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    Like so many people, I love the game but can't play it because it's broken. When I pass the ball, why doesn't the shoot button pop up early. Instead it just flashes before I'm tackled, so you can't shoot first time. In fact, this happens with a lot of skills making them useless. Something is wrong with the gks. I guess that green bar is supposed to fill up. It doesn't do anything for me. The game constantly glitches. When I drag my player to make him run, without the ball, more than half the time he doesn't do it. So it's basically useless. I'll put money into the game if you fix it. I've deliberately put this here and not in support. My feeling is that these issues are obvious and I would like to encourage the devs to fix them, please. Otherwise, can anyone suggest a similar game?
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    These problems have been in the game for ages now 😔 such a great game with huge potential but they don't seem interested in investing time into fixing it... The last 2 things they did was change the 2 tournaments from having trophy prizes to one's that don't... That only demoralises the players more now.. I'd day the last 6 or 7 things they have done to the game only made it worse for players which is sad as its a great game that i once was addicted too ha
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    Every once in a while I log onto this forum just to see what’s happening and every single time I’m disappointed. Yeah ok your manager thing is getting you guys money, but isn’t that the knock off version of fm? Maybe try something original with Football Clash. Yeah it was a complete steal from Clash Royal but who cares. Give us stuff to play. Invest in the game. I remember when this game was popping on the charts, youtubers were getting ads. There was people from young to old playing. Then the game was just let to rot. This game can easily do numbers. Huge numbers. You’ve already got a core to build on. Just give it a chance. ngl I want it to be like the earlier days. People would compete while having fun. Obviously there was a toxic time but it was still fun. For me it was the best time of the game. Bring it back. Maybe I don’t deserve it but there are some people who certainly do.
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    @Theo(SM Support) can you explain? At least you can change tournaments to receive the old legacys (lahm, bravo, alonso, sanches), and the new players missing (zanetti, bernardo, etc...)
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    I hope what I'm going to say does not cause problems, but the only logical explanation I see for this abandonment on their part is that they have had legal problems or lost some type of license to continue exploiting this game.
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    you plums still playing this trash? 20times man utd gorse
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    As for the things that I would like to see in soccer manager 2021 and some ideas that I often see in the forum 1. The new UEFA conference league that will give a chance to smaller teams. 2. Gini coefficient: when you take a club from a small country and progress in Europe even if you take the champions league your country will keep having the same amount of teams progressing in Europe which doesn't let smaller leagues to progress. 3. More information about the leagues about play offs. For example I leave in Greece and I would like to see the play offs that came up this season. 4. If you progress in game and update full your academy you will keep having crap players that the coache says they have a very small potential.
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    SM 21 Ideas - Negotiations with other clubs contain exchange (players) deals - Custom tactics - The Animations are common causing me to acknowledge if my team will score or concede - Making the Faces of the Players Realistic Especially when you zoom in the player face when a team score - Different Camera views for matches -During Matches, you can get a popup of who holds more shots on target and others -More Press Conferences that don't only affect the media but the players. - Animation of a team lifting the trophy - Team talk - Skill Animation - Other Match Highlights - More Transfers Especially for Clubs that are not Big - Transfer Rumors - Sacking of Manager - Players Wanting to leave if they have had an offer rejected by a big team - Arrange Friendly Games - Release Clauses -Player Interaction Hope you guys do my ideas and I will hopefully enjoy your game.
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    2 year loan Press Conferences Ability to create clubs Romanian league Squad status on contracts Euro 2021 Talk to the players Sponsors VAR Club lineups Option for several squad formations Presentation of awards Ballon Dor Player of the year Afcon Copa America More Transfer budget More tactics and formation Arrange friendly games Make it more realistic Less goal keeper errors Better Preseason More leagues Best coach award at the end of the season More substitutes on friendlies 2 legged ties in Copa Del Rey and Coppa Ittalia Assistant managers Player Drafts like NBA Team B should play a lower division for example Barcelona B Match ratings Media
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    I have the same problem. I can't play because when I save it and exit it it also says Debug Mode Enabled, and then it doesn't save. I hope someone can tell me how to solve this so I can keep playing at that club.
