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  1. Hey guys beta testing is working now
  2. Hi! For some reason I'm unable to download the beta version, apparently it hasn't been made available yet even though I got the email. I've noticed this issue occured for lots of people, and I DM'd Alex so I'm hoping for a fix soon.
  3. Perhaps your team doesn't fit this tactic. Take a look at your team. Are they good passers, or fast wingers? All this affects which tactic to use. Try thinking about this strategically, and use a different formation and different tactic till you find what works best for your team
  4. Try contacting an admin. They can probably help
  5. I think it would be a nice feature to have clauses. Like if I loan out a player, I can have an option to buy clause and if I sell a player, I can have a buy-back clause in say three years, at the player's market value Also, if we could have two year loan deals Another thing, in SM17, when looking at a player's profile you could see a 'clubs interested' which would include clubs which had shortlisted him. I wish you can bring that back. And finally, if we could have an offer to clubs option. So let's say I have a player worth 50 million but I really want to sell him, I can offer him for say 30 million to get other clubs interested
  6. A guide on how to get good players for cheap, where to find bargains, and how to improve existing players As you can see, I'm playing with SSC Napoli and I have 350 million in my budget 1. In the first transfer window of your first season, there are no wonderkids. Your best option is to find players with 12 months or less on their contract by using the search, and signing them cheaply. However, starting from the second transfer window of your first season, you'll find players who are rated 50-60 in the free agents section but are worth about 5-9 million. These players will also be young. Sign them and loan them out. You don't have to play them, and they don't have to become starters. But when it comes to selling them you can sell them for about 6 million or more. If you pay a 1 million signing fee, you've made a profit. Of course, some of these players become superstars. I signed Chukwueze for a 1 million signing fee and he was rated 62. And I signed Elneny for a 3 million signing fee when he was rated 60. Notice their sale price. Every player you see in the picture was signed for free. All of those sales got me great profits. Started from the second season, in the summer, check each month for free agents. I signed Grimaldo for a 6 million signing fee and Eriksen for a 15 million signing fee and it's paying off. Even if it's a player you think isn't necessary, sign him, loan him, and then sell him. Use the profits to sign a superstar. The players you see in the reserve team were all signed for free. By using the training program I'll attach you can get high ratings for everyone. Notice I haven't upgraded the training facilities. You don't have to. Upgrading the youth academy, and club shop is enough. Upgrading the stadium increases fanbase and AVG attendance. Notice the high ratings. You'll get them by using my training program. And like I said, find the young free agents, loan them, and then either sell them or use them if you feel they are good enough to play. If you have trouble selling/loaning them, let them start a match or two. That always helps And always check free agents for good players so sign for free. And always buy players whose contracts are expiring. My best business: Mbappe: Signed for 100 million at the end of his contract Vinicius: Signed for 35 million at the end of his contract Vallejo: signed for 20 million Cucurella: signed for 20 million James and Wan-Bissaka: signed each for 40 million Hope this helps
  7. All players in your academy are in your reserve team at all times. Every season, the older youth players and removed from the academy to make way for new players (but remain in your reserve team)
  8. I personally like to play with a top club for a couple of seasons, gather some coins and later start with a lower division club and use the points at rare intervals to sign a star (when I started with Bolton Wanderers, after getting to the premier League I signed Willian and Nainggolan this way for a boost)
  9. Awesome! My biggest wins are 6-1 against Barcelona (I had taken Real Madrid) and 7-0 in the Champions League Final against Crvena Zvezda (I was playing Man U)
  10. Thanks for all the work you guys are putting into this. If you need any help, I'd be more than happy to. Admittedly I won't be able to develop, I might be able to help in any translation work or help with your social media accounts (including here). Once again, we appreciate what you do
  11. I'm playing 4-3-3 A and I signed Patrick Cutrone. I was wondering if he could play FC even though his preferred role is target man
  12. I doubt so, however, I'll try that for you and get you an answer
  13. Thanks a lot! I'll definetly try this
  14. Things have gone well. In my last season at Real Madrid, I'd win almost all my matches with huge goal margins so that was nice. But somehow my save file got corrupted so I had to restart so I went over to Man UTD. So far things have gone well, I won the league and the Champions League in my first season
  15. @wildanson my MC play in their preferred role unless they are out of position eg Rodriguez, them I play them general midfielder. @Pipagool98 I set my forwards to Shoot at sight and mentality normal and if I'm leading defensive (not too defensive it doesn't work for me) and tempo is slow. Lately I've been experimenting with the new tactical options so when I find what works for me I'll post something here
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