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  1. 1. A player development plan for every player instead of an all round training session. That way players can be trained role specifically. 2. Skill move rating and weak foot rating, and the ability to improve them, all via player development plan. 3. Revenue sources are scarce. There should be an option to select atmost two sponsors. 4. Goalkeepers act dumb frequently. Be that 94 rated oblak or 81 rated burki. Improvement of goalkeeping regarding the rating. 5. A better financial management section. Ability to split between wages and funds would be great. 6. There are still quite a few bugs, game acts ghostly at times, showing just the pitch and the brief commentary. 7. Youth academy is not worth it. Minute reduction in upgrade cost. 8. Music section needs improvement. 9. An additional career mode save slot. 10. U-21 mode. It's obvious now that we all need it badly. 11. Coach selection.
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