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    I'm actually amazed how bad you guys managed to produce this game, the world should take you as an example on how to "upgrade" anything. I do not even know where to start. The reason that I'm so pissed is not because you guys made a very bad game, but because you had a great building block (sm 18) and threw this piece of junk on us as "sm19". With an 85+ team (man city with neymar and oblak additions), I have 30% vs relegation teams in both the prem, the cl, and the cups, that makes no sense. If you are gonna nick my wins away, at least do it respectfully. Rather than making me loose to west albion, make me loose to United or Chelsea with a decent possession. Although you guys stated that the transfermarket was much better than the previous one, its a goddamn joke :D Teams buy played off me only if I put them in the market, and the best deal I get is 15% down the actual price. On the other hand, if I want to buy a played from a team, I have to pay 30% + the actual price, total joke. The "development" phase sucks as usual, so you guys did not surprise me in that one. Wonderboys gain 1-2 points per year (not even during it, yearly random attribute boosts), while random kids come up with 90 overalls. Why the hell should I give points to training, when training gives my players no boosts? The cl draws suck, which I'll make no comments on, cause I have expecting it. What have you guys been doing for the past year? Your coding is probably very bad, no new ideas have been implemented, the game let alone being developed even a bit, it regressed from the previous soccer manager, and the only thing that you fellas changed is the graphics. No one cares about the game being 3d or not, everyone wants to have a more realistic, smooth and fun GAMEPLAY. Good job fellas, you guys have destroyed a game that millions loved.
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    I am playing as Rangers, and use 4-3-1-2 formation which I have found to be best. It may not be right for every team, but works well with my players at the club.
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    Olá sou jogador do Soccer manager desde o SM17 e gosto muito do jogo porém acho que falta algumas coisas no jogo. 1.Meio monetário da Liga dos Campeões da Europa não pode entrar como Liga dos Campeões pode ser apenas 16M de euros para mim é um absurdo como o maior torneio de clubes de futebol por dar menos dinheiro do que uma liga nacional por exemplo eu realmente não gostei 2.PRE TEMPORADA eu acho que seria eliminatórias de quartas de final semi-finais e final. Com 8 equipes, o nosso time e mais 7 times do mesmo nível do nosso e um prémio monetário de uns 5M O melhor que eu realmente tenho abismado porque o Real Madrid tem 47 milhões eo Barcelona 40 milhões Eu acho que é muito mais como Real Madrid 100M £, Barcelona 100M £, Manchester cidade 93M £, Manchester United 90M £, PSG 86M £, Chelsea 81M £, Juventus 76M £, Bayern 73M £, Liverpool 70M £, Atlético de Madrid 68M £. 4. Usain Bolt só tem 62 de Velocidade ?? Ele é uma pessoa mais rápida do mundo e talvez de todos os tempos Ele deveria ter no mínimo 100 anos de resistência após a sua corrida de 90 anos e força deveria ter 90 de força física e uns 85 de ritmo de jogo ele é um empresário desviar pelo menos isso 5. prémio individual eu acho que esse prêmio no final da temporada LIDER DE ASSISTÊNCIA, o que está nas primeiras divisões que mais deu passes para gol ARTILHEIRO seria o jogador que joga nas primeiras divisoes que mais marcaram gols O MELHOR GOLEIRO DO MUNDO seria o goleiro que joga nas primeiras divisoes que tem mais partidas sem sofrer golos e o melhor em média que o jogou pelo menos, metade da temporada O MELHOR TREINADOR DO MUNDO seria o treinador que treina nas primeiras divisões que têm uma melhor média de Vitória e mais títulos relevantes como liga nacional, Liga dos Campeões SELEÇÃO DA TEMPORADA as 11 melhores do mundo por meio de uma formação de 4-3-3 O MELHOR JOGADOR DO MUNDO seria o jogador que joga nas primeiras divisoes que tiveram uma chance de ganhar os títulos mais relevantes, e o jogou pelo menos metade da temporada É claro que tudo é apenas ideias que eu acho que melhoraria muito jogo
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    A few things I have noticed that are not in the the match engine which should be are Offsides, own goals & handballs. These happen in football quite a lot. @SM Dev (Bamber) Could you think about adding these in? Cheers
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    Hi, I have a bug whilst playing were no transfers complete whether that be loans , bought player or free transfers , I negotiate the contact with the player the it goes to considerating without completing or failing though ....litterly months pass and nothing . Any ideas for a fix that doesnt take reinstalling?
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    I had just signed donarumma for west ham and i went on to the free agents to check on some players I saw that maia was a free agent so i offered him a contract and just when i clicked the continue button i got a bug message and was asked to report the bug After i pressed cancel the first time although i could continue and play matches the date would never change and my contract offers would never get answered back and i generally would not get messages Does anyone know how i can fix this?
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    I only really use the scouts to find out the rating of a specific player. The scouts aren't very good (IMHO) at general scouting in a country etc. I prefer to use the search function and go through the players myself.
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    Also this is an issue from last year too. Not a major one, but can help with the realism aspect as well as being a little challenging. When a player is upset and stays out latebdrinking the only one that seems to get a positive response is talking to the individual. The rest don't seem to have a positive effect. The player is either annoyed if you fine him (even though this may be the 2nd or 3rd time he's done this) or the rest of your team get annoyed because they weren't out late drinking. There should be a progressive system to this. If a player does something wrong the first time, tell the whole team. If he keeps offending then warn him individually again. And then fines if it keeps happening. And their morale should change in this process. Maybe the player will react well to the fine and come back in line so his morale will go up. Or he could react poorly and ask for a transfer/loan
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    I agree, this was a problem last year and it seemed to be improved at least in the EPL but not by much. Another note most clubs only buy about 2 players per season if that. Most clubs buy at least 4 per season and this is not including January.
