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    From being 8 months since we merge all forums into one and not once since coming here have we heard anything from you guys @C_Brennan @Sean(SM Support) @Alex(SM Support) we don't even know if you guys still even work here still or there's someone else watching but ignoring our pleas for help and any info on the games future.. Even if the info is to say there's no future.. There must be someone watching thou as one of the tournaments changed during this time.. To a tournament that useless as might aswell play a friendly as its the same.. So I'm reaching out again,.. Give us some hope that's the game is something you's still think about or end our hope once and for all (hope its not the latter) the game has needed a revamp for over 2 years so if you's do ever come back i can't even begin to think how much of a revamp you's need to do
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    It's a shame. Was a good game, but there is no support. We just want any news or information about the future of this game.
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