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  1. Hi, Sorry but this is not possible. All accounts and save files are stored on each individual device, and can't be copied over. Theo
  2. Hi, thanks for reporting this. This is probably happening due to issues with the ads that are being provided. We don't have much control over the ads that are shown so unfortunately there is not much we can do about this. If you wait a while, the ad provider should start providing different adverts which should work better. Also, make sure you have a decent internet connection at all times, in case its a connection issue. Theo
  3. Hi, can you please make a bug report using the in-game support system? Explain the issue, and the support team will try to assist you. Thanks! Theo
  4. Nice! If you haven't already done so, maybe you could sign up for our Beta program and help us test our new games before they are released? Details are here -> Theo
  5. We don't have any updates planned for SM19 at the moment - the team are all focusing on SM20 right now. SM20 will include fully updated players and squad lists. Sorry but we don't have any plans to add the Ecuadorian league at this time! Theo
  6. Hi, thanks for your honest feedback! We do plan to work on many of these features in SM20. Development is now well in progress. We don't have any plans to stop the game being free. Keeping our games free is an important part of our philosophy as a company. We don't have an exact release date for the game yet, but the yearly game is usually released in the last quarter of the year.
  7. Non, ce n'est pas possible, désolées! Chaque appareil est un compte unique.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion! We do have something like this in the game - if you go to Club > Manager > Board, you will see your Approval Ratings. These are based on results, finances etc. They affect the jobs that you are offered, and can apply for. However, they don't carry over between seperate seasons. We might consider adding something like that in future versions. Theo
  9. Theo(SM Support)

    Honor 6x

    Hi, thanks for reporting this. We seem to be having some intermittent server problems today, so thats probably why this is happening. We're working to fix this as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience! Theo
  10. Hi, can you please load your save file and then make a bug report using the in-game support system (in HELP in the Settings menu)? That will allow the support team to load your file and investigate the issue. Theo
  11. This is pretty much correct. Older players will get tired more quickly, and recover more slowly. Stamina stats also play a part.
  12. Job offers are not affected by manager level. You can receive job offers if you are performing well at your current club. Please remember that you can only receive job offers from clubs in countries that you selected at the start of the game. Theo
  13. We don't have an exact date yet, but the yearly games are usually released in the last quarter of the year. I don't think there's any plans to add the Croatian 2nd league, unfortunately! Make sure you've signed up to the Beta program if you want a chance to test SM20 before its out:
  14. Hi, That's a pretty old phone now, so its very unlikely that it will begin to be supported. Try playing on a different phone, or you can play on PC (the game is available on Steam and Facebook Gameroom). Theo
  15. I am Theo and I've been a QA tester/support staff at Soccer Manager since late 2017. I mostly work on the single player games, and respond to the wonderful feedback and bug reports from the community! 😉
  16. Hi, Sorry but its not possible to access save files across different devices. They are stored in the local storage of each device so cannot be accessed from other devices. Theo
  17. Hi, yes you can get a maximum of 7 save slots. You get one extra slot for connecting to Facebook. You can get 5 more slots by buying the VIP upgrade (which also removes adverts and means you get double bonuses from bonus balls). Check for the VIP offer in the Shop! Theo
  18. Hi, thanks for reporting this. This could be happening because you have a very high wage bill which is close to, or exceeds, your incoming money. Please load your save file and make a bug report using the in-game support system (in HELP in SETTINGS menu). This will allow the support team to load your file and investigate the issue. Thanks! Theo
  19. As we have previously stated on the forum, we source our information for leagues and squads from the Soccerwiki.org webiste. This information is provided by the community and included in the data packs, so we don't have much control over it, and we can't guarantee that this information will always be accurate. Also, please remember that clubs and squads won't update on pre-existing save files. You will need to start a new game for the updated information to take affect. Thanks
  20. Sign up for our BETA testing programme! Hi everyone, Do you want a chance to play our new games and updates before anyone else? For a short time, we are offering the exciting opportunity for our users to sign up to our new BETA testing programme. This will allow you to be considered to gain early access to our new releases and updates to existing games, before they are available to the public. Being involved in the BETA programme lets you experience early versions of our games/updates and help us to gain valuable data and feedback to make our games even better for you, our users. It's win-win! 👍 So, please consider signing up to be a BETA tester by answering a few questions here: BETA test sign-up Thanks! Theo
  21. Hi, we do have a "Team of the Season" feature which appears at the end of the season and shows the players with the highest average rating for each position. We appreciate your suggestion and may add something like this in future versions! Theo
  22. Thanks for reporting this. It seems that there are some formations where certain positions will always get poor ratings. We'll check this out and see if we can fix it in future updates or the next version of the game. Theo
  23. The information for players should be from March 13th (the most recent information). When you start a new game, you keep the same amount of credits (because these are linked to your SM account, not your save file), but your club points will reset to 10, and your cash will reset to the starting balance for the club that you select.
  24. Merhaba, üzgünüm ama Android 4.4.4'ü desteklemeyi planlamıyoruz. Oyun bu sürümde iyi çalışmayacak ve muhtemelen sık sık çarpacaktı. Telefonunuzda oynayamıyorsanız, bilgisayarda oynamayı deneyebilirsiniz. Oyun Steam ve Facebook Gameroom'da mevcuttur.
  25. Hi, thanks for reporting this. You should receive job offers if you have a high level of approval from the board, fans and media. You can see your approval ratings in Club > Manager > Board. If your ratings are not very high, you probably won't receive job offers. There is two other ways to change clubs. You can go to the club's profile and select the "Take Over" option, which allows you to take control of the club by spending credits. You can also apply for jobs on the Jobs page (Club > Manager > Jobs) and you will receive a reply after a few in-game days. You can only control clubs in the countries that you selected at the start of the game. I noticed that you said "the new app". Are you still on SM18? If you are still playing on SM18, we highly recommend that you play SM19 instead as this is the current version. Theo
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