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  1. Yeah the phone maybe a 2020 phone but the chipset is a 4 year old chipset which itself is a weak chipset. This is probably why the game isn't supported.
  2. I agree with some points too, most of the time you get 47 rated players signing for big teams etc.
  3. HI I am a beta tester and since I updated to the most recent update I no longer have challenges. Device: One Plus 7 Pro Android: 11(Oxygen OS Game Version: Most Recent Any help? Thanks.
  4. Sadly you cannot, but I think it connects to the game centre on iOS though.
  5. Yeah this is a bug which some people have noticed in the past, hopefully it can be fixed.
  6. You would have to start a new save and choose Australia. I read somewhere that in 22 you can manage across the globe in one save
  7. You can simply just create a new save within one of save slots you don't want to use.
  8. Unfortunately since you manage in Brazil you won't be able to manage other teams other than American teams.
  9. What platform are you on?
  10. You should provide more info like game version, make and model of device and OS version. This will make it easier for the staff and others to help.
  11. Sadly you can't, once you leave a club you can no longer go back to that club. It would be nice to be able to move back to our previous club.
  12. I have a huge bug which is really annoying. A lot of players have randomly became 16 years old. For example Mario Gotze & Donis Advijaj Can this be looked in to please ? @Theo(SM Support) @Alex(SM Support) Thanks.
  13. Hi you can have your other saves provided you have your other phone still. If you do I'll help you out. But bare in mind this method isn't supported by SM should things go wrong. Nothing should really go wrong anyway.
  14. They won't update an old game just because people don't have a decent phone that can run the newer games.
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