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  1. I think earlier versions were server sided so I don't think they work anymore , I could be wrong though.
  2. The Romanian league is in the game
  3. "We will be increasing the number of invites we send out as we confirm that the the app stability is sufficient and progression is not greatly restricted." At present the is a bug that can affect saves at the start of season 2 which requires a new game to be started. There won't be phase 2 until that is fixed as that bug is restricting progress.
  4. Whenever they feel like the game is more stable I would assume.
  5. You can't due to apples restrictions on their devices.
  6. Hi you have to locate your save file and upload the that google drive, then download it on your new phone then place it in your SM folder.
  7. You might not have been selected this time.
  8. Yeah I got the game and found some minor bugs. I'll test the game more. I love how you can select 10 countries now.
  9. You will get an email on how to download SM20 if you have been selected.
  10. Not everyone will receive an email, only those selected for phase 1 of beta testing. Not every tester will be accepted for phase 1
  11. I'm disappointed not to be selected for Beta this time round even though I was first to sign up for beta access. I shall wait and hope I get selected for phase 2.
  12. Ah so if you got approved then you should contact @Theo(SM Support) Also did you beta access to the F2 Target Tekkers game? SM2020 hasn't been released yet.
  13. I think it's too late for anyone to be selected now.
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