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  1. victorhugob15

    An editor off game

    Only in 2019? Wow. But, I think that's a very very important thing for the game
  2. victorhugob15

    FK Partizan - Road to Champions League!

  3. Hello guys, welcome to my first "Road to Glory" here in the forum And I start this whole new story with Partizan, from Serbia. Although it seemed easy for Partizan to split Serbia with the Crvena Zvezda, the team only came close to winning the Champions League in 1966, but ended up losing to Real Madrid. Already Crvena Zvezda won in 1991 and is the only team in Serbia to achieve such a feat. And that is the objective of the save, being the second team of Serbia to win the Champions THE TEAM THE BEST PLAYER - DŽEGOVIĆ THE STADIUM
  4. victorhugob15

    An editor off game

    That! There are data packs but to edit xml in android is very difficult, and a tool to create teams, competitions, stadiums, players, would help a lot and make the game more intuitive and even better for us to create more leagues and leave the database even bigger!
  5. victorhugob15

    An editor off game

    Please guys, make an editor out of the game so we can create stadiums, clubs, players, competitions, etc. The game is incredible and it would look even better