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  1. 48 hours with the post on the forum and the guys don't give any satisfaction! Terrible attendance!
  2. And to crown the Bugs, today I expanded my stadium to meet the Sponsor's goal and the stadium did not increase in size. I spent 90% of my money and the goal was not met on the board's page or in the stadium's capacity. I am waiting for you to return the money or correct the Bug, my Save will stay until you fix it. If Saturday passes, I uninstall the game!
  3. Firstly good morning. My name is Marlos, I play Soccer Manager on my cell phone for about 4 months. I liked the game but a series of Bugs and a mistake that I consider serious are discouraging me to continue. I will make my last attempt on this current save and depending on the performance and the responses here on the forum I will uninstall it. 1- I lost my 19 season save because there was a bug on the board screen. I ended my 6 season in the worst team in the second Dutch division with a record of 4 titles played and won, 52 V, 1 E and 3 D, it was already in August of the following season and the game continued to compute as if it were the previous season. On top of that, with all the results above, supporters' confidence turned red with the following message [expectations were not met and bad results ????] I tried all the ways to update the screen but I couldn't, in the end it crashed the game and I was only able to access it again by uninstalling !! 2-I installed the game again and had to start my coaching career from scratch !! I started in the worst team in the English 5 division [National League, Altrincham]. To my surprise, the board screen still has Bugs. One of the goals is to improve the club's facilities on 1 level, I have already improved the Club Zone on 7 levels and it does not count how the task was done, in addition I improved the stadium on 1 level too and nothing !! 3- Bug that I consider the worst in the game: I like to make tactical changes and positioning during the game but in 3D animation it doesn't change anything! I start the game in the 3-1-2-3-1 scheme, I try to take an extreme and put a side but the side goes in front! , I pull him to the side position but he is not going. I take a defender and put an attacker but the attacker comes in as a defender! I've tried to change the player's position before replacing, after replacing but it doesn't work. I sent some messages through the help of the game [which by the way is terrible] but the attendant said he never saw this bug ?? How do you make a substitution by placing a player from another position? 4- In addition to these main bugs I noticed some more as the player asks for a salary increase, do you renew for the new salary he asked for and he is still dissatisfied with the salary ?? Then you will propose a renewal and it appears that he wants to earn less than he currently receives ?? For the topic does not get too big, I will close here and then come back with the biggest problem of Soccer Manager!
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