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    Guys, I'm retiring spiritually! It is not my habit to complain about the game, but now it just doesn't make sense. Tournaments: What's the point of all those trophies? Practically those who play more automatically have more trophies, since if one loses, the trophies remain the same (it is not an attack on Meezi, which I consider a great Top Player and not even to other great players who have made records in recent weeks.) . We organize ourselves, in the same league, to enter 4 in the same tournament, win once each, and increase the general trophies. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!! Classic Games: You play only against Bots or low level players who have trophies augmented by these ridiculous tournaments. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!!! What is the purpose of playing now ??? Do we have to show who has the most trained finger? Making game records without eating or sleeping? Maybe it's me who lost the grit I had for 18 months, but I'm certainly not the only one. See you later!
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    This Soccer Manager Forum has been created with the intention of providing members with a comfortable place to discuss and debate primarily, but not exclusively, the game of Soccer Manager and football itself. The Forum presents members with an opportunity to share information, exchange ideas, ask questions and generally just to meet and enjoy the company of other football enthusiasts from around the world. Forum Rules & Guidelines. I. Posting Rules Note: Rules of conduct apply to posting and all profile fields of your user account, including, but not limited to username, user title, web site, avatar, signature, location, or any other informational field that is available for edit in your personal profile. While the Devs / Supervisors and moderators of this forum will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible, it is impossible to review every message. 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Yes, a thread may not have needed to have been closed etc; but closed/deleted threads can always be re-opened). As a user you agree to any information you have entered above being stored in a database. While this information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent the webmaster, administrator and moderators cannot be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised. II. Basic Rules 1. Flaming 1.1 Do not post any messages that harass, insult, belittle, threaten or flame another member or guest. Debates are fine, but argue with the point, not the person. 2. Trolling 2.1 Do not come to this site with the purpose of starting a dispute. Anything seen as trolling may result in you being infractioned by SM Moderator or a straight ban by SM Dev / Supervisor depending on the severity. 2.2 Note that a person disagreeing with your opinion is NOT trolling; keep it civil, even if you're sure the other person is wrong. 3. 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    I'm actually amazed how bad you guys managed to produce this game, the world should take you as an example on how to "upgrade" anything. I do not even know where to start. The reason that I'm so pissed is not because you guys made a very bad game, but because you had a great building block (sm 18) and threw this piece of junk on us as "sm19". With an 85+ team (man city with neymar and oblak additions), I have 30% vs relegation teams in both the prem, the cl, and the cups, that makes no sense. If you are gonna nick my wins away, at least do it respectfully. Rather than making me loose to west albion, make me loose to United or Chelsea with a decent possession. Although you guys stated that the transfermarket was much better than the previous one, its a goddamn joke :D Teams buy played off me only if I put them in the market, and the best deal I get is 15% down the actual price. On the other hand, if I want to buy a played from a team, I have to pay 30% + the actual price, total joke. The "development" phase sucks as usual, so you guys did not surprise me in that one. Wonderboys gain 1-2 points per year (not even during it, yearly random attribute boosts), while random kids come up with 90 overalls. Why the hell should I give points to training, when training gives my players no boosts? The cl draws suck, which I'll make no comments on, cause I have expecting it. What have you guys been doing for the past year? Your coding is probably very bad, no new ideas have been implemented, the game let alone being developed even a bit, it regressed from the previous soccer manager, and the only thing that you fellas changed is the graphics. No one cares about the game being 3d or not, everyone wants to have a more realistic, smooth and fun GAMEPLAY. Good job fellas, you guys have destroyed a game that millions loved.
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    1) You can choose your first, second, third captain, pk taker, fk taker 2) You can choose your training team (assistant manager) 3) Contracts having an expiry date 4) Teams make more transfers
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    I think SM20 could add a feature in contracts , where you can specify the Squad status in the contract for each player that you are signing. Example : I buy Gotze but I want him as a substitute , so in the contract there will be a feature where you can define his status in the Team. Squad status : -Key Player / First Team -Rotation / Backup / Hot prospect / Youngster -Not needed With this feature the bench players will be happy or at least not with red moral . And we , managers , can organize our Team better.
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    First we need someone to answer.. in game support no answer, here no answer... Why they have a game if don't care about players? Yes an update would be great, and fix lag problems, remove cards, all old conversation about this game. Add Zanetti and other players who is missing..
