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  1. Messi

    A few more ideas :)

    Oh, I'm forgetful, Theo, add to the first post: 4. In a series of post-match penalties give settings, who beats 1, 2, etc. 11 beats goalkeeper, it's mandatory 7. The ability to choose on whom (in which place) to choose a special pressure. That is, the list of players of the opposing team before the match is given, the player distributes on which player (or flank, in the center) express special pressure.
  2. 1. Transfers. Young players, as well as good players in the status of "Free agent" is not who does not take. Keilor Navas forgot something about this status, at least he would have been immediately taken by some team. Conclusion: yes, this problem is known, but more is needed! 2. When you type in search in 2026, for example, the best players, indicating only age and price, you get Messi, or another football player who has already completed his career. Conclusion: this is a bug, and it needs to be fixed 3. Another type of contract: rent for the season with a salary to the club. It is also possible to add bonuses to a football player - for a goal, a dry match (goalkeeper), etc. 4. I do not know if I already said it or not, but every year I get into the same in the Champions League. To the Champion of France, Italy or one of the countries where football is not so developed (Czech Republic, Denmark, Croatia). Please correct this, please 5. I would not like to limit the "International" regime only to the World Cup. You can create a euro, a selection for the euro, the World Cup. At the same time, you can not only train one team, but also receive offers from other teams (as in the club mode, or agree or not). 5.1 Alternatively, you can create the opportunity to select the teams that went to the World Cup itself. That is, first you choose the country hostess, 14 (13) European teams, etc. 6.After 4 club offers are no longer received. Or even after 2020. Even if I constantly win trophies with the club. On the Rights of Advertising : https://community.soccermanager.com/topic/430-training-in-the-off-season/\ https://community.soccermanager.com/topic/370-a-few-ideas/ https://community.soccermanager.com/topic/446-2-pieces-of-ideas/
  3. 1. To conduct a vote at which the final of the Champions League will be held (for this, it is necessary to nominate a candidate of its stadium (at least 70,000 seats), but it does not always win, and every 5 years it is possible to nominate a candidate. 2. Other sports events: some players during the tournament (World Championship, for example) are excluded from the club in the location of the team, before the departure of their team. You can generate, well played the player or not, on which his rating depends. 3. Creation of tournaments: that the trainers could create small tournaments (in the off-season, and even in the winter break, where it is more than 1 month) and no more than 3 teams. Games are held in small stadiums, you can and in other countries. At the same time, you can invite foreign teams from any divisions
  4. Messi

    Hit in the same group

    The problem is fixed, the topic can be closed
  5. Messi

    Hit in the same group

    Every time I win the German championship, I get to the champion of England, Portugal and France (well, or other places), but the fact is that every time I get to the teams from these countries, and this continues for more than one season. This was in other teams, there I was constantly playing with the Spanish and other teams.
  6. Messi

    Have you ever seen a 200 minutes match?! :p

  7. I propose to make it so that you can choose where to train in the summer inter-season (or winter if the championship is held on the system of spring-autumn): a stadium (with a capacity of no more than 30,000), and play with clubs that also chose a training session in that place . For example, a player is offered a card on June 25 (no later than July 1, since there should already be a calendar), he chooses the stadium (Capacity is not more than 30,000, and the clubs that train there are shown on the map) and he chooses 3 club, which will play. Example: in the off-season Tottenham chose Red Bull Salzburg, and trains at his stadium. He was also chosen by Sparta Prague and Zenit St. Petersburg. They hold a small tournament among themselves (friendly matches, where everyone plays with everyone).
  8. Messi

    Your Own Manager Profile

    From this idea, I especially liked the fact that you can voluntarily leave the club, and "offer" yourself to another club
  9. Messi

    A few ideas

    4. Add running judges (Throughout the match) 5. Statistics in European cups and other continental championships (bombardiers, best assistants, tournament team, months, etc.)
  10. Messi

    A few ideas

    1. Free manager: now the user can become without a club, and for some time he does not receive offers from clubs. Then they come. 2. Make offers from all clubs, not from 4. 3. Add a second Russian league, because in my opinion the Chinese second league and the Turkish second is weaker than the Russian second
  11. Messi

    To create a game for browsers

    And why then decided to remove the "Soccer Manager 2017"?
  12. Tell me when it will be released or if it will.