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  1. and here I am again !!! Because this game does not make any sense, do you think these results are normal with the following statistics? (hurricane images) very coherent right? but wait, THERE'S EVEN MORE! I'm looking for a reason why I lost to Independiente, but do I tell you something? There isn't!
  2. developed soccer manager, today while I was recording a video for my channel something absolutely ridiculous happened to me, they marked me offside, when in this game that is not implemented, and if there is offside, why didn't they charge it in all goals in advance position of my rivals? If you are going to make a game, do the algorithm well, because apart from that it happened to me yesterday that I was playing in the champions league against Zenit, I scored a goal and a minute later they tied me, at minute 89 I scored another goal but at 90 I returned to tie, only so that in minute 95 h
  3. I have the same opinion I won a third diviosn club and I had 5 times more shots, I was home and directed to Milan
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