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  1. It does matter so people know which phone can run it in case they need/want to buy a new phone.
  2. Yeah this is really annoying and unrealistic.
  3. You need an internet connection to play the game.
  4. My guess is around late November early December.
  5. There will be updates squads in future updates of course, just be patient.
  6. It's improved in the latest update.
  7. That's an old device with rather poor specs, I would be surprised if this device gets supported. You may need to get a new device.
  8. The confidence section is a placeholder text or something, it will be sorted in the future.
  9. I created this thread for all to post their biggest scores in SM 21. I'll post mine when I actually get a decentish big score lol.
  10. @SidYou should create your own thread about issues you are having in your game.
  11. You just need to have patience. There's other people as well who haven't got it
  12. You should create your own thready regarding your own issues. Also I have not seen any mention of transfer clauses this year.
  13. Yeah I mentioned about the TV camera not being like TV and being to far.
  14. Currently on 4th August 2020, it shows up Free Agents now when I select Free Agent from transfer status. I always select it from contract expiry and that's why it wasn't working.
  15. @Alex(SM Support)Searching by Free Agent shows blank searches currently.
  16. Update is now here in the UK anyway
  17. Read their post about Google. Google is having issues, nothing they can do only Google can solve the issue.
  18. I think Google are having issues today, you may need to wait until Google sort it out.
  19. @Alex(SM Support)The game no longer shows in my beta section on the play store anymore, I have clicked the invite again and still nothing. Will the affect me getting updates or not?
  20. Text is a bit messy on mobile. Google Pixel 3a XL
  21. You should probably mention your devices so it's easier to get help. Some bugs can be linked to certain devices.
  22. You probably could but the experience wouldn't be great and you could be limited to the amount of leagues you can select.
  23. The transfers are at high frequency as mentioned, this should be sorted at some point. GK do need looked at im my opinion.
  24. I also get this problem from time to time, what I do is just restart the app and it works fine after it. Google Pixel 3a XL
  25. I have a challenge. Get a striker to score 100 or more goals in a season. Or Win every single league game in one season Whichever is more doable. Good luck
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