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    guys, please , i just had my opinion about the club transfer and no one answer but now i will give you another idea. im im 2026 and the other teams dont do transfers, they have exactly the same team like 2018 , please , make it more realistic! in the game, exist teams without goalkeeper , etc
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    we should be able to place players in a bid because payers in this game are so not cheap sorry if im posting too much but i just found this site and i have a lot of 'ideas'
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    Hello, the game could have sponsorship choice at the end of all seasons, example: Nike, Adidas, under harmour, etc. and players would choose one of the options one with more others less dependent on their performance in the championship.
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    You could always make up your own.
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    Thanks for the suggestion! This would definitely add more depth to the game, but sadly we would need permission and rights to use those brands in the game, which would be very expensive and unfortunately is not a possibility for us at this time. Theo
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    I agree with most of what Braeriach said would also like a stat that shows the average rating in the last five games, so we can tell which players are in the best form.
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    seria bueno tener la posibilidad de optar por un patrocinador eso ayudaria a darle mas realismo al juego
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    I ve seen that other teams are making transfers but very very few. 1-2 players most. It is true that most of teams have the same rosters as the starting season so yes this is something that could be fixed in the future.
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    i agree with: 3. When promoted or win trophies your fanbase should increase 5. Remove reserves from the list of potential players from training. I have to get rid of poor players completely fast rather than risk them getting trained instead of first tteam players. 6. Allow position modifications. Too many players are FLR or AMLR which are pretty useless in the formations given. Spend say 50 coins to change positions. Cheers!
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    Thank you for the feedback! We continually try and improve the experience in the game and this is something we have been planning to look at. Please keep your game updated as new updates are released for the best experience.