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  1. Hi everyone, I’ve been playing the game for around four months now, in my opinion it’s one of the best manager games on the App Store, even with its short comings such as the other teams not making subs, not buying players and all teams in the same league playing the same formation as your team, also the money thing is a tad unrealistic, I currently have at the end of my 6th season with FC Sochaux, £385 million, the reason I have that much is that I never buy the superstar players and always enjoy getting the most out of not so gifted players. Oh I forgot to mention that every game I play I dominate possession, not sure if that happens with everyone else? A tad un realistic again when playing PSG, Monaco, Lyon etc. Other than those faults, this game is addictive. I am curious as to if anyone else is finding the game a tad easy at times? You can see by my stats here that it has been easy for me at certain times which has taken the fun out of it at times. 1st season - finished second in Ligue 2 with FC Sochaux, I won the Coupe de France. 2nd season - finished 13th in Ligue 1. 3rd season - finished 9th. 4th season - this is where it got easy. I won the league with a pretty average squad. Lost in the Coupe de France final though. 5th season - finished level on points with Monaco and finished second. Champions league is hard though, finished bottom in a group with Chelsea, Real Madrid and Juve. Lost the Coupe de France final again. 6th season - a bit more realistic as I finished in fifth place. Third in the Champions League. Just about to start my 7th season. So as you can see, my 1st season was too easy for my liking, and also my 4th and 5th season. I know Ligue 1 isn’t the strongest league but the players and squad I have I really shouldn’t be winning leagues and getting to cup finals so easy. Anyone else finding it too easy? Or too unrealistic? Intriguing to hear your thoughts. Mark.
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    A warm hello to you Anna, Apologies for the late reply. I’m not sure if anyone has replied to your question yet? Apologies again if someone has. I believe you can get some SM Credits when you open the Free Pack tab at the bottom left of the Overview screen. I am 100% sure you receive them as I currently have 224 and that’s without me spending a single penny. Every four hours you can open the Free Pack and this gives you extra funds, Points etc. There prob isn’t another way to add SM Credits other than by purchasing them. Hopefully the more you play, the more you can add via Free Pack. By not adding free SM Credits to the game, it would be harsh on everyone that plays the game by making people pay for them. I hope this helps answer your question? And I hope your enjoying the game? For a free game I think it’s addictive, not sure if you agree Anna? If only they would include other teams buying other players and making subs. Any other questions then feel free to ask me. Enjoy. Take good care, enjoy your weekend, Mark.