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    Hello, Managers! We're excited to announce that Soccer Manager 2019 will be released worldwide on PC on December 10th The game will be available to play on Steam and Facebook Gameroom. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear any news! Theo
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    HAHAHHAHA... Better contract negotiation? Buying a 30m player for 50m? Or selling a 30m player for 15m tops? Or not getting a single dime throughout the season via matches, and relying solely on prize money for transfers? While I have the right, and knowledge to bash the worst coding personal I have ever seen, its pretty clear that you are one of those fanboys that will ride whatever crap is thrown at you. There is absolutely no improvement in the game, in fact it is less smooth, less realistic, and way more glitchier compared to the previous games. Having as terrible coding as they have in such a simple engine is disgusting by itself. It is also very clear that you know nothing about coding, thus appraising this piece of crap. I, as a senior in computer science, can code this game in no more than 3 days with a better job (less glitches, more realistic features) and if a group of individuals who WORK form a firm, and DO this coding can't make a better job; they are literally asking to get bashed by people with education while fanboys like you will keep divinize them. So get the hell out of this post before I bash you with more statements.
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    hi everyone these are some ideas by me 1. clubs sell uniforms and earn money, and increase wages. 2. managers too have wages by sm point. important when you have several job offers. 3. skip game mode 4. AI clubs need to transfer players each other much more. 5. player swap, trading deal 6. 30 1st team players not 25 7. realistic player values and stats 8. non EU player number restriction in some europe leagues. 9. number decrease of the unrealistic Free Agent players who appear in some years 10. more various highlight scenes What do you think? comment below please
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    Yh I notice that this just started in the new update
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    I agree with the possession part, a championship side would have 80% possession over a club like man city and if you beat them with a score like 6-0 their players wins the man of the match. The transfers also is ridiculous, you rarely sell a player over their value but you buy players way over their value. And players with potential+a 4star training system doesn't quite grow in rating
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    I think that it would be a good idea to add USL to the game. As a resident of Ladue, Missouri, my local club is Saint Louis FC. Unfortunately, they are not in the MLS but are in USL instead. USL also includes some reserve teams of MLS clubs like La Galaxy II and New York Red Bulls II.
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    Dear Developer. Please update the app as soon as possible and include these: 1.latest & updated squad 2.more training sessions 3.offer new contract to players whose contact are going to expire 4.able to personalise my player's kit number 5.more team management preferences and personalisation 6.advanced tactics management 7.more reallistic tactics and management style 8.tactics of tiki-taka football,possession football and many other types of playing style 9.offer from other teams willing to buy my players without transfer listed them and also willing to buy at a higher price compared to the original value - do also for loan offer coming from other teams for my players without loan listed them 10. more team formation and personalise formation 11.individual training of players 12.able to choose at least 4 or 5 players and able to choose their training sessions that we want them to perform. In this case, we can improve their weaknesses in individual training sessions 13.able to train player to play in multiple posisitions on the pitch apart from goalkeeper 14. in individual training sessions, include the choosing of training type: for example; we choose a player and train him in pace,shooting,dribbling,passing (short, long or random passing), movement, control - able to choose at least up to 10 training type as above examples 15.improve display when in match. Fix and input some more reallistic gameplay. Thank you in advance dear developer! hope you will take my message into consideration and I'll hope that u will bring in these suggested changes. Hope to see an answer from you soon. Thank you once again. Bye!!!
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    Please add Polish pleasss
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    J'aimerais que l'on puisse choisir combien d'année le contrat du joueurs durera, et à la fin du contrat le joueur pourras décider de ne pas prolonger son contrat et de changer d'équipe. Ce serait bien de rajouter les closes libératoires et que l'on puisse en mettre à nos joueurs ou choisir de ne pas en mettre.
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    I feel there is a neglect to the ratings of players I don't think it tells well when I win a match by 5 to nil and then a central midfield player especially with 3 assist gets given a rating of 4 or even 5. Most times my midfielder don't get good ratings I even had to switch tactics to attack through the middle to see of this would sort it out but it didn't. They just don't get good match ratings unlike other computer controlled teams who always make the team of the month. Sad
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    1 - It would be interesting to see players being called to their respective national teams. 2 - In transferring players, it would be interesting to have trading options, such as trading between players. 3 - It could also have numbering of players' shirts (aesthetic issue in gameplay) however the numbers could influence the player, such as the responsibility of wearing shirt 10 for example. 4 - Have a network of news at all times talking about the other clubs, what happens in the world of the ball, bombastic negotiations. Well, that's all I can remember. Thank you for your attention and hope that something from this little list can be done. Congratulations on the excellent work and wonderful games. Please, never quit SM.
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    Oi, obrigado por sua opinião sobre isso, mas nas novas melhorias da competição continental que fizemos é exatamente o que acontece já. As duas melhores equipes de cada grupo da Liga Europa passarão para a próxima fase e, como você disse, as equipes da 3ª colocação da Liga dos Campeões também serão adicionadas à próxima fase da Liga Europa. Bamber
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    Players progress screen, graphics in case of evolution or decay. And more moves from the transfer market in other clubs, in SM18 we can rarely see transfers from other clubs, and when it does, it's just players weak and players coming to my team. It would be great to have an option that allows you to download the files (Players' Photos and Club Badges) to be used when playing without the internet.
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    Have sm ever thought something about player's shirt numbers?
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    Request feature: Friendlies with other countries' team (example: Bayern Munich vs Lyon)