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  1. Theo(SM Support)

    Suggested improvements for 2019

    Hi, thanks for the suggestions! We will certainly consider them when making improvements to the game and when designing SM2019. Theo
  2. Theo(SM Support)

    ‘XXXXX result now in’

    Hi, thanks for the message. We have seen this issue a few times. This happens when the game skips a match - this should not happen. The main reason that this happens is if you continue through the game too quickly, e.g tapping the Continue button very quickly. Have you been doing this? Theo
  3. Theo(SM Support)


    Hi, thanks for reporting this. Are you sure you offering the correct amoung of wages? e.g offering "£15,000" and not just "£15"? Theo
  4. Theo(SM Support)

    Some ideas

    Hi, thanks for your feedback and suggestions. We value all feedback from our users and will consider this when making improvements to the game in future updates and the next edition (SM2019). Theo
  5. Theo(SM Support)

    Still no job offer

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. There is a bug with the job offer system, that can cause job offers to stop appearing. Unfortunately we can't fix it at this late stage in SM18's production cycle, but we will definitely try to improve the job offer system in SM2019 which will release later this year! Theo
  6. Theo(SM Support)


    Hi, thanks for reporting this. Make sure you offer MORE than the wages says, and offer the correct number e.g "£15,000" and not just "£15" Theo
  7. Theo(SM Support)

    Unable to connect to Facebook?

    Thanks for the reply! We believe that this is because of your location - Singapore is a separate publishing area, so we don't support Facebook connection on your version at this time. Sorry about that! Theo
  8. Theo(SM Support)

    Unable to connect to Facebook?

    Hi, thanks for the message. We've not seen this issue before. Can you please tell us what country you are playing in? And what version of the game are you playing on (see the small number on the main menu)? Thanks! Theo
  9. Theo(SM Support)

    Have you ever seen a 200 minutes match?! :p

    Okay, thanks! We will investigate this bug further and try to get it fixed in a future update. Thanks again for reporting it. If you have any more information that you think will help us to find the bug, please let us know. Thanks Theo
  10. Theo(SM Support)

    Largest victories??

    12-0 while playing as Preston North End!
  11. Theo(SM Support)

    Have you ever seen a 200 minutes match?! :p

    Hi, thanks for reporting this! We've seen this one a few times, but we thought we had fixed it... Are you definitely on the most up-to-date version of the game? What platform are you on (Android/iOS/PC)? Theo
  12. Theo(SM Support)

    A little question : Steam version

    Hi, yes that is as designed. We do not support cross-platform saving on SM2018 at this time. Theo
  13. Theo(SM Support)

    sqad cap and cannot release at same time

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. Could you please LOAD your saved game, then make a bug report using the in-game bug report system (in HELP in SETTINGS). That should send your save file to the support team, who can load it and investigate the problem. Thanks! Theo
  14. Theo(SM Support)

    A few ideas

    Thanks for your suggestions and feedback! We're working on SM2019 now so we may include some of these ideas in that game. Please follow our social media pages to hear any news about SM2019, and feel free to share any more ideas on here! Theo
  15. Theo(SM Support)

    Croatian Super Cup trophy?

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. In SM2018, the "(Country) Shield" matches are played between the winner of the cup and the winner of the league, while the "Super Cup" is played between the winner of the Champions League and the winner of the Europa League. So, the Croatian Shield is basically the same as the Croation Super Cup, but the Croation Super Cup can't be played and the trophy probably should not be there - it looks like we made a mistake here! While we do try and give a realistic experience, we can sometimes make mistakes because of the sheer number of different countries and leagues in the game, and all the different rules for each one. Theo