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  1. The International Football Association Board has decided to extend the duration of the 5 substitution rule. Why do you persistently insist, stupid creatures I will always remind you that you will fix it or i will curse every day
  2. Do not do this evil to such a beautiful and realistic game youmust make the number of substitutions five Nobody knows when the covid ends in real life the number of substitutions becomes three again then an update is all it takes Please don't be so ignorant and back-headed keep up with the times time does not go backwards stop being a cave person
  3. There are five substitutions in real matches as shown in the picture this game has three modifications why the admins of this game don't fix this still Are they so retarded or do they do it on purpose
  4. There are five chances to substitute players in real matches You have three rights to the soccer 2021 manager game Please fix this bullshit now, don't be so blind
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