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    First of all, can’t we get something new in the game? Been ages that we’re waiting for players like the Kyle Walker and others. Just put them in arena. Add some new players. What’s hard in that? I may sound stupid but adding a card shouldn’t be hard at all. If you can’t fix the gameplay, at least give us content. Speaking about gameplay, can’t you just keep trophies in tournaments? Isn’t there a dip in players and trophies when they aren’t? Also gameplay related: manager boosts/cards or whatever you call them. The whole community except a couple of delusional guys have been wanting them out. I got a message from support saying that you guys listen to the community, if you do, do us a favor and REMOVE them. We’ve been saying this since the day they’ve come out. Nothing happened about the post by @Tahmid about Messi and how his boost should be changed. LISTEN TO US. LISTEN TO THE IDEAS. This will go unnoticed as always but we NEED a change to this game.
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    I have a new idea that developers of this game could use in SM20. Imagine if you are smaller team and you need money , best way is to sell players for money right? But if you sell half of your team , your team will become worse so how about adding SPONSORS . Sponsors doesnt need to be Nike , Adidas , Puma and all that , it could be some random names sponsors because we all know issue with licence , but if you could add something like real names sponsors it would be really cool. Sponsors could be rated from 5 star that is the best sponsor and best money to 1 star sponsor to worse money , But hey you would still make some money!! •Thank you for reading and making this game having more ideas , Please writte your ideas so our developers could get some ideas from us , if you want to make best game you have to listen to players who are playing it daily... and taking there IDEAS
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    Yes in order for the game to keep moving forward new ideas and new content needs to be added to keep it alive , many of us have every player maxed and what's there to play for anymore ? We don't even need to take part in League packs , making the rest of our league take the fall and not achieve higher League packs thus making the game less interesting for everyone else 🙈 If you look at all the league's non of them are getting above 9 or 10/13 in the pack . ☹️ I've enjoyed this game and many others have .. manager cards NEEDS To be REMOVED asap . New players need to be added frequently as we always need something to look forward to Please take steps in listening to us as a community - we have lost many friends and league mates due to people losing hope and we don't want everyone to take the same route☹️
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    Hopefully the rest of the players will make it across soon too.. New beginnings on a new forum and hopefully new exciting era for Football Clash 💪🤞
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    1. Add Champions and Europa league qualifications. As in real life teams from weaker leagues can get a chance in competing in europe by going threw qualifications. 2. The super cups and friendlies at the start of the season should be spaced out more. I've noticed that the domestic super cup is 1 day after the last friendly and the UEFA Super Cup is 2 days after the the domestic super cup this gives the manager less time to manage and prepare the squad. 3. Adding a few more leagues, I don't have any particular suggestions about which leagues should be added but having a few more new leagues added to the game might add a fresher feel and will add more new players. 4. Adding the Club World Cup. Adding the CWC would be interesting as it will give managers that were able to qualify for it another title to challenge for. 5. Managers should be able to chose between a few pre season friendly tournaments to play in pre season. You also should be able to arrange friendly games with other teams. 6. The AI should be able to buy more players. I've noticed that teams just don't get new players as you advance. For example Real Madrid bought 0 players despite me with Girona buying 6 players for a worth of 300million from them. 7. You should be able to see League standings in all leagues not only in the counties you selected. 8. More clubs should be offering to buy your players even when not transfer listed. I've noticed that only a few clubs make transfer offers and for example Verzim ended up making 15 offers of the 27 players i've sold in 6 seasons. 9. The players should have proper contracts that you can manage and renew/terminate. Players can come unhappy with their wages and ask for a pay rise. 10. Managers should be able to chose 1st to 4th Captain pre game not only 1 captain. And before penalty shootouts you should be able to pick the order of your penalty takers. 11. Adding 4th Substitute in extra time. 12. Player swap deals. Using player + money offers in transfers.
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    guys, please , i just had my opinion about the club transfer and no one answer but now i will give you another idea. im im 2026 and the other teams dont do transfers, they have exactly the same team like 2018 , please , make it more realistic! in the game, exist teams without goalkeeper , etc
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    pease add.. 1.national teams competitions 2.trophy ceremonies like fm2018
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    The end is nigh... Such a sad thing for a once great game 😥 😭 hopefully one day they'll help it rise again like a phoenix from the ashes 🤞🙏
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    Hi Theo! Why you don't shoot down the game? This does not have any sense... We all know that SM brings cash... But you guys literally left as in game whit no update no game support for more then one year almost.... It's 21 century m8 every game have update almost every one month or less.
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    Hi. @Theo(SM Support), so we just want simple things, like release the new players that you promisse, change tournaments every week, remove the boosts and old trophies.system. Hope you can do something. Regards.
