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  1. 1. Jobs of more prodigious countries(France, Germany, Spain, England etc.) should be offered depending manager performance, not which club he is managing. 2. Schedule system (match dates) should receive a whole revamp to accomodate international break and June and July should not go by idle and should accomodate the euros, world cup, nations league, conembol etc. 3. System for recalling and resting players should be simple. Morale should not include game time for international matches.
  2. Add a feature that you can manage INTERNATIONAL teams( no need to be licensed). Also add the major tournaments like world cup, euros, conembol, nations league etc.(no need to be licensed). Also add the press conference feature from SM 20 but by making it better. Please consider these it would mean the world to me if you added these features game otherwise is great.
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