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  1. craigibhoy

    Is there a 2D option in SM2019?

    Sadly not.
  2. craigibhoy

    Developer Q&A

    Hi bamber, what features/improvements are planned for future updates of SM19?
  3. craigibhoy

    Transfer funds

    This shouldn't be like this, go to settings a submit a bug report.
  4. craigibhoy

    Qualifications for UCL and UEL

    This has been added in SM 19.
  5. craigibhoy

    Set piece takers

    I have this problem as well, mostly keepers taking set pieces. This is also applies to the opposite team.
  6. craigibhoy


    Sadly not. I do hope this does become playable as I personally like the Romanian League.
  7. craigibhoy


    Yeah I agree, this has been a problem for some iterations, still nothing has been done about it
  8. craigibhoy


    Sadly not.
  9. craigibhoy

    Improvement suggestions

    Yeah this is one area that seriously needs a revamp.
  10. This bug is still present. Out of contract players are still not being signed. There is a 17yr old polish newgen who is worth 10mil, and is still out of contract. I would have thought he would have been snapped up by now.
  11. craigibhoy


    Sometime in October, there is no exact date currently.
  12. craigibhoy

    Soocer manager 2019 beta

    If you didn't get an invite via email then sadly you can't participate in the beta.
  13. craigibhoy

    Bug na beta

    Envie um relatório do jogo e eles darão uma olhada nele.
  14. craigibhoy

    transfer snubs

    Can you be a bit more specific? Do you need help in choosing players to buy for your club or what?
  15. craigibhoy

    Player Ratings

    Eden Hazard is the better player, but Salah has better finishing because he's a strker. Eden Hazard is AM and can play out wide. You don't look at 1 attribute you look at others a 77 rated striker does not mean he is better than a 75 rated striker. 77 striker could have finishing at 85 and 75 striker could have finishing at 90 but, the 77 striker has better attributes elsewhere. To me this does not matter, as a striker I want my player to have better striker attributes. This means I would choose the 75 striker.