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    The main thing i want to see in the next SM is contracts, like when you by a player, you can choose the contract length and maybe some clause. The other one is job offer, i think it's boring when you're on the top teams and can't go to smaller teams anymore, maybe add some tab where there's job list that you can apply rather than just popping out around the transfer windows. that's all i guess, thanks
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    Yeah, I'm currently on year 2036 and all my opponents have trash-tier line up. It seems like there's a bunch of problems that needs solving, and I'll list what I've seen: - Old players get worse but aren't replaced until retirement (they should leave earlier if their performance no longer matches theirs peers). - Youth players sucks a lot, theres a ton of 1k value new players on tier A+ teams (better teams should attract better youth). - AI needs improvements on line-up selection - good players are put on reserve for no reason, Cruzeiro had two 95~99 FC that I never saw them playing not even once. - There should be some player mobility, with teams selling some and buying some, simulating up's and low's on finances. - Free agent mechanic is broken af, it makes too damn easy to have line-up of 90+ rating. Selling all players for full value and buy new ones for half should never be possible. - Goalkeepers need a pass prediction mechanic, they wait until a cross is completed to reajust position. They should ajust while the pass is happening. - I feel like the performance gap of 70rt~90rt should be narrower than the sum of the perfomance gaps 70~80 and 80~90. The way it is, I believe the better team unrealistically dominates a lesser team. - The game needs some randomness, upsets never seems to happen while in football we all know they do. All of above results in completely one sided games, with my team making 20+ shots on goal, while opposing team makes 0~2, maaaybe 3. Oh and yeah, players that I buy from free agent status stay on loan list for the rest of the season, this is just annoying as teams keep asking for loans I'm not interested in giving (please fix).
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    1. Free manager: now the user can become without a club, and for some time he does not receive offers from clubs. Then they come. 2. Make offers from all clubs, not from 4. 3. Add a second Russian league, because in my opinion the Chinese second league and the Turkish second is weaker than the Russian second
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    Durante esta última temporada no puedo fichar. Todos los jugadores me rechazan, ya sean libres, traspasos o intentos de cesiones. Es la primera vez que me pasa y no es por falta de presupuesto. Un saludo y muchas gracias por su atención.
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    At the beginning you get 45 statistics points that you can manage. After the season you will receive 3 points that you can add to the statistics. The maximum number of points you can spend is 90 Offensive - Influence on your team offensive game Defensive - Influence on your team defensive game Tactics - Influence on your team tactical game ( Formation, Team Instructions ) Goalkeepers - Influence on your goalkeepers game Work with juniors - Influence on your juniors game, development juniors ( U21 ) Mediality - Influence on your relations with media The value of your manager may increase due to winning, gained trophy and statements in the media. You can accept offers from clubs at any time, but you can join the club when the transfer window is open. If you're a free agent, then you can take over the club immediately. You have to fix player morale because it's annoying if player want to play more and more but his morals do not change
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    1) Manager's History This section of SM2018 is really boring and really badly made. As a Football manager game it should at least show what place and trophies you finished for that particular season instead of adding up the trophies and just the win ratio as I do want to see how I progressed throughout the years.  2) Table Chart This is not something you would see in a normal manager game but it would be good to add a table chart. What I mean is you get to see your progress/position in the league throughout the season. It is quite unnecessary but would be a great feature.  3) Transfer History Another thing that would be a great feature is adding a Transfer History section in Transfers. Meaning that you can look through who have you bought and sold in your career in that club and not only see Transfers for that particular season as I would love to look back and see when I bought or sold this player.  4) Player's History For this I am pretty sure this idea was implemented in SM2018 but doesnt work properly. So whenever you click a Player from your squad there is a Profile and Stats option. In stats there would be a section under Current Season Overview where they would show the stats. Again it would be a nice feature to add the player's career stats not only for the season but his entire career so far and also not only for your club but for other clubs played (loan or Transfer) and it would be applied to every player in the game. Imo this is one of the important needs in a Soccer manager game  5)Differentiate player's goals based on the type of game So i noticed you cannot check how many goals a particular player has scored for different games as you can only see how many the player scored in total which is weird as I want to see how much this player has scored in eg the UEFA Champions League but I cant as there isnt an option to.  6) Extra Slots Please add extra slots in SM2019 Additional features / Things to be improved 1) Have the teams to be more involved during Transfer Windows. So i noticed teams are not too involved in the Transfer Windows and noticed the same old players in most of the clubs. Also teams would go for your players unless he is placed in the transfer market which is quit unrealistic as normallly there would be some teams to chase for this player in your squad but here there isnt. It wouldbe nice to add some spice and realisticness to the game by having the teams to be more involved in players and the transfer window period. 2) Have a difficulty section SO i find the game to be really easy (if not too easy) as you have better players and when other teams starts to lose their star players and left with no one (which can be caused by teams not buying better youths and players , which is the problem i stated above). So it would be great to add a difficulty button to make players choose between eg. Easy , Normal , Hard , Legendary. 3) Please fix player morales I am really annoyed whenever I see still particular message from my inbox which is " Message from PLayer" whcih will only lead to one things ; complaints. I try my best to even out my players playing time and try to give them as equal appearance as possible but nooo I would still receive at least 10 -15 messages of this kinds per month and it is soo annoying as for some players cases eg my goalkeeper , I have played him for 25 appearance (highest in my squad) and as soon as I swapped him for another keeper just for a few games he would complain which pisses me off at times. 4) Add more Media options So time to time you will recive a question from the media asking about matches or players etc , I find this interesting a t first but now it feels its a chore as its basically the same thing and you would give the same answer every single time , so it would be nice to add on a few more questions with different variations of answer and which will actually impact players or your fans. Thats all I have that I can think of. The game is a really fun and good game espeically for a free game , but the things I listed down are basically the missing/downs of the game and if these ideas or problems could be implemented and fix, it would definitely be one of the best manager game out there. --:when in the match the player graphics improve that part and the stadium graphics and so much like try taking the game to a next level not just like you have made the game and sitting down make your graphics in more better so people can come play your Game
