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  1. I did not note the the League ID number when I started and have lost it due to a "clean browser and cache". In an exciting position in thIS Second Division having been relegated last season.S.S. LAZIO League Leaders are LEEDS UNITED who overtook me after a poor run in the last five games- They are 2 points ahead My team are 2 points ahead of 3rd place There are 20 teams in the League including TOTTENHAM, WEST HAM, VILLAREAL, AJAX, SHAKTAR DONETSK, GALATASARAAY, MARSIELLE, BENFICA, My next VITAL game is Thursday.... Thanks
  2. While the new Update has brought in some excellent new features I feel they have missed an opportunity to bring young players on in all leagues. Super Cups are all very well but as always will be contested by the top teams with the top rated players. Would`nt it be good if there was a Youth League or at the least a Youth Cup/League Cup? What`s the `point of having seven or eight young players in your squad rated for example average 78 when they are very unlikely to get game time if your team has an average of say 85? Only on exceptional occasions when you have many injuries,suspensions etc are you likely to use them. A youth league would encourage managers to sign youth players and use them and the youth players playing would give them the opportunity to increase their rating if they were playing regularly. Just my thoughts. Jamtart98
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