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  1. its weird that i won the premier league with a goal diffrence of 102, 105 points, won 34, drew 3, lost 1, 4 of my players are on top scorer list with upwards of 15 goals each, again 4 players in top assists with at least 10 assists each and two players on the man of the match list with 6 and 5 man of the match each yet still none of them are on the stupid team of the month or season
  2. why does every goddamn game i play feel as thou the shit is scripted i have wolves in premier league with players upwards of 20 mil worth losing to rotharm united like the fuck it pisses me the fuck off i literally came fifth place in the premier league previous season yet im losing to a league one side not even championship
  3. warlocc


    look before i rant i actually do like the injury system a little bit because it helps in the big club saves like manchester united where it gives me a reason to play the other players on my team i bought because i was bored and have money to waste BUT and i repeat BUT when your save is with wolves and 5 goddamn players get injured in the first 8 games and not just any players. no it has to be the starters the stars of the team cavaleiro, coady, douglas, mena, mir and for god dsakes ruben freaking neves it sucks because i have no money to buy new players nor the time to peruse through multiple big clubs at their reserve players to look for replacements and when i finally find one oh yeah they freaking snub my team
  4. warlocc

    Two things really

    na didnt get the answer even saw your question i odnt know seems theres no fix
  5. warlocc

    free transfers

    i thought that free transfers are supposed to be FREE but it took away my money i thought the only money id have to spend was on contracts on their weekly wage please fix HOW IS IT A FREE TRANSFER IF IT TAKES MY MONEY
  6. warlocc

    why show gameplay

    look i love the fact that i can see my players playing the game but it kinda sucks when you see your players make stupid mistakes and literally miss a goal right at the goal line. look i love the game i really do and it may seem as thou im complaining but im just trying to shine a light on the bad parts because when the great lionel messi misses a goal right at the goal line it feels stupid
  7. warlocc


    yh i also do but it takes a long goddamn time
  8. warlocc

    loan spells

    and something i just realized is that players who go on loan NEVER come back better like whats the point then if i upgrade my youth facilities only to have no returns it feels like a big waste
  9. warlocc

    Two things really

    i have two things but to lazy to make two diffrent posts first why are the players not increasing in overall on in the attacking and defending attributes i have had mbappe for like 3 years and he still hasnt reached 80 in attacking or passed 30 in defending but he almost always has a stat increase in training secondly make the things cheaper not the players but ther things you have to buy with real money if they were cheaper then id buy soem but their too expensive for me to ever actually buy them reasonably if youd just make it cheaper and more reasonable then people would buy more
  10. i dont know why but whenever i use the app everything else suffers like if im watching a show the quality degrades or the computer gets slower stuff like that please fix
  11. warlocc


    many people may not understand the point what im saying is that id like to switch between diffrent squads to play less important games like real life clubs do like a squad filled with youth players so they can get experience
  12. look i am currently doing a save where i have kane mbape neymar werner deli alli pogba messi martial de gea courtois to say the least but yet still i am not having consistent good games out of them if the are 10 rated in this match then they are 4 rated in the next match and how does a player like messi not score goals? fix it because it makes no sense and how is it that i have such good players but yet still none have ever made it to the team of the month
  13. warlocc

    How to cancel a player's transfer.

    i the nogociation period hadent arived yet then just give him a really low salary in the negociation and the deal falls through
  14. warlocc

    cancel transfers

    i need to be able to cancel transfer i bought messi from barca as a joke but they actually accepted it and the negotiations went through but messi is old in the save and i dont want to waste 160 mil on him so i wish i could cancel transfers and why are none of my players ever on the team of the month
  15. warlocc

    players can sell themselves

    you can thou