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    Put simply, the devs/support of Football Clash don't exist anymore. You should be ashamed of yourselves for taking so long to give a simple reply to a simple question. We were all fully aware that you had all given up on this game but taking so long to admit it is disgraceful and shows you have no respect for people who have been loyal to you for a long time. Anyway I won't be losing any sleep over you letting this game erode and i'm sure your consciences ( LOL) won't be effected by my negative comments.🤠s
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    Minha experiência com este jogo (SM20) foi ótima . Mas uma coisa que me entriga é simplesmente a demora da evolução jogadores (principalmente jovens promessas) . Na próxima futura atualização , tragam uma implementação aos jogadores jovens para eles evoluírem com treinamento e experiência vivenciadas nas partidas .
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    This game is still in early state and i would love to give my suggestion for future updates 1. Release Clauses 2. More new leagues and second leagues 3.Continetal Cup to be named Europa League and Champions League 4. EURO 2020 5. Talk to the players 6. Sponsors 7. Default Pack being sacked with all Badgeds and Faces 8. Having in all leagues u-21 so you can give play time for your young players
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    If a player has played a position or a role for a considerable time he should be able to adapt to playing in that role or position
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    International games and tournaments such as world cup, euro etc. Ability to skip games by using assistant manager or automatic simulation Better players from youth academy Filtering players using their rating as a criteria Better transfer budgets (ability to ask club for a larger budget) Cup tournaments such as coppa italia to be played over two legs Manager interaction with media Ability to train individual players Ability to substitute more than 3 players during friendlies Have a better preseason Possibility of coach being sacked after poor results
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    Team B / Reserve can play in the league (low division) Too many player stay on reserve team (no player loan offer) Example : Barcelona B, Real Madrid Castilla
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    Hi all. Just stopping here to introduce myself. I'm Alex (as the username suggests) and have been working for Soccer Manager for about 5 years. I, along with some of our other staff, will be looking to rejuvenate the community and bring all the people who play our games together. If you have questions or queries please feel free to post them on the forum and we hope to be able to answer and resolve them. Keep an eye on the Announcements to stay on top of any Soccer Manager news, and don't forgot to register for the BETA PROGRAMME if you're interested in contributing more. Very much looking forward to getting to know you all! Alex.
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    Hi everyone 👍🏻
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    Yo ! Hi 👋 to all community! I am Lemmy how my name says 😂 one of old players from Football Clash 34 years old father and husband!!! One of most crazy persons in game and forum ( on positive way 🤪) I am from Belgrade Serbia 🇷🇸 but I live in Mönchengladbach Germany... Big supporter of Red Star Belgrade, totally addictive to ( FM and sports games 🤦🏻‍♂️) I love this SM game ! And I crashed whit my club Crvena Zvezda ! Enjoy to play this, big tnx to developers coz have Serbian league and all packs inside ! Hope we gonna have good time here, passing experience tactics and who is the best cheep players to have in our teams ! Stay calm and be CHEEKI BREEKI 🤣🤣🤣
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    Although 2018 is a decent game I think there are lots of improvements to be made in 2019. Job offers need to be more frequent. An option to quit current club and apply for others would be useful. Players seem to be going for 2 or 3 times their value, what's the point? There is currently no option to sim/jump to results which would be very convenient. Also, an option to skip chunks in the calendar would be useful. I'm not sure f other managers like to focus on building their team in the first season. How about recalling on loan players so you can sell them.
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    Hello, i have 4 requests for you to make the game better: To fix: - Goalkeepers should save penalties, if it goes to the net, it is a goal, and the only way to fail is to miss, i never saw a gk save a penalty; - Also about goalkeepers, the ratings are not good, sometimes my goalkeeper saves 7 shots, suffers no goals and gets a rating of 6, and sometimes he saves 2, suffers 3 goals and gets a rating of 8, please fix this; To add: - The clubs in third place in the Champions League groups go to the Europa League, but here they don't and the European dream is over for them. - The game should have 2 saves instead of 1, because i was trying to win the Serie A (Italy) as Palermo, and I got an offer for Atletico Madrid, so I want to have a save for Palermo (to try to win the Serie A) and another for the job offers that I get. And I'm only asking for 2. Please take this to consideration and keep making the game better! Thanks for this game!
