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  1. I hereby show my disappointment regarding the game that will be Soccer Manager 2022. This is because your game is loved in my country and is not compatible with some Android versions. I've been playing Soccer Manager since the first game and whenever I miss it I have to install the 2020 game where the squads are out of date. The game is known worldwide as one of the best. And here in Portugal, this game is one of the best among young people who love football. This game is beautiful. I would like to ask if it would not be more beneficial for the company to have the game adapted for all mobile phone versions. My phone is a Samsung A10 and I can't play games because of the incompatibility of the versions. I would really like to be able to play it as even Soccer Manager 2021 I couldn't install because of this versioning issue. If it were possible to arrange this it would be very good because it would be somehow good for the company to have more players playing. I leave it to your consideration, Thank you for your attention, Best regards
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