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    To be able to change squads such as the best 11 and the second team, instead of having to replace players every game
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    Hey. So, this is my first post, and I'm thinking of few ideas for the next Soccer Manager release, probably from SM21🤷🏾‍♂️. So, I was thinking of the game developers bringing back international management to the game, but I don't know how it will work out based on the football calendar and disruption of sports due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But I'm sure it'll be more fun this time, probably better than SM18 international management. Any suggestions?
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    It's Kovai again I would really love it if the 3d feature is more updated. To a point it is fair but sometimes it can be weird seeing the way the ball is kicked at times. Also another suggestion I don't want to put in a new topic is: About the quick play or like I would like to call it I would advice a total simulation where by there is no interruption and the substitutions are automatic Thanks
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    this is a bug that everyone has and I don't know why the developers didn't fix it
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    This game was so big and there hasn’t been an update in yrs is this game completely cancelled now or are they looking to focus on it
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    It would really be nice if you can add countries to the gameplay whereby you can decide to manage a country or a club Also the countries should be able to sack a manager
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    Devs and Moderators We Football clashers need competition and motivation to play games. Most of times the arena are full of bots now, after you changed the tournaments. Many players don’t have Klose, Kompany, legacies..etc. We ask you to change the tournaments and give player rewards! Hope you respond well Xav
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    I've been playing the game for quite a while, but as of a few days ago I can't sign players over the value of about £4.5 million - I always get a message saying that "I do not feel a move to your club would be beneficial to my career". I was in the English Championship at the time so I concluded that there had been an update to the game - and players weren't interested now as I wasn't in the Premiership. Due to not being able to buy decent player it took 3 seasons to get promoted - but I got there in the end. So I tried signing players again and I'm still in the same situation. I played through the season and managed to finish in 7th, I'm now at the start of the next season and I still can't buy anyone over about 4.5 million. In the mean time the cash my club has in the bank has increased so much that it's much more than my entire team put together. Scouting has become totally pointless, and the only route to getting a decent player is through the Youth Academy - I lucked into getting one worth 9 million last season. I'm not sure what to do now as it seems I'm stuck. Money is useless, and I can't strengthen the team to have a chance of progressing and winning trophies. Any ideas to solve this would be welcome.
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    You on the wrong forum.. The lights are on but no one is home and this part of forum been in isolation loooooong time before corona made an appearance
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    It has been exciting when waiting for release of SM20 and i expect a huge upgrade on the transfer system in SM20 but nothing has been change since sm18, sm19 and this... Come on SM, you definitely can do better than this.. It's 2020 now.. After more than 2 years of improvements on the games but we as fans of SM still don't see any upgrades on the transfer system? The improvements on match and AI has been great but the transfer dealings definitely make this game less enjoyable.. PLEASE REVAMP THE TRANSFER SYSTEM FOR SM21 22 23... 1. add in cash + player exchange 2. Release clause 3. Create simple conversations between player, agent, manager, seller club, buyer club & the board related to the transfer business to make transfer dealings more realistic 4. Add in transfer request for unhappy player ( something like in the SM game World) 5. Player contract renewals to make it more challenging.. add in release clause/ performance achievements based rewards / etc. 6. Preseason tour / winter break 7. Player relationship with manager, which is related to No.4 above 8. Board to adjust transfer budget based on match performances 9. Improve the youth academy!!! The chance of getting a youth superstar are so rare after fully upgraded!! Even if i getting a youth superstar, his development is so slow and potential rating not up to 90 compared to young free agents bought from the market!! SM is already good, but still can be a lot better!! Feel free to add in anythings you want to see in SM21 22 23.......
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    with a little luck we will only need another year to know their answer
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    Hello to the game player swap %with the player sale of rental players can get testimonials bird football manager 2020 some realistic features in the game can come the national team can come mentoring feature should come when players retire technical committee should take part in the technical committee feature should come the club Vision feature and create their own club feature should come if these features
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    it would be nice if in sm21 the stadium's filling depends on the attendance at the match, because in sm20 even when there are very few fans at the match the stadium is always full.
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    I enjoy to play this game. But it has now occured multiple times that when I have played a couple of years in the game, and suddenly there stands Debug Mode Enabled. When I save the game and exit it, it doesnt save it. I can also not see the date. I have tried multiple things, I have updated the game and restarted the whole game but it didnt work. Could someone please tell me how to disable the Debug Mode, so I can keep playing the game with joy?
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    king academy
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