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  1. Players to grow: Mostly youth academy startlets. I expect Oscar Mingueza to grow by a significant amount. Fati would be probably 81 or 82 and Pedri would reach an 80 or 81. Eric Garcia should receive a 77-80 for being the starting CB in spain's many mathches in the euros. Players to peak: I think, Griezmann tried, and he did decent in the euros, so his rating should be peak instead of declining. Alba and Roberto should also peak. Players to decline: Look Messi, Pique and Aguero are declining because of their age. However Pjanic,Coutinho and Umtiti are declining and they might stay that way. New transfers: Sergio Aguero, Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia.
  2. 1. Manchester United: Manchester United have finally added Sancho to their arsenal and the Varane deal is 95% completed. It will be interesting as we can get rid of players without messing up the squad depth and adding star players like Haaland, De Jong etc. In terms of player growth I expect to see Dean Henderson, Luke Shaw, Mason Greenwood etc. to increase. 2. PSG: Playing with PSG would be amazing as the first team is already set and you can fully stabilise the squad depth in the first season itself. They have added Donnarumma, Hakimi and Wijnaldum to their roster who would be drafted straight into the first team. Only replacements you need to make are Jesé, Rico, Herrera and Kurzawa. With such an amazing squad you can start competing for the Champions League title in the first season itself. I expect, in player growth, Abdou Diallo, Kimpembe, Mbappé, Sarabia to grow. Clubs like Norwich City and Watford have added a lot of players to their roster and I think they would make excellent road-to-glory teams. Honorable mentions: Leeds United, Barcelona.
  3. The question's quite difficult. Both are total beasts when it comes to goals. Their only major difference is value and positions. In my opinion, as Mbappe is a general forward, the best way of playing him would be to pair him with another striker. Whereas Haaland is a target man, so he plays best with wingers or another striker. I have used with 4-3-3 Holding and 3-4-1-2 custom and it worked very well. So in my opinion buy Mbappe if you are willing to break the bank and sacrifice a lot of players or in the 4th or 5th season(If you are using a big team). Whereas Haaland can be bought for just 100M$ which is less than Mbappe's 222M$(in the first season!).
  4. This is actually quite difficult as there are lots of declining players. But I have found just the right thing. Sell Phil Jones, Juan Mata, Sergio Romero, Lee Grant, Nemanja Matíc and (this is pretty radical) Anthony Martial. Also recall Lingard and sell him (He's declining so sell him as soon as possible). Recall Joel Pereira, Andreas Periera and James Garner for cover in the first team. Give them the lowest role possible. Now buy the one and only, Jadon Sancho. Also buy, as cover, Yari Vescharen and Adam Hlozek. Do the same things with the facilities like I told in my Lille forum. Now on to the tactics. Use a 4-3-3 Attack and don't change the instructions. Use two wingbacks(Telles instead of Shaw), two stoppers, two playmakers, one advanced playmaker(Bruno), two narrow wingers and one target man(Cavani). Cavani will be your cap., Bruno will be your pen. and free kick taker. Telles will be your corner taker. Follow these tactics to get lots of wins.
  5. First up, sell Pied, Maia, Fonte and the loaned out 28 year old cb. Send Karnezis out on loan. Recall Leo Jardim, and Show(Make Show a hot prospect, don't make him a backup player.) Now buy Brandon Williams, Oscar Mingueza and Edson Alvarez. These will be easy signings as they have only one year left on their contract. Alvarez will be a good replacement for Fonte as he has 85 captaincy. Mingueza and Williams will be good substitutes. Upgrade scouting network once to get two scouts and then ignore the upgrades. Keep upgrading training and club zone and if you don't have enough money for training keep upgrading club zone as it is your main income booster. Totally ignore youth academy for the first two seasons. Now for the tactics. Use a 4-3-3 Attack with two stoppers, two wingbacks, two narrow playmakers, advanced playmaker, narrow wingers and one target man. Make Yilmaz a rotation player and sell him the next season. Use David at ST and Yacizi at CAM. Yacizi will be pen. taker while Ikone will handle the corners and Bamba will handle the free kicks. Convert mentality into normal and defence into own half while the other default tactics are ok. Next season you can buy camavinga and sell andré.
  6. Download Steam on your laptop/desktop and download Soccer Manager 21 from there.
  7. What I'm talking about is that actually playing a match, not just simming it. Sure, the game size would increase but that would be a very minor issue. SM could start small and just add the playability and then slowly start improving the graphics. If this was in the game it would destroy the best soccer games list on Play Store. I mean this is pretty big and SM is already burdened to add national teams, so it should add playablity as an update in january and make it a major update. Devs, if you notice this, please consider these ideas.
  8. You are right, the training system should also receive a rework. Player development plans should be introduced and, if they can, position change plans. Teams should receive cred for winning titles. For example:- I won the Bundensliga, DFB Pökal and Europa League with Bayer Leverkusen. Later I tried to sign Foden and Van de Beek but it showed it was unlikely for them to come to my club. Media interviews should come back and our responses should reflect on team morale.
  9. Everyone add replys and likes so that the Devs notice this. ⚽⚽⚽🏆🏆🏆
  10. Developers of Soccer Manager, I, the SaltyChancellor, am writing to you on behalf of all my fellow feedback and idea providers. For soccer manager 22, there are some features we urgently need. These features will not only increase the game's popularity, but also up it's ranking in football games to top 3. The features are:- 1. A complete system of national teams. 2. Addition of U-21 teams (both club and national). 3. Addition of the UEFA Conference League. 4. Better support and updates on the same date as on android for steam players, as the game is also gaining popularity on computers. I believe the addition of the above mentioned features would greatly boost the game's popularity and the number of downloads. Therefore I urge you to add these features in Soccer Manager 22. Thanks. Your game's biggest fan TheSaltyChancellor
  11. This happens every time with me, fortunately I play on PC.
  12. The whole transfer system of SM21 should be refurbished. Transfers are wholly unrealistic (Ronaldo to Spurs?!). Swap deals should be added, with the option of adding additional money or sell-on clauses. Players should be less reluctant to move to clubs not part of the big 3. For example:- Why wouldn't Vini. Jr. move to Dortmund?
  13. That is a great idea. Swap deals should be added with option of sell-on clause and additional money. Transfers should be made more realistic. U-21 is required because when in teams like Barca you have great hot prospects but can't play them in the first team so you should send them to play in U-21 team. Goalkeepers are super dumb. There are some bugs that after half time the game just goes on and on and on........to 500 minutes......to 1000 minutes(You get my point). Music section should be composed of edm and bass picked from NCS Sounds so they are free to implement. I also like the looks of a player development plan.
  14. 1. Bring back press conferences and player fines from SM 20. 2. Make ratings realistic. Take ratings from FifaIndex instead. www.fifaindex.com 3. Whether a player is declining or not should be influenced by his real life performance. Given Lingard's performance at West Ham he should be a peak player, not past his peak. 4. Add U21 NOW. 5. Improve UI and better soundtrack.(Use NCS. Sounds). 6. Add set lineup feature. What I mean is that we can keep a specific set of players in that lineup so that everyone gets game time.
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