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    To be invited to the Beta, you need to meet some specific requirements that the publishing team decided on, including: Must be an English-speaking user (as game is not 100% translated yet) Must have completed multiple seasons in SM18 Must have been active in SM18 recently If you are entitled to an invite to the Beta, you should have received an email this week. Check your spam folder if you can't find it! If you have not received one, unfortunately you have no met the criteria for the Beta program. I hope this helps! Theo
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    Just received mine, check your spam folder as mine was placed in there. Also make sure it is the same email as the one you use for the playstore.
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    You got the link? I've got nothing..
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    Hi guys what's up? I have decided that I want to share with you my playlist of my first season with Barca. It has all of the matches, tactics, subs, draws and end stats of my top players. Soccer Manager 18 - Barca: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFDe2XJjEbW7vuSbodh-P7IEk18Gomzy8 I'm really happy with this result and I'm planning to make a cinderalla story in sm19 (maybe even lowest league from England)
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    Although 2018 is a decent game I think there are lots of improvements to be made in 2019. Job offers need to be more frequent. An option to quit current club and apply for others would be useful. Players seem to be going for 2 or 3 times their value, what's the point? There is currently no option to sim/jump to results which would be very convenient. Also, an option to skip chunks in the calendar would be useful. I'm not sure f other managers like to focus on building their team in the first season. How about recalling on loan players so you can sell them.
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    Hello there! Can anyone tell me about when SM 2019 is released?
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    Nós podia começar treinar time juniores depois esquipe profissional
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    They change I think usually. I only see the first set of free agents like Navas and Tapia when you first start. After it's really just random.
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    We're very excited to announce the much-awaited INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT feature for Soccer Manager 2018, coming soon! More details to come soon - follow our social media channels to hear more!