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    Whats Your Career Plans?

    What's everyone's career plans for SM 19? Mine will be to start in the lowest league of England or Scotland and then hopefully move abroad.
  2. craigibhoy


    Hi Theo, I have the game from the Play Store which is a different email from the one I use for facebook, however I did get the Beta email but when filling in the form I used the email I use for the Play Store. Would I still get access or will be denied as its 2 different email addresses?
  3. craigibhoy


    Just received mine, check your spam folder as mine was placed in there. Also make sure it is the same email as the one you use for the playstore.
  4. I recently found this. Shouldn't the results be determined in the match itself? as by the sound of things in the FAQ, changing tactics and players during the match don't matter as the result is already calculated. I'm hoping this can get looked at in SM19 and future updates to 19, this would make the game even more better than it will be when SM 19 comes out. That aside tho, SM 19 looks like its going to be epic. SM deserve all the praise
  5. craigibhoy

    How game results are decided

    Thanks for clearing that up Nice to know that changing stuff during the match means something.
  6. craigibhoy

    Suggested improvements for 2019

    Years have been added in the contracts for SM19.
  7. craigibhoy

    load game

    If its stored locally then, I'm sure you could use Airdroid and copy the save file over to your desktop to transfer to your other phone.
  8. craigibhoy

    Need help!!!

    So fat there hasn't been any sneak peaks about transfer improvements. I really hope there will be transfer improvements as this is a real let down.
  9. @Theo(SM Support) Can you confirm if or not the new play offs etc mean that teams can now qualify for the CL without winning the league? Also do 3rd placed teams in the CL go into the EL?
  10. craigibhoy

    Can't play sm2018 in FB gameroom and PC steam

    Just to confirm, it works on Gameroom perfectly fine, I'm using an Asus X553S. I would suggest downloading Advanced System Care and cleaning your pc/laptop out and then as Theo suggested updating your graphics drivers.
  11. craigibhoy

    I am trying to take Hartlepool United to the Prem!

    Go the the squad page and select stats and have a look at the players with low match ratings, this will help you decide squad(position) weaknesses.
  12. craigibhoy

    Too many injuries?

    My players rarely get injured to be honest.
  13. craigibhoy

    Still no job offer

    Beta comes out some time in September, and the worldwide release is scheduled for October.
  14. craigibhoy

    Soccer Manager 2018 problem

    What's you win percentage in the past seasons?
  15. craigibhoy

    Soccer Manager 2018 problem

    Yeah the game is the same on all platforms. Getting job offers all depends on whether you are doing a good job at your current club.
  16. craigibhoy


    There needs to be a reason for transfers/loans as in why their rejecting it etc or why they want a player on loan.
  17. craigibhoy


    Which player are you trying to sign and which club are you?
  18. craigibhoy

    Soccer manager 2018 special edition

    Send your save to the support team via the in game settings.
  19. craigibhoy


    I agree
  20. craigibhoy


    I don't think so but I think this should be an option for users from abroad.
  21. craigibhoy


    Oct-Nov isn't soon its 3-4 months away, I think SM 19 will be available around August. I'm thinking maybe it will be released as BETA first through Play Store and maybe through test flight for iOS.
  22. craigibhoy

    Scottish League Structure

    I was just wondering if there was any plans to include the new league structure of scotland. I think this was introduced 2016/2017 season which meant that teams can now get promoted to the SL2 and relegated from the SL2. Its not a big deal but I do like to see smaller teams coming up from nowhere to become a decent side. Gretna was a good example.
  23. craigibhoy

    Your Own Manager Profile

    Nice idea.Lets hope they consider it or something similar.
  24. craigibhoy

    Player Upgrade

    Think of Adnan Janujaz, we signed him for Man United thinking he was going somewhere, sadly he flopped and was never a sensation we wanted him to be. Don't sign every player expecting them to become a sensation, some may well become really good footballers, some however may not.
  25. craigibhoy


    That was not a good season, but I'm sure you will bounce back for a champions league spot.