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    Por favor faça isso, já que é possível escolher 4 países Corrijam isso, no Soccer manager 19 escolher todos os países jogar com qualquer equipes, quando passar de fase nas copas receber dinheiro, ter play-off da UEFA Champions League, ter histórico de campeão na UEFA Champions League, é ter missões para cumprir como treinador em cada equipe se não será demitido, ter várias ofertas de emprego, quando receber propostas ver o dinheiro da equipe também várias informações.
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    Hi, thanks for your feedback and suggestions. We value all feedback from our users and will consider this when making improvements to the game in future updates and the next edition (SM2019). Theo
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    Thanks for your suggestions and feedback! We're working on SM2019 now so we may include some of these ideas in that game. Please follow our social media pages to hear any news about SM2019, and feel free to share any more ideas on here! Theo
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    The main thing i want to see in the next SM is contracts, like when you by a player, you can choose the contract length and maybe some clause. The other one is job offer, i think it's boring when you're on the top teams and can't go to smaller teams anymore, maybe add some tab where there's job list that you can apply rather than just popping out around the transfer windows. that's all i guess, thanks
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    We're very excited to announce the much-awaited INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT feature for Soccer Manager 2018, coming soon! More details to come soon - follow our social media channels to hear more!
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    Well done Football Clash staff, Theo in particular. You say you don't have plans for any changes and if anything changes you will share it here. Then you go and change the tournaments without saying anything ( clearly people of your word LOL ). The changes you have made are pathetic all you've done is turn the tournaments into pointless friendlies. The previous tournament was not the best but at least it gave people the chance of playing other people who were not loaded with boost cards and weren't bots. You could have changed the tournaments to something much better even if that was just gaining players xp ( Klose or Kompany for example ) instead of trophies but it seems to me you are deliberately trying to sabotage the game!!! Shame on you 🤡👻s.
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    Appreciate your explanation on the plan on this game. But you have to understand our frustration. You can still make some little changes to revive the game lively. We don’t want to play against superbots, the old tactical boost was the best. The current one is making playing this game hell for us and it’s also a reason why the game is dying. We ain’t asking for huge game update just bring that OLD TACTICAL BOOSTS or remove the current one completely from the game. I hope we can get a satisfying answer from you. Xav
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    From being 8 months since we merge all forums into one and not once since coming here have we heard anything from you guys @C_Brennan @Sean(SM Support) @Alex(SM Support) we don't even know if you guys still even work here still or there's someone else watching but ignoring our pleas for help and any info on the games future.. Even if the info is to say there's no future.. There must be someone watching thou as one of the tournaments changed during this time.. To a tournament that useless as might aswell play a friendly as its the same.. So I'm reaching out again,.. Give us some hope that's the game is something you's still think about or end our hope once and for all (hope its not the latter) the game has needed a revamp for over 2 years so if you's do ever come back i can't even begin to think how much of a revamp you's need to do
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    Hi all I played again this weekend, but after 4 months, the lag still the same, no updates, i'm waiting a reply from support around 1 month, nothing new. Whu you don't release the new players? Like Zanetti, and others who is missing? Join servers with asians, maybe new players to play. This game was so good and now is really dead. @C_Brennan@Sean(SM Support). Can you reply? Someone with suggestions to make this game great again? Regards.
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    Just be patience guys they haven't released beta yet. We still have a few more hours yet.
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    I am a Soccer Manager 19 fan and I have a few requests for the upcoming Soccer Manager 2020 that would make the already excellent game even more interesting. International games and tournaments such as world cup, euro etc. Ability to skip games by using assistant manager or automatic simulation Better players from youth academy Filtering players using their rating as a criteria Better transfer budgets (ability to ask club for a larger budget) Cup tournaments such as coppa italia to be played over two legs Manager interaction with media Ability to train individual players Ability to substitute more than 3 players during friendlies Have a better preseason Possibility of coach being sacked after poor results More leagues (possibly the Indian league) Best coach award after every season(possibly best player, goalkeeper, best 11 etc. awards as well) Also in SM 19 a few players such as Suarez retired after 1 season which is probably impossible now that we are in 2019. I hope such incidences don't occur in SM 20
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    I want to give suggestions on soccer manager 2019 I will like to make a list of things every soccer manager player would like to see in the 2020 version. 1. Reduced system requirements so people with lower devices can also enjoy. 2. Ability to download and save data packs permanently and then play offline. 3. Setting 3 players for each sat piece and captaincy. 4. More realistic transfer budgets(30m for PSG????) 5. Ability to call the board and request for funds. 6. We should select players we wish to train. We should be able to monitor our players' improvements. 7. Ability to set ticket prices. 8. Sponsors 9. Pre-season tour. 10. Ability to reward players when they perform well and behave professionally. 11. Release clauses and we should be able to set ours too. 12. When we sign popular players, our club should be more popular and attendance should increase. MORE SUGGESTIONS STILL TO COME.....
  41. 3 points
    Wow what amazing title race that was.. Done everyone a favour by beating Liverpool to the title.. One love One City 💙💙💙
  42. 3 points
    I think the game should improve by trading players. We should be able to trade a player that we don't want when we don't have money. Also I think a 2 year loan or loan with a buy option would be great
  43. 3 points
    Are you valero?
  44. 3 points
    Are we need to post like SM to get some attention?! how does it look to you?! Are we fools ?! just reply to their posts !!! It's not fair to us that we play for a long time and we love this game !!! Well, tell us the game is over, let's shut it down so we know where we are. This is how you just keep us in a fake hope ... and you will agree that it is not CHEEKI BREEKI !!! 😔
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    Hi! I'm Adrian but i prefer my stage name Rosadim or Rosa. I'm 16 years old and i like football I play Soccer Manager since Soccer Manager 16 and i like very much this game. I'm very attached to this game. (Sorry for my bad english) Love and peace for the players of this game and for the makers and support team <3
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    Hello SM community! We have recently added an announcement post on our blog about the features that you can expect from SM19 when it releases in a month or so. We've got a lot of interesting new features planned, so head to this link and check it out! ? http://blog.soccermanager.com/single-player/soccer-manager-2019-feature-announcement#.W5uCzPbTWM8 Don't forget to follow our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear any more news about SM19 ?⚽? Theo
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    First season completed: few observations. 1. played one 0-0 draw and one 1-0 game. I scored 4+ goal 12 times. Too easy to score. 2. Didn’t give up a PK all year! 3. I picked up 9 red cards. That’s a lot. 4. Grew my clubs wealth from 5 to 37 million in one season and sold one player for £1 million plus. I think you gave to work on those things.
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    Hello, the game could have sponsorship choice at the end of all seasons, example: Nike, Adidas, under harmour, etc. and players would choose one of the options one with more others less dependent on their performance in the championship.
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    You could always make up your own.
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    Hi there, First time player here. I picked up this game after finding the 2016 version on steam a day or two ago... instantly hooked! then i find this Version so there goes my Saturday! I can't believe this game is free to play! OK so it might not be the Rolls Royce football manager simulator that shall not be named but this game blends both the arcade and the simulation aspects of this particular 'game genre' so well! I really enjoy being able to take control of high level club functions as well as managing the team and this game executes those options well. And when i said free to play, I mean free to play! I've gone straight in with a low league team and worked the magic without the need for 'pay to win' credits! Another aspect of the game is that it has both a very polished and uncomplicated UI, but also a clearly detailed, well engineered and fine code base powering this! So with that, And having enjoyed my first few hours so much I felt compelled to part with some of my cheddar as a way of thanking the devs. It's the right thing to do! you guys deserve everyone's appreciation! The only issue i found was that i didn't want to cheap out and just get the smallest thing so i looked at the combos, the small is nice, but then i was getting concerned i would OP my save with this stuff. i appreciate you can buy each thing individually but who doesn't want a combo deal?!? I had a though about how you could maybe add a feature to allow us to pick between a few ratios of the items and set a price then see how much we get using those settings... for example... (if you select high or low in one it removes that option from the others. Normal is the exception, its always selectable) Credits dropdown/radio: high, normal, low Points dropdown/radio: high, normal, low Coins dropdown/radio: high, normal, low Value To Buy: $/£_________ You get: x Credits x Points x Coins Buy? Some other thoughts... Being able to hire, train and fire staff and entrust responsibilities. (director of football - could do contracts and sign players etc) Allow us to search for sponsorship deals, image rights, stadium naming rights, training ground naming rights Adjust (season) ticket prices, food and beverage prices, shirt replica cost/quality/prices, merch prices, rent stadium for events pricing. Allow us to upgrade/modify non-football infrastructure - merch, pr (profile, local events/offers, youth), groundsmen, mascots - cheerleaders, medical, stadium infrastructure, training ground infrastructure Control of arranging friendlies and off season tourneys More media interaction, and some team/player communication both in and out of game High risk corruption options.. (intimidate refs, fix a draw, get a red rescinded) get caught big fine, fired etc. Apologies for the essay. I really love this game! I was working to make one myself. you have all the key features i wanted in a game! Thanks for this.
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