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    Thanks for your suggestion! We could not release the game to everyone on Beta for several reasons. First, the game is not fully translated into every language. We have many users for whom English is not their first language. So most users would have difficulty understanding the game. Also, as the game is only in Beta, it really is not representative of the final quality or features of the game. The purpose of the Beta is to test the game, not really to play it exactly, so there is likely to be quite a lot of problems. We do have a test team who's job is to test the games (aswell as other stuff such as run this forum 😎 ) Thanks again! Theo
  2. Theo(SM Support)


    Hola, gracias por el mensaje, lamentamos que hayas experimentado este problema. Hemos tenido algunos informes de este error, pero todavía no lo hemos visto, por lo que creemos que es un problema con las PC individuales. Actualice completamente sus controladores de gráficos y asegúrese de que su PC cumpla con los requisitos mínimos para jugar. Intentaremos solucionar esto en una actualización futura. ¡Gracias!
  3. Theo(SM Support)

    It is forbiden to share the apk of the beta

    Hi, Sorry but we do not allow sharing of the APK. It would probably not work anyway, if the user has not been accepted onto the Beta. Thanks! Theo
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    How to report a bug in the SM19 Beta...

    Hi, We hope all of the Beta testers are enjoying it so far! Here is a quick guide of how to report bugs or provide feedback in the SM19 beta. If you have a bug to report, or any feedback to give, load your save file, then go to the "SETTINGS" menu and select "BETA: Submit Bug". You can then choose "Bug Report" OR "Feedback" and enter your report. This will get sent to our support team who can investigate it and/or pass it onto the relevant developer. Of course, you can also discuss SM19 right here on the forum too! Thanks again for your support, Theo
  5. Theo(SM Support)

    More iOS testers needed!

    Calling all iOS users, We are in need of more testers on iPhone and iPad, so we have extended the Beta program to offer 50 more places to iOS users. 🕹️ Follow this link and follow the instructions to get involved. It's "first come, first served" basis - only the first 50 users will get in, so be quick! https://testflight.apple.com/join/snjVeYaz We hope you enjoy the Beta. Please leave any bug reports, feedback or ideas in the SM19 Discussion forum! Theo
  6. Theo(SM Support)

    When is the beta coming out?

    The Beta is live now! Theo
  7. Welcome to the SM19 discussion forum! If you have any questions about how to access the Closed Beta, please read this thread: https://community.soccermanager.com/topic/519-sm19-beta-access/ Unfortunately we cannot send out any more Beta invites now. This forum is for discussion about SM19. User who have been accepted to the Closed Beta can discuss their thoughts on the game. Other users can talk about what they hope/expect to see in SM19. SM19 will be released to the public soon! Theo
  8. Theo(SM Support)

    SM19 Beta Access

    SM19 Beta access emails were sent out on September 18th. The Beta goes live on September 25th. To be invited to the Beta, you needed to meet some specific requirements chosen by the publishing department. This includes: You must be an English-speaking user (as the Beta instructions are in English, and the game is not fully translated yet). You must be an active user, who has played recently and completed several seasons. You must have connected your game to Facebook and allowed access to your email address (we use the email address as our way of contacting users). You must be an Android or iOS user (no PC yet, sorry!) Emails have now been sent out - unfortunately we cannot send any more invites now. If you did not get invited, unfortunately it means that you did not meet the requirements - but don't worry! SM19 will be released to the public soon, so there is not long to wait! Meanwhile, why not join the discussion on the SM19 DISCUSSION forum? Thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm for SM19 😄👍 Theo
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    We could only contact you if you had connected your game to Facebook and given permission to share your email address (because this supplied your email so that we could send Beta information if you met the requirements). Unfortunately its now too late to gain access to the Beta, sorry guys! The game will be released to the public next month, so there isn't too long to wait 😄 Theo
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    To be invited to the Beta, you need to meet some specific requirements that the publishing team decided on, including: Must be an English-speaking user (as game is not 100% translated yet) Must have completed multiple seasons in SM18 Must have been active in SM18 recently If you are entitled to an invite to the Beta, you should have received an email this week. Check your spam folder if you can't find it! If you have not received one, unfortunately you have no met the criteria for the Beta program. I hope this helps! Theo
  11. Theo(SM Support)

