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  1. Miller


    We would need more context to help you out here buddy. is it a wages issue where the player simply wants more weekly wage than you currently offer or are you trying to sign a player much higher league or prestige?
  2. Miller

    Stars are constantly injured 10+ weeks

    Sold one of my best players because he was constantly injured got fed up.
  3. Miller

    Undefeated Champions with low rep team

    True.. Maybe reading this thread and another one gave me too higher expectation ha.
  4. Miller

    Undefeated Champions with low rep team

    I know this thread is a month old but encase anyone reads this and is a little more knowledgeable, i am curious as to how potential works with young talent. I started a new career with a conference team in the English tier of football, now in season 4 in the championship and all max'd out on youth squad tree but the best young player that has come through is only worth a mere 1.5mill at 19 after 2 seaons at the club and am training every week. or am i just releasing all my youth squad too early when they dont seem to have much potential (when they are worth like 200k at 18)?.