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    Although 2018 is a decent game I think there are lots of improvements to be made in 2019. Job offers need to be more frequent. An option to quit current club and apply for others would be useful. Players seem to be going for 2 or 3 times their value, what's the point? There is currently no option to sim/jump to results which would be very convenient. Also, an option to skip chunks in the calendar would be useful. I'm not sure f other managers like to focus on building their team in the first season. How about recalling on loan players so you can sell them.
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    Hello, i have 4 requests for you to make the game better: To fix: - Goalkeepers should save penalties, if it goes to the net, it is a goal, and the only way to fail is to miss, i never saw a gk save a penalty; - Also about goalkeepers, the ratings are not good, sometimes my goalkeeper saves 7 shots, suffers no goals and gets a rating of 6, and sometimes he saves 2, suffers 3 goals and gets a rating of 8, please fix this; To add: - The clubs in third place in the Champions League groups go to the Europa League, but here they don't and the European dream is over for them. - The game should have 2 saves instead of 1, because i was trying to win the Serie A (Italy) as Palermo, and I got an offer for Atletico Madrid, so I want to have a save for Palermo (to try to win the Serie A) and another for the job offers that I get. And I'm only asking for 2. Please take this to consideration and keep making the game better! Thanks for this game!
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    I normally play on PC, but I didn't know about the Facebook on mobile. Thanks for replying. I can't wait for SM 2019! 😀
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    1) You can choose your first, second, third captain, pk taker, fk taker 2) You can choose your training team (assistant manager) 3) Contracts having an expiry date 4) Teams make more transfers
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    Hi, thanks for your feedback and suggestions. We value all feedback from our users and will consider this when making improvements to the game in future updates and the next edition (SM2019). Theo
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    Thanks for your suggestions and feedback! We're working on SM2019 now so we may include some of these ideas in that game. Please follow our social media pages to hear any news about SM2019, and feel free to share any more ideas on here! Theo
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    After 2 seasons of playing, in the summer before the 3rd season there is no draw for Champions and Europa League, and the groups remain the same over and over again. Please fix this.
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    Several times during my campaign as Córdoba CF manager I have not been able to watch or affect matches, instead seeing the result show up in my inbox. This is confusing, and I was wondering what the reason for this is
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    Hello there! Can anyone tell me about when SM 2019 is released?
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    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We believe that this is caused by a design flaw in the competiton code. We'll look into this and try to get it fixed in SM19! Thanks Theo
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    Does anyone else think there are too many long injuries in SM 2018? It seems every 2 or so matches one of my players will pick up a long term injury (10 plus weeks). I have tackling set at normal. Does anyone have suggestions on how to reduce injuries? Is it just bad game design?
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    Go the the squad page and select stats and have a look at the players with low match ratings, this will help you decide squad(position) weaknesses.
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    The algorithm of this game needs urgent attention. There appears to be little logical reasoning to referring decision, particularly on incidents worthy of a straight red card. Referees seem to send players off (straight red card) for unpredictable reasons such as a forward being sent off (straight red card) for pulling a defender's shirt on the edge of the defender's 18 yards box. Tackles described in commentary as studs up or dangerous only get yellow cards yet a shirt pull, 80 yards away from then pulling player's penalty box is worthy of a straight red card? When has the game rules changed to such an extent? It seems to me as though there are NO rules governing the color card the referee should issue for any given incident. The lack of Counter Attacking option as a tactical ploy should also be addressed. We have all these great choices such defensive, very defensive, attacking, very attacking yet I cannot defend then spring a counter attack. In previous versions of this game, the more I played, the more it seemed the game outcomes were predetermined ahead of time. This version is starting to follow the same trends and patterns.
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    Hi, thanks for the suggestions! We will certainly consider them when making improvements to the game and when designing SM2019. Theo
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    Hi, thanks for reporting this. There is a bug with the job offer system, that can cause job offers to stop appearing. Unfortunately we can't fix it at this late stage in SM18's production cycle, but we will definitely try to improve the job offer system in SM2019 which will release later this year! Theo
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    Podia ter como nós acompanhar as competições de juniores, é nós podia escolher os próprio Júnior pra subir pro profissional.
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    Nós podia começar treinar time juniores depois esquipe profissional
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    They change I think usually. I only see the first set of free agents like Navas and Tapia when you first start. After it's really just random.
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    First season completed: few observations. 1. played one 0-0 draw and one 1-0 game. I scored 4+ goal 12 times. Too easy to score. 2. Didn’t give up a PK all year! 3. I picked up 9 red cards. That’s a lot. 4. Grew my clubs wealth from 5 to 37 million in one season and sold one player for £1 million plus. I think you gave to work on those things.
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    I just started playing and was offered a new job, however more detail about the club offering is needed. I didn’t know their position, approx. budget, facilities, etc. add a little more info when offered a job.
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    I hope they improve the overall of the players... A lot of good and talented players are underrated in this game BTW, does anybody knows when will SM19 be ready?
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    Some players I sent on loan aren't playing in their team even though they have high ratings
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    The main thing i want to see in the next SM is contracts, like when you by a player, you can choose the contract length and maybe some clause. The other one is job offer, i think it's boring when you're on the top teams and can't go to smaller teams anymore, maybe add some tab where there's job list that you can apply rather than just popping out around the transfer windows. that's all i guess, thanks
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    One of the best Polish football club - Lech Poznań Club was created in 1922! Kolejorz ( sobriquet ) is 7 times Polish Champion, 5 times Polish Cup Winner and 6 times Polish Super Cup Winner. I had continued this great story in season 2017/2018 to 2026/27, when i joined to Lech Poznań i have told to fans my minimum is the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and i did it after 9 seasons, on the way i had won 8 times Polish Champion, 6 times Polish Cup and 8 times Polish Super Cup! Now im wondering whether to stay longer. In this career i did "challenge" because i can only buy players from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia. My highest transfer was like 30 milion €. Tactics which i used: 4 - 3 - 1 - 2 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 A 4 - 2 - 4 Team instructions: Tackling Style: Normal Passing Style: Direct Tempo: Slow Mentality: Attacking Attacking Style: Mixed Pressing: All Over
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    We're very excited to announce the much-awaited INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT feature for Soccer Manager 2018, coming soon! More details to come soon - follow our social media channels to hear more!