    No puedo pasar de día

    Gracias por informar esto Puedes cargar tu archivo guardado, luego ir al menú Configuración y hacer un informe de error (en "Ayuda"). Eso enviará su archivo guardado al equipo de soporte que puede cargarlo e investigar el problema. ¡Gracias!
  12. Theo(SM Support)

    SM19 Feature Announcement

    Hello SM community! We have recently added an announcement post on our blog about the features that you can expect from SM19 when it releases in a month or so. We've got a lot of interesting new features planned, so head to this link and check it out! 👇 http://blog.soccermanager.com/single-player/soccer-manager-2019-feature-announcement#.W5uCzPbTWM8 Don't forget to follow our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear any more news about SM19 😎⚽🙌 Theo
  13. Theo(SM Support)

    How long is it?

    Hi, In theory, there is no limit to the number of seasons that you can play. The longest that we have heard someone playing is 2050. There is a bug where young Free Agents don't appear in the "Free Agents" section of the transfer page, but you can find them by using the Player Search feature (set it to search for Free Agents). That will help you find young players to keep your squad young. Theo
  14. Theo(SM Support)

    gold coins

    I've sent you a personal message, please check it and we'll try and sort the issue Theo
  15. Theo(SM Support)

    Uma ideia para SM 19 Theo

    Olá, obrigado pelo seu feedback e sugestões. Valorizamos todo o feedback de nossos usuários e consideraremos isso ao fazer melhorias no SM19! Theo
  16. Theo(SM Support)

    How game results are decided

    Hi, thanks for raising this! That description of the match engine is mostly correct, but the results are not pre-determined. Yes, if you play the exact same match twice with you and the AI having exactly the same line-up + tactics, the match will play the same. The events that happen in a match happen based on the stats/fitness of the players, tactics and so on. But as soon as you make a change of any kind, the match will begin to happen differently. Theo
  17. Theo(SM Support)

    SM Game World Owner Control

    Hi, thanks for the feedback, but this is the forum for Soccer Manager's single player games (SM18 and soon SM19), so we recommend that you go to the Worlds forum instead and share your ideas there: https://forum.soccermanager.com/forum/1382-soccer-manager-worlds/ Thanks! Theo
  18. Theo(SM Support)

    load game

    Indeed, this is possible but its not officially supported so we can't recommend it in case anything goes wrong.
  19. Theo(SM Support)

    load game

    Hi, Sorry but this is it not possible. Save files are stored locally on your phone, so there's no way to access files on two different phones. Sorry about that! Theo
  20. Theo(SM Support)

    Largest victories??

  21. Theo(SM Support)

    3 seasons in and wanting new team no offers

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. You should be able to receive job offers if you have high levels of approval from board/fans/media, but there is a design flaw that can stop these offers from coming in. We're looking at changing this in SM19 and offering a new and improved job offer system. Theo
  22. Theo(SM Support)

    Soccer Manager 2018 problem

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. You should be able to receive job offers if you have high levels of approval from board/fans/media, but there is a design flaw that can stop these offers from coming in. We're looking at changing this in SM19 and offering a new and improved job offer system. Theo
  23. A new announcement has been made about SM2019 today, on our blog: http://blog.soccermanager.com/ "With the release of SM19 on the horizon, some managers will be wondering what will happen to their saved game in SM18 once the game has been updated? The good news is that you will be able to load your SM18 saved game into SM19. So you won’t lose your career and can carry on playing your saved game until you are ready to start a new game. When you decide to start a new game you will have access to SM19 along with all of the new features and improvements that are being added." If anyone has any questions or comments on this feature, please leave them here and we will try to answer them! Theo
  24. Theo(SM Support)


    Hi, Unfortunately it is not possible to access your save file from one device on another device. Sorry about that! Theo
  25. Theo(SM Support)

    pergunta importante

    Oi, obrigado pela mensagem.. O pulo dos jogos não deve estar no jogo. Se você já viu, é um bug. Vamos tentar consertar isso para que isso não aconteça no SM19. Obrigado! Theo