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  1. Johan Luke


    I have enough players to swap out and put in anyone I feel like. From goalie to forwards, takes a little time but it's do able.
  2. Johan Luke

    Do transfers made only in the same country?

    If you are bringing better players into the league you are in, then yes teams from your league will pickup what you put on transfer. This makes your league more competitive.
  3. Johan Luke

    Attributes and positions

    AMC Control. Movement. Passing composure all important for DR it would be Marking, tackling position aerial ability, For FC finishing,dribbling, control....concentration.. Look at top players attribute to get a good grasp of what attribute applies to which position
  4. Johan Luke


    Rashford, Mbappe, Jesus, Meyers.
  5. Johan Luke


    I like using a 4 1 3 2 or a. 4 2 3 1 those two consistently are good. I also transfer older players for younger talent. If you are looking for goals try the 4 2 4. Sometimes bringing on fresh legs is good later in the game...