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    eu acho muito mal explorado a equipe dos jovens do time pois de 100 jogadores que entram no time 1 realmente é bom e nem compença investir nela para vim alguem decente eu presciso gastar no minimo 7 pontos na instalação o que é ruim acho que poderia melhorar e trazer jogadores melhores assim quando eu to no time da 4 divisao inglesa vem jogadores de 38 overal e qando eu to ne um time da 1 divisao vem de 44 overall deveria vim de uns 62 ou 63 em uns 5 anos dependendo daria uns 77 80 por ai fora que eles nem evoluiem eu joguei no Man city e tinha dois caras da base foden e brahim diaz de 49 overal em uma temporada nao evoluiram nada e eu tambem acho que voces deveriam ter um site que explicasse qual o overal de cada jogador e o potencial de cada jogador ia ajudar muito pois eu pesquiso as promessas do fifa e varias vezes as promessas do fifa nao viram nada no SM2018 entao seria bom saber quem evolui mais e quem evolui menos e os olheiros tambem sao bem ruins por que eu so tenho 2 deveria ser uns 6 e tambem eles deveriam pesquisar mais rapido ate eu que nao sou profissional consigo fazer uma analise profunda de um jogador em 15 dias deveria ser bem mais curta na vida real nao imagino ser assim e essas sao coisas que eu gostaria que tivesse no SM2019 obrigado pela atenção
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    SEASON 2 SUMMARY: A not impressive season for the Swansea team caused by injuries,lack of form and lot of competitions participated in,which lead them to finish 10th in the premier league and 3rd in the champions league's group stage..Although some good signings were made such smalling,walker and Hart but still the team could not meet up to expectations... Though I had a bad season, there were still lot of god job offers from different teams across England but rejected them all due to the rule of the challenge.... League table: Champions league table: Transfers: Job offers: End of season: Hoping for a wonderful 2019/2020 season where the team can qualify for champions league once again... Thanks for reading.... ***Don't forget to FOLLOW so as to get notifications on this Post...
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    I am massive fan the SM series and so I decided to make a fan site for all of us fans. The aim of SM Passion is to provides news and info like guides, tips, who to buy etc. At present it is a Work In Progress(WIP) and would be grateful if you could contribute. I'm looking for editors who can write up articles on SM Passion or can provide useful info like wonderkids for the new season, players to look out for and clubs/leagues to manage etc, Please note that SM Passion is not endorsed nor is affiliated with Soccer Manager Limited. If Soccer Manager Limited object to it and simply do not want fan sites then please get in touch and I will take it out. I haven't seen any fan sites of SM yet despite it being very very popular.
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    4. Add running judges (Throughout the match) 5. Statistics in European cups and other continental championships (bombardiers, best assistants, tournament team, months, etc.)
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    pease add.. 1.national teams competitions 2.trophy ceremonies like fm2018
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    Thanks for sharing your ideas! We're going to be looking very closely at ideas from the community when we work in SM19, so we will try and add as many of the features as possible / as many as we think will work within the game. We can't say much about it yet, but as soon as we can, we will let you know all the information Thanks again! Theo
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    I would like to see: 1. Sponsorship deals - new sponsors for the club and the kits as well as signing new TV and Social Media deals (aka Chelsea Football Club on YouTube) 2. Stadium Relocation - Smaller clubs on the rise (aka Forest Green Rovers in the Premier League) should be allowed to maybe relocate to a bigger site in their area, but only if their current stadium cannot be expanded or if their current stadium could be demolished and modernised into a new stadium (aka Tottenham Hotspur demolishing White Hart Lane and replacing it with the brand new Tottenham Hotspur FC Stadium) 3. 3D Gameplay Developed Further - the addition of the 3D View in Soccer Manager 2018 is major, however this can be developed further and more realistic by including Pre-match and Post-match press conferences and interviews, team walkouts, guard of honour (for newly crowned league champions), league/preseason trophy presentations (and cup competitions such as Caradabo Cup and FA Cup), Halftime interviews, post match reactions from fans and players, panel analysis and injury cutscenes. 4. Lower leagues added: England: Vanarama National League North/South, Northern Premier League, Southern Premier League and Isthmian League France: Championnat National Germany: 3. Liga, Regionalliga Nord, Regionalliga Nordost, Regionalliga West and Regionalliga Südwest Italy: Serie C Spain: Segunda División B and Tercera División Other Leagues: FA Woman's Super Leagues and Woman's Bundesliga. 5. Woman's Manager Mode - Woman's Football has truly evolved and so I think the addition of Woman's Football Leagues in and outside of Europe gives us the opportunity to manage Woman's Football League and International Leagues. 6. Realistic Stadium Views - Developments in 3D viewing can offer the chance to see cutscenes of the stadiums from the Premier League to the World Cup stadiums 7. World Cup/Euros/Champions League/Europa League City Selections - gives us the opportunity to select the city hosting the Champions League and Europa League as well as selecting the country to host the World Cup and the Euros. 8. Testimonial/Retirement Matches and Cutscenes - Emotional moments and last day speeches are everything for players, managers and even the owners of the club. Gives this game more realism. 9. Last Games at Stadiums - Cutscenes and press conference questions relating to the final game at stadiums. 10. Manager through history - Go back in time and manager the former squads. For example, you could takeover from Harry Redknapp at Portsmouth or even further and take over Arsenal in Arsene Wenger's early days and get ready to rewrite history.
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    I would love for there to be more than one squad that i can pick from like i can make a squad filled with reserve pplayers which i switch between when im playing a game that is not that important or to give the young players some experience
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    Does anyone have any starlets, wonderkids, good under the radar players, etc. they could advise me to buy. Cause so far i have found that Draxler is a good buy, Vinicius Junior and Martial are good shouts for those kind of player, but when they start getting older you need to replace them, so what have you found?
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    Thanks for reporting this. This usually happens if the player that you loan out is not good enough to get any game time on their new club. If the loaned player has a rating of 40, but the club's players are all 60+, the club will naturally choose those players first. This is a problem because it means your player doesn't get any game time. This is one of the things that we are going to try and improve in SM2019 Theo
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    Hi, thanks for the suggestion! This is one of the most frequently requests features for the game. We will look into adding this for Soccer Manager 2019 Theo
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    I'm not the only one wanting this, but the game really needs contracts. As it stands just now, the game without contracts isn't realistic.
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    Rashford, Mbappe, Jesus, Meyers.
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    many people may not understand the point what im saying is that id like to switch between diffrent squads to play less important games like real life clubs do like a squad filled with youth players so they can get experience
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    Hi, Kikka To terminate a season long loan, you need to click on the player's profile and then select "Recall from Loan". It should basically be there. Here is a screenshot: I've never tried to do recall a player sent on loan before I start managing the team, but if the button isn't there, then you would be forced to wait until the season ends. The player will automatically return to your club. For your second question, you cannot sign a player that is currently on loan to your club. You'll have to wait until the loan duration is over to be able to buy the player. In Soccer Manager 2018, there is no loan deal with an option for a permanent transfer. James Rogriguez was on loan in my team (Bayern Munich) when I became manager, but I didn't have any option to make his stay permanantly and James went back to Real Madrid at the end of the season. The same thing applied to Kylian Mbappé who returned to his former team (AS Monaco) after the loan period at Paris Saint Germain. Finally, Loaned out players really improve at their new teams. Loaning a player to another team helps the player to develop exactly the way he would if you made him play every match in your team. Players are loaned out for them to have enough game time to develop and to not get depressed in your reserve team. An example on my side is Kingsley Coman, which I loaned out to another Club. His Overall Stat was 79 and he came back at the end of the season with an Overall of 81. Cool, isn't it ? Expecially when you already have great players in your team who are no match to the to-be-loaned-out-player. As for me, all the players in my Reserve team are on the Loan List and I keep on recieving and accepting loan proposals. They develop pretty well... That's it, and it's such a pleasure to help you, pal. Sorry for a so long text . Don't hesitate to ask all sorts of questions, I'm here for that. Regards, Elyel "If I don't have love, I'm nothing" 1 Corinthians 13:2
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    We're very excited to announce the much-awaited INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT feature for Soccer Manager 2018, coming soon! More details to come soon - follow our social media channels to hear more!
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    I have attached two more players, AMC, also free players and likewise...they have moved with me from club to club. Please let me know if you have better players for same price range or cheaper.
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    Kevin Luckassen - free transfer (signed for 400k) at the start of the game. I honestly think he is one of the greatest players I have signed. I played in the lowest English League, too him with me when I got offered to some German club and then when I was offered the Stoke City, I took him with me again and when I was offered the Arsenal job...yet that is correct I took him with me again. He became my top goal scorer at all the jobs except the Arsenal job. I started a new game today (Arsenal job made me frustrated to a point of resetting). I started with Chester FC and guess who is signed first...yeah that's right...Kevin Luckassen. See attached. Let me know if you found anyone better for cheaper, please.
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    I recomend you Barco from independiente , moise kean and lee from verona. Bentancur from juventus.This players are very good in the 2020's and if they have consitence first team action im sure you'll grow them to world class players.