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  1. Developers of Soccer Manager, I, the SaltyChancellor, am writing to you on behalf of all my fellow feedback and idea providers. For soccer manager 22, there are some features we urgently need. These features will not only increase the game's popularity, but also up it's ranking in football games to top 3. The features are:- 1. A complete system of national teams. 2. Addition of U-21 teams (both club and national). 3. Addition of the UEFA Conference League. 4. Better support and updates on the same date as on android for steam players, as the game is also gaining popularity on computers. I believe the addition of the above mentioned features would greatly boost the game's popularity and the number of downloads. Therefore I urge you to add these features in Soccer Manager 22. Thanks. Your game's biggest fan TheSaltyChancellor
  2. This happens every time with me, fortunately I play on PC.
  3. The whole transfer system of SM21 should be refurbished. Transfers are wholly unrealistic (Ronaldo to Spurs?!). Swap deals should be added, with the option of adding additional money or sell-on clauses. Players should be less reluctant to move to clubs not part of the big 3. For example:- Why wouldn't Vini. Jr. move to Dortmund?
  4. That is a great idea. Swap deals should be added with option of sell-on clause and additional money. Transfers should be made more realistic. U-21 is required because when in teams like Barca you have great hot prospects but can't play them in the first team so you should send them to play in U-21 team. Goalkeepers are super dumb. There are some bugs that after half time the game just goes on and on and on........to 500 minutes......to 1000 minutes(You get my point). Music section should be composed of edm and bass picked from NCS Sounds so they are free to implement. I also like the looks of a player development plan.
  5. 1. Bring back press conferences and player fines from SM 20. 2. Make ratings realistic. Take ratings from FifaIndex instead. www.fifaindex.com 3. Whether a player is declining or not should be influenced by his real life performance. Given Lingard's performance at West Ham he should be a peak player, not past his peak. 4. Add U21 NOW. 5. Improve UI and better soundtrack.(Use NCS. Sounds). 6. Add set lineup feature. What I mean is that we can keep a specific set of players in that lineup so that everyone gets game time.
  6. More suggestions: 1. Like I said in the 1st point, if a manager is using Swansea, Watford, Leeds etc. SHOULD NOT mean that he can't get job offers from Germany, France, England etc. 2. The system of recalling and dropping players should be a simple one. 3. There should be rules like you have to have 3 GKs. 4.If SM can't get licence of national teams, they should just use their flags. 5. Alternate trophy cabinet. 6. Alternate board demands. 7. Probably asking a lot, but if they can, SM should make a mode of managing only a national team (Eg:- Gareth Southgate for England). Should add these features to increase the competition of soccer games on android.
  7. 1. Jobs of more prodigious countries(France, Germany, Spain, England etc.) should be offered depending manager performance, not which club he is managing. 2. Schedule system (match dates) should receive a whole revamp to accomodate international break and June and July should not go by idle and should accomodate the euros, world cup, nations league, conembol etc. 3. System for recalling and resting players should be simple. Morale should not include game time for international matches.
  8. Add a feature that you can manage INTERNATIONAL teams( no need to be licensed). Also add the major tournaments like world cup, euros, conembol, nations league etc.(no need to be licensed). Also add the press conference feature from SM 20 but by making it better. Please consider these it would mean the world to me if you added these features game otherwise is great.
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