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  1. I have thought of a series of features that could be implemented in SM2022 or SM2023 for PC - Manager Mode - Race with a team created by the player replacing another (Mechanics that FIFA 2022 has and that gives a role to imagine what would happen if a team of our invention came from the lowest to the highest) - New Leagues in South American Countries (I have seen that there are some South American countries that do not have part of their leagues in the game, such as Argentina, which only placed the First Division of their country, but they did not put the other divisions that it has (B Nacional, 3rd Division) This would give more room to American users to choose from their own continent and promote to the team they like. - Add more buildings to increase revenue or allow the player to set prices - New advertising contracts: Instead of signing for a single one that is only on the shirt, to be able to sign another that is linked to the shoes What do you think?
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