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  1. Hello 👋 im playing soccer manager since sm2016 i really enjoy it...im writing to you regard with the SM22 its really much better than the older versions but it still needs development not as sm22 but as a game... Its really boring to me writing a feedback back i really love this game!! Let's start with the powerless teams: Is extremely hard to upgrade stadium training camp ect. Also hard is to keep the players in your team... it's not be able to renew contact with them because you don't have enough cash... sponsorship helps enough but you know guys... there are only 4 options and you can choose only one...in any case in reality a team can have more than one sponsor nevertheless the board don't help with cash even if you achieve something big like 3d in the league or 1st in cup... About the manger assistant...he always suggest the same things...2-3 tactics and nothing more.I strongly believe that you should add more ideas on that also about subs are 5 now we still have 3 i hope y will change that...In future i would like to see 2nd Division in any league where are only one its not fun and makes the league boring i would like also to see more leagues and finally National teams!!! You should try that!! Thanks for your time 😉
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