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  1. hey can you tell us if something changed regarding the goals from your strikers? i noticed the same.. my team dominates the field in possession, shots, everything, and the other team barely touches the ball.. but then near the end, they make 1 shoot and score.. hahaha happens 8 out of 10 games
  2. Same here.. job vacancies must be fixed too.. actually there are A LOT that need to be fixed.. it was the same as last year's game.. during first 2-3 months it was full of bugs.. same now
  3. Game engine sucks and i will tell you why: 8 out of 10 times, where my team is by far superior (70% ball possession, more than 12 shots, and the other team is at 0 shots), then when it is near the end of the game, they make 1 shot and score... 8 out of 10 times guys..! It doesn't matter if you put defensive mentality etc.. they will score on their first shot in game... I play for three seasons now and i almost can tell every time the other team will score. If you lead 1-0 and it is after 80th minute, they will make their first shot and score. It gets annoying after some matches. If it is 0-0 then they will take the lead and the win. In real life, this will happen 1 out of 10 times, it is not impossible ofc.. But this needs to be fixed.
  4. I think something is wrong with the academies over the last 2 updates... All of a sudden my top class academy (both skill trees are full) only gives extremely low players ( 12k - 22k of value) and also of a very high age 26-28 years old (even a 34 year old just few minutes ago!) Those players production would undermine that i have 0 points on my academy, but it is indeed full. What's wrong with that? Is anyone else having same problems with their academy? Cheers
  5. They will fix this after the new update. They said it would be a maximum of 5 players that can be injured in a team. Cheers!
  6. Thank you very much for taking action about the injuries we all encounter! All the players will look forward to the new update that will bring those vital changes to the game. Cheers!
  7. Clearly something is wrong after the last update or something regarding the injuries! 7 players are injured for 10-12 weeks in less than a month. WTF is going on?? Do you want people to stop playing the game? Because they sure will!
  8. They must have changed something in the % of pulling a very big talent from your academy.. I used to have 5-6 players each season valued 5-8 million and 1-2 valued more than 10M.. But now it seems that most of them are 900k - 1.2 M
  9. This is a big bummer Such a pity to loose a saved game like the one you mention... Maybe any of the techs here can tell us what might have happened?
  10. Regarding the Premier League (PR), it is by far the most difficult league to play into. You might win 0-2 away vs Man City and then loose 1-3 home vs Stoke for example.... In Premier League, there are 7-8 world class teams and even the "smaller" ones have players of high value and attributes. While on other leagues there are 3-4 maximum good teams (1-2 of them would be world class) I am playing Chesterfield in 2023 (3rd year in PL now) and i always try different tactics in order to have some stability in the results. I tried all the most popular tactics but nothing was stable. This year i said that i would give a shot at the classic 4-4-2 and 4-4-1-1 and finally i have some stability at the performance of my team! (3rd place now). I m guessing that the 4-4-1-1 formation gives you the control in all the parts of the field and give you chances to score that this particular game favors. And those are: 1) Crosses from wingers to FW and AMC and headers or one-timer shots to goal 2) One-two pass combination from FW and AMC leading to many one vs one situations (there is a bug here, i posted on BUGS form) 3) Control over the sides of the pitch. With a ML and a DL (same for the right side) you block the majority of the opponents winger attacks. I honestly think that this is the factor that leads to stability in the results. Cheers!
  11. οι τραυματισμοι ειναι οντως πολυ συχνο φαινομενο. απο τις προπονησεις ειναι συνηθως 3-4 μερες, αλλα απο τους αγωνες ειναι ακομα και 3-4 μηνες για να μειωσεις την πιθανοτητα τραυματισμων δοκιμασε τα εξης: Βαλε στις τακτικες της ομαδας, Tackling = Soft και Pressing = Own Half. Επισης Tempo = Normal και Mentality = Normal. Να βαζεις επιθετικη νοοτροπια και γρηγορο τεμπο μονο οταν θες να περασεις μπροστα στο σκορ. Αν η ομαδα παιζει φουλ επιθετικα θα κουραζονται και θα τραυματιζονται οι παιχτες πολυ πιο ευκολα. Ετσι θα ελλατωθουν οι τραυματισμοι γιατι οι παιχτες δεν θα σκοτωνονται να πρεσσαρουν και να πεφτουν σκληρα στις φασεις οπως επισης θα ελλατωθουν και οι κιτρινες και κοκκινες καρτες.
  12. All the conclusion i have come with are tested with a top class team, so all the players are good examples for testing and results. 1) One vs one ( 1 vs 1 ) When your attacker is on one vs one situation ( against only the GK) then at 95% the GK will block the shoot. (100% block if shoot is taken from the penalty spot area, anywhere from within the big box) The only time that the FW will score, in a one vs one situation, is if he shoots from within the small box or if the keeper looses the ball and the FW strike again from rebound. 2) Penalty Shots / Penalty Shootout The GKs are useless during penalties. End of story! They can't catch anything! The only thing that matters into a penalty shoot is the player miss. For example.... (this happened to many many games that my team went to penalty shootout situations) : The first team will shoot ALL the penalties in the middle area, and will score in 100% of the shoots (as many as they might need to shoot). The second team will shoot ALL the penalties in the two corners of the goal and will eventually lose one penalty and lose the shootout. I repeat that the GKs are useless during a penalty shot (will not stop anything, even if the shot goes directly to them) These are the 2 things that affect the game-play on a big factor and i think the developers must take care of them. Please share your own experiences regarding game-play so we can make this a better game! Cheers!
  13. that was only in Facebook Gameforge... If you play via Steam, then everything is ok.
  14. Merader

    Auto Pick

    I think, after playing the game for almost 3 weeks, that the AUTO PICK function is not working properly. It chooses as a DC, a defender with 46/73 ratings and not a defender with 60/80 ! The difference is huge. The same goes for other positions as well... As a FC is chooses an attacker with 73/37 and not an attacker with 86/41 ! Again huge difference. This needs to be fixed.
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