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  1. After 4 years the final whistle has blown for Football Clash: All Stars. Launched in May 2017 as Soccer Manager Arena and rebranded a year later as Football Clash: All Stars, Football Clash was a much loved, fun and fast paced competitive 5-a-side PvP game. A big step away from Soccer Manager’s traditional manager simulation offering. The servers for the game will be turned off on Wednesday 23rd June 2021. The game has already been removed from the app stores for some time. Once the servers are deactivated users with the game on a device will no longer be able to launch into the game to retrieve or save account data. Thanks to all the loyal players who stuck with Football Clash and made it a blast while it lasted! Don't forget to follow our social media pages for news on our future games. Theo
  2. Hi, thanks for the report. We are not aware of any bugs within our app/game itself that would cause the data packs to not download. It may be due to poor internet connection, or distance from our servers. Please ensure you have a good internet connection, and try downloading different packs, and maybe try again a bit later. We hope this helps! Theo
  3. Hi, thanks for the message. Are you asking how to access a save file from a different device? Sorry but it is not possible to access a save file from a different device. Save files are stored in the local file storage of individual devices, and cannot be copied over. You will need to start a new game on the new device. Sorry for the inconvenience. Many thanks!
  4. Hi, thanks for reporting this. Can you please report this from inside the app via the Settings > Help menu? Then the support team will find your message and can try to resolve this. Thanks!
  5. We are aware that the rule has been extended. We are not going to add the rule in SM21, but we might add it for SM22. We will not respond to any more rudeness or insults from you, and that behaviour is more likely to get you banned than get you what you want. Thanks!
  6. Oi, obrigado pela mensagem. Lamentamos saber que seu arquivo salvo foi perdido. Isso pode acontecer se você excluir o aplicativo, limpar os dados / cache do aplicativo ou reformatar o dispositivo. Ou se o jogo travar ao salvar ou se o arquivo for adulterado. Vendo como você reformatou seu dispositivo, isso limpa todos os arquivos, incluindo os arquivos salvos do SM21. Os dados do seu gerente estão vinculados à sua própria conta do Google para que possam ser recuperados, mas o arquivo de salvamento não. Infelizmente, não é possível recuperar arquivos perdidos e um novo salvamento será necessário. Entendemos que isso provavelmente é decepcionante, então enviaremos alguns créditos no jogo. Eu vou te mandar um DM sobre isso. Desculpe novamente pelo transtorno.
  7. Hi, it sounds like the game is just not compatible with your device. Unfortunately, we had to make some older and less powerful phones incompatible for performance reasons. If you can't install or update, it is very likely that it’s because support was retracted from your device due to the app playing badly on it. We can only recommend playing on a newer device, or on PC. You need 2GB+ of RAM and a recent Android version. Many thanks!
  8. Hi, most leagues have introduced 5 subs as a temporary thing due to the Covid19 pandemic. We at SM decided not to add Covid19 or any of its consequences into our game. That is why we still only have 3 subs. If the 5 sub rule becomes permanent, we might add it. Also please do not call us retarded, its just unecessary and unkind. Thanks!
  9. Hi, thanks for reporting this. You can enter full screen by pressing ALT + ENTER keys while in-game. You can also manually set the screen size via launch commands in the game settings (check Google to find out how this works). Or you may simply have to play on a better screen with a higher resolution. Many thanks!
  10. Hi @khalid7ronaldo, thanks for reporting this. We are not aware of any bugs in our app that would make this happen. Its usually due to poor internet connection or issues with Google itself. If you wait a few hours and make sure oyu are on a strong wifi network, it should resolve itself. Theo
  11. Hi @Can41, thanks for reporting this. We are not aware of any such bug in our app. Have you tried scrolling up/down on the trophy cabinet to see if it is below your other trophies? Theo
  12. @Nanda This is not a bug or issue with the app. It is simply because your device is not able to run our game, and therefore it is incompatible and cannot install our app from the store. You would need to get a newer/more powerful device if you want to install SM21. Or play on PC. Thanks!
  13. ❕ IMPORTANT ❕ We are aware of some crashing issues for certain Android users which have started happening this week (March 21st/22nd/23rd). This is due to changes on Google's end, which is sadly outside of our control, but Google have suggested a fix for the issue. Google have advised its users that they need to update the Android System WebView and Google Chrome via Google Play. They have assured that this should resolve the issue. More info on how to update can be found here http://socm.io/2iq If you have had Android crashing issues or been unable to enter the game on your Android device, please try the above fix recommended by Google themselves. Thanks!
  14. Hi, thanks for reporting this. Can you please send us the transaction ID of the purchase via the support system in-game (in HELP in Settings). We can then try to track the order and resolve any issues. Thanks!
  15. Hi, thanks for reporting this. It seems it is failing to save your profile details. Make sure you are always signing in with the same Google Play or Apple account, and use the options in "connectivity" in the settings menu to link your account properly, as you might be on a guest account. Also ensure you have a good internet connection so everything can save properly. Theo
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