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  1. Soccer news/ social media (rumours) on game would be cool player request a player request a new contract or a move to ur club or to another more country slots like if u wanted to go from managing Juventus to maybe La Galaxy better scouting- scout gives you players potential (ex: 85-92 potential ratings) staff you can hire whichever staff you want( real coaches, scouts, etc..) transfers: player swap deals release clause contract expiration easier to make loans loan with option to buy i hope you (sm 19 crew) review this and take some of the ideas in consideration because it can bring sm 19 to the next level.
  2. I think based on your performance you should have more than just one club who wants you. For example once I was doing a career with Roma I’m dominating the serie a (season 1) I think depending on what you do as a manager, you should be able to go to a smaller or larger club, but with more options. Also I think that the manager should have a contract. So we can sign for a club for how long we’d like.
  3. Salstheman

    An editor off game

    Good idea Theo
  4. Salstheman

    International teams

    I believe that having international games would bring more life to the game sm 2018. By having international games you could build relationships with players of your nation and have them come
  5. I personally think it would be really cool to get players who are out of contract for free. It would also be cool if we could do swap deals, that way you don’t have to pay like 200million for a player like Neymar.
  6. Salstheman


    I’ve noticed only certain clubs make transfers. Teams like real, juvé, Barca, etc I never seen make a transfer
  7. Salstheman


    It would be really cool if we can apply for a club of our choice or having a chance to think if you want to except a job
  8. Salstheman


    Can you guys make it so we can train only the players we want for each session?