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    Hopefully the rest of the players will make it across soon too.. New beginnings on a new forum and hopefully new exciting era for Football Clash 💪🤞
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    You don't need to care about the requirements. SM isn't a beefy game and a calculator could run this game. (not saying that SM is a weak and boring game, of course). I use a pretty old computer to run this and it never crashes, lags, or takes a long time to load. It's a very compatible game to all. So in all, just start the game and have fun with it 😃
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    You helped me a lot man, thanks! I made a comeback from being 2-0 down at halftime away vs bourthenmouth to win 3-4.
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    Let's hope so
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    Sure: My favourite tactic is the 4-2-3-1B, with my FC set for the finisher role (which is his favourite role), In the general tactics I'm using a "narrow" width, "very attacking" mentality, "fast" tempo and "adventurous" creativity, In attack I'm using a "mixed" passing, "down both flanks" attacking style, "work ball into the box" for forwards, "play early crosses" for wingers and "mixed" for midfielders. In defence I use an "all over" pressing, a "normal" tackling style and a "very deep" back line. Also whenever I see that the players stats during the game are going down I try to reorganize them just a bit, so I change the position of the DMCs or the DCs, I try to do this only twice for each period. Another trick that I use to try a quick goal is to set the fullbacks into wingbacks on the beginning and/or after the break of the match, but only for a brief period (10-20 mins game time) to try to catch the other team off-guard, this works better if you have a down both flanks attacking style. I also change the attacking style during the game to "trough the middle", but when I do that I also change the wingers behaviour to a "mixed" style. Of course some of these settings will not work so well for a different tactic (like 4-2-3-1A or 4-1-3-2) and I always try to use tactics where I can use my stronger players in their favourite roles. I also use two line-ups that I rotate between games so I can have my players always with 100% condition, and I always try to have them with a excellent moral. I hope this can help you :).
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