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    My board keep telling me my wages (1.3M p/w) are over the income per week. Yet they are within the budget and I have well over £100 million in the bank and when I sold some players to break even for teh season these reportes kept coming in.And the financial confidence in me is poor
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    According to my game experience you could have even 300+ millions, but the game is watching the season's balance /the incomes and the expenses/. So there are some ways to achieve it - like buying players before 1st of July and in the next season only selling of those you don't need /if you are not AI who is going to stay with 100+ players, about 30 of them will be goalkeepers - and this is not in team like Chelsea or Manchester City, but in more modest ones/. That way you will be with negative finances only for some days in June, but not in the next season /if you don't buy some really expensive players later for replacing some not so expensive ones/. Maybe there are other ways, who knows?
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    First we need someone to answer.. in game support no answer, here no answer... Why they have a game if don't care about players? Yes an update would be great, and fix lag problems, remove cards, all old conversation about this game. Add Zanetti and other players who is missing..
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    I hope they realise an update. There is literally no aim to play for with all the bugs.
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    Hope everyone comes back when there's an update 🙏🏻
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    I hope that the company wont be falling , honestly
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