test the game. Then I opened google play via the link but I can't download the app. Is this done on purpose?
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    1. better engine and more realistic 2. soccer manager is not free but with no unnecessary fluids 3. getting bad youth players despite having fully upgraded youth academy 4. goalkeepers are terrible 5. better engine with physics footballers 6. players not reaching their full potential 7. add social media , and many more chat functions to players , journalists 8. too many fouls in the match 9. What annoys me is that we cannot skip games that isn't our game we have to watch the score10. more advanced tactics as the team has to keep on
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    Hi guys In this toppic i will share videos from me playing SM19 and i will lead a club from every leagues (in the countries Czechia, Germany, England and Spain) to the trophy in the Champions league! I think the hardest club will be from the England National league Please share some tips for me in this topic becouse i am nt very gd player of this game (when i was manager from Bayern München i fall down to the Bundesliga 3 ( 3. Liga)) Thx. I Started with a club from Czechia, SK Slavia Praha And here is the first video
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    Here is episode 2, I didn't record the other 2 friendlies so I just jumped straight into the league match. Enjoy. This is on extended so you can all see more of the match since it's the league,
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    Quite few things we need to go over in this update .D First, we have signed one new player, bought him with SM Credits, cuz, you know, Berwick Rangers aren't exactly the most richest club in the world lol . He's excellent for this level and he will help us alot in our quest for promotion to Leauge One. The bad thing is, we are giving him 4k euros in wages, that is hurting our finances Second, we've got the first managerial offer from another team, Livingston, they are playing in Premiership. Of course, I've rejected the offer because this is story about Berwick, soon to be the best club in Scotland, or at least, try to be the best club in Scotland. Now onto the games. Game against Cowdenbeath, it was really boring, only highlight came in 89th minute when Knox tried to shoot from long distance but that finished in row Z. Game finished 0:0. Next game was home game against Clyde, and what a performance from the boys. Absolutely trashed Clyde. We kept them on only one shot. Another clean sheet for the Borderers. Game against Albion Rovers was much tougher than I thought it will be. We really struggled to create some chances, but then Knox showed up in 71st minute, and we took another 3 points. Game against Elgin City was another classy performance from the boys. Knox scored the hat-trick in this one. I'm really scared what we will do without him next season. I should buy some SM credits , so I can improve my balance lmfao. Stirling Albion was next, and yet another game in which one we scored 4 goals, we conceded again, but I dont care until we are winning by big margin Game against Peterhead was really special for us. We really wanted to revenge the loss earlier in the season, but it was yet another boring game, without any major chances. After 12 games we are first in the division, 9 points clear at the top and with the best goal difference by far. We need to keep up this kind of form, and soon, we will be celebrating promotion to League One. Last thing, the board seem to be very happy with our season so far, if only we could improve our finances lmao.
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    Don't think we scared them off they just wrote the game off 😂😂 there's no developers for football clash :((
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