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  1. 48 hours with the post on the forum and the guys don't give any satisfaction! Terrible attendance!
  2. And to crown the Bugs, today I expanded my stadium to meet the Sponsor's goal and the stadium did not increase in size. I spent 90% of my money and the goal was not met on the board's page or in the stadium's capacity. I am waiting for you to return the money or correct the Bug, my Save will stay until you fix it. If Saturday passes, I uninstall the game!
  3. Firstly good morning. My name is Marlos, I play Soccer Manager on my cell phone for about 4 months. I liked the game but a series of Bugs and a mistake that I consider serious are discouraging me to continue. I will make my last attempt on this current save and depending on the performance and the responses here on the forum I will uninstall it. 1- I lost my 19 season save because there was a bug on the board screen. I ended my 6 season in the worst team in the second Dutch division with a record of 4 titles played and won, 52 V, 1 E and 3 D, it was already in August of the following
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