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  1. I was beginning to enjoy the game as well and now its unplayable they should've just updated the SM2020 player and team database fix the old bugs and any new ones and add some new features instead of remaking the entire game
  2. yeah I tried the alt method but the configuration settings didn't show up for me either the game was working fine before but now its just stuck like this and i'm forced to play sm20
  3. nice no replies and what does it mean by pending approval
  4. I have a 2 in 1 laptop I tried tablet mode and rotated the screen to portrait view and then back to landscape and it is now stuck like this. I have tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it I even went as far as creating a new steam account and also uninstalling and reinstalling steam but it was still stuck this way. I tried changing the launch settings to the right resolution but it didn't change I don't